John Buchanan

Nightline Cancelled Broadcast with John Buchanan after Busheviks Threatened Bob Graham's Life
John Buchanan

"This week's INN World Report, includes a special interview with republican 9/11 Truth Candidate John Buchanan and a breaking story: Last year, Buchanan was invited together with former Intelligence Panelist Bob Graham to go on NIGHTLINE, where Buchanan built a treason dossier. Buchanan: 'The Bush Administration threatened (Graham's ) life and he cancelled the show...' INN Report includes also an interview with e-voting machine journalist Lynn Landes and reports about the latest scandals of Halliburton, an update about the oppressed story of Katherine Gun, background information about the Homeland Security Program CAPPS II and some new headers about 9/11." INN is doing outstanding work - stream their shows off the Internet or watch them on Free Speech TV (DISH Network #9415 plus many community access channels) - freespech.org

John Buchanan Prepares Blockbuster Speech Demolishing Bush
John Buchanan

While pundits moan about a "boring" Democratic primary in NH, the Republican Primary is as hot as molten steel. "Buchanan to deliver a real deal State of the Union address to New Hampshire at 7:30 Monday morning on WNDS TV Buchanan will challenge Bush's pathetic pandering to corporate funders and fundamentalist voters while totally evading his guilt for and exploitation of 9/11 to advance his corporatist war agenda and plunge our grandchildren into global loathing, environmental ruin and economic misery. He will focus particularly on the effects of the corporate coup locally in New Hampshire - the loss of jobs, the filthy air and the betrayed veteran community. The emperor not only has no clothes, he is lying and stealing yours. Tune in for a bracing dose of the thus far unspoken truth."

John Buchanan Emerges as Bush's Leading REPUBLICAN Opponent
John Buchanan

Here is a bold prediction: the political world is in for a shock in NH. Not because of the Democratic race, but because of the REPUBLICAN race. Truth candidate John Buchanan has emerged as the frontrunner among Bush's Republican challengers, and he is breaking through the media blackout with newspaper profiles and appearances on major conservative talk shows. "My question now is, can a common citizen, armed with the truth and good ideas, get any attention at all in a presidential primary without the traditional political advantages of money and organization? To put it mildly, it is a journey into unknown territory. I intend to fight like a son-of-a-b* to win. That means getting 10% of the vote in NH, which earns me one delegate. Then I'll go to the Republican Convention and try to shut it down, aided by some surprising and well-organized institutional supporters." Buchanan is getting on ballots in other states, including PA, NM, and TX. Tell the media to cover John Buchanan!

9/11 Candidate John Buchanan Challenges Bush in NH
John Buchanan

In Manchester NH, Buchanan declared: "We have all been lied to about 9/11, the country is in mortal danger and only you can make it right. If you need a label, I stand here as a 9/11 Truth Candidate and some may thus dismiss me as a single-issue candidate and in a narrow sense that is true. But if you consider that 9/11 has led us into fiscal ruin, endless war and constitutional twilight, my issue is the mother issue of our age. That said let me return to the 9/11 message the first line of which is this: They wanted it to happen. They being the neocon members and associates of the Project for a New American Century, an ultra-rightwing think tank and mouthpiece for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and most Bush's handlers these days. Cheney, Wolfowitz and their PNAC fellows had been campaigning publicly for Mideast oil wars since 2000, but also said publicly that the American people were not likely to buy these plans without a 'catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor.'"

9/11 Truth Candidate John Buchanan Gets Standing Ovation in New Hampshire
John Buchanan

John Buchanan reports, "I got a major ovation at the College Convention in Manchester yesterday and now have contributors and volunteers. A former manager of Ann Richards' campaigns in Texas is organizing my getting on the ballot of up to 10 states. Paul Krassner has a profile of me in next week's NY Press, and there will be a major piece soon at OnlineJournal.com by Margie Burns." Here's some coverage from the Concord Monitor: "John Buchanan ('no relation to James or Pat') used his time at the microphone to talk about the 'lies and deceit' he has witnessed surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the war in Iraq. The former journalist and Miami resident said as president, he would announce in his inaugural address that the U.S. troops in Iraq would be home in 90 days. He would also repeal the U.S.A. Patriot act and 'create a new friendship with the Muslim world, whose perilous future we share.'" (johnbuchanan.org)

John Buchanan Will Challenge Bush in NH Primary
John Buchanan

Bush-Nazi journalist John Buchanan starts his campaign "January 5 at the NH Political Action Association's Presidential Candidates Forum, the oldest such event in the state's long history... He will make 'a major speech' and answer questions in a one-hour session with the media... On January 6, Buchanan will appear at a similar event in Concord, sponsored by NH Political Library. The following day, he will appear at the College Convention... 'My three issues are the unanswered and troubling questions about 9/11 and ongoing attempts by the Bush administration to obstruct any investigation of what happened and who is accountable; the campaign of lies and deceit that led to the Iraq war, which is nothing but a war profiteering scam, and Bush's violation of major campaign promises and core Republican values, from 'no nation-building' to the biggest deficit in history.'" Spread the word to Republicans who are unhappy with Bush, and demand media coverage!

HOT! Journalist John Buchanan Challenges Bush in Republican Primaries!
John Buchanan

At the start of the 1992 campaign, President George H.W. Bush stood at 90% in the polls, thanks to his victory over Saddam Hussein in Gulf War I. Despite that Bush's popularity, a journalist named Pat Buchanan decided to take him on in the primaries, and got 37% in New Hampshire. It was downhill from there for GHWB, who got only 37% of the vote in November 1992. Now another journalist named Buchanan is taking on a Resident named Bush in the Republican primaries. This time it's JOHN Buchanan, author of the historic expose' of Prescott Bush's traitorous dealings with the Nazis during World War II. On Monday 11-24-03, Buchanan announced his candidacy on Meria Heller's Internet radio show.