Joe Lieberman

Joe 'Closet Republican' Lieberman Stumps for Bush Reelection
Joe Lieberman

FOX/AP: "In a speech to the liberal-leaning [since when??] Brookings Institution, [Joe Lieberman] said the two major political parties aren't far apart on key issues surrounding the conflict [whatcha been smokin', Joe?]. But he said partisan bickering - expected to follow Thursday's scheduled testimony by Bush and Cheney before the independent Sept. 11 commission... hurts the country's efforts on the battlefield." So Joe, questioning the role of Bush and Cheney in the biggest crime in US history is "bipartisan bickering!" How much did Bush pay ya to say that? ""We can no longer afford such partisan politics as usual" because it "encourages our enemies" and confuses or demoralizes the soldiers serving in Iraq, Lieberman said." What confuses and demoralizes our soldiers is having people they THOUGHT were in their corner start spouting the same sort of propaganda that got them into this hell in the first place!

Lieberman Abandons Presidential Campaign
Joe Lieberman

AP: "Sen. Joe Lieberman, unable to inspire Democratic voters who embraced his 2000 vice presidential campaign, ended his presidential bid Tuesday night after a string of disappointing defeats. He pronounced himself proud, nonetheless, of the campaign he waged. 'The judgment of the voters is now clear,' Lieberman told supporters gathered at a hotel in northern Virginia. ' For me, it is now time to make a difficult but realistic decision. I have decided tonight to end my quest for the presidency of the United States of America. Am I disappointed? Naturally. But am I proud of what we stood for in this campaign? You bet I am'... Supporters said Lieberman's support for the war in Iraq also cost him votes, as did a low-key style that never captured the attention of Democrats hungry for a fighter to take on Bush."

Saint Joe Doesn't Deserve Pity
Joe Lieberman

John Nichols writes, "No one should fret for Joe Lieberman. Indeed, it is reasonable to argue that Al Gore is not president today because of Lieberman. When Gore started making populist noises during and after the Convention in 2000, it was Lieberman who told business reporters that the vice president didn't really mean it. Just as Gore was finally getting into the groove of criticizing corporations and their political pawns, Lieberman was undercutting him... No serious observer doubts that this led a substantial number of voters to abandon the ticket and vote for the Green Party's Ralph Nader. Lieberman was equally useless after Gore won the popular vote and was thrown into a bitter fight for Florida's electoral votes... Al Gore did not let Joe Lieberman down when he endorsed Howard Dean. It is Lieberman who has let Democrats down, again and again."

Lieberman Booed and Heckled… Again
Joe Lieberman

"Lieberman has been booed by hecklers at an Arab American forum in Detroit. Senator Lieberman, who is an Orthodox Jew, was interrupted after he refused to condemn Israel's construction of a security fence through the West Bank. Speaking at the Arab American Institute's national leadership conference, Mr Lieberman said Israel had a right to protect itself and urged the Palestinians to "dismantle the terrorist infrastructure". His comments during a question-and-answer session drew such a strong response that the chairman of the gathering had to repeatedly calm the audience to let the Connecticut senator continue his speech "

Lieberman Defends Bushit War as 'Just'
Joe Lieberman

"Sen. Joseph Lieberman on Monday criticized fellow Democratic presidential contenders who do not recognize the war to oust Iraq's Saddam Hussein was justified and make Democrats appear weak on defense. Lieberman, who strongly supported the war, said, 'Some in my party threaten to send a message that they don't know a just war when they see it, and, more broadly, are not prepared to use our military strength to protect our security and the cause of freedom.'" Hey Joe - you've got this issue absolutely and completely wrong. The war in Iraq was not "just" because Iraq in no way threatened the United States. That's why every moral person in the world - including the Pope - opposed the war. And since Bush's war was NOT just, it has weakened the U.S. by angering the Muslim world and alienating our allies in Europe. Now we are losing one soldier a day, and our forces are stretched beyond their limit.

Why Joe Lieberman and the Bush Lite Strategy Don't Have a Prayer
Joe Lieberman

The Washington Post Magazine (6/29/03) has found the one honest man and it turns out to be Joe Lieberman, the old cold warrior whose strategy of running and winning as Bush Lite just doesn't have a prayer. Read the Democrats.com editorial by David Lytel.

Lieberman Launches Presidential Campaign by Avoiding Any Mention of Bush
Joe Lieberman

Dan Balz reports, "'Two years ago we were promised a better America,' Joe Lieberman said [in announcing his Presidential candidacy]. 'But that promise has not been kept. So, today I am ready to rise above partisan politics to fight for what's right for the American people. I am ready to protect their security, revive their economy and uphold their values.' In that spirit, the text of Lieberman's announcement statement never mentioned Bush by name, a sharp contrast to some of the rhetoric emanating from other Democratic presidential candidates who have sharply attacked Bush's policies... Lieberman, a former chairman of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), is the most conservative Democrat in the growing field of presidential candidates who long has been one of his party's most hawkish voices on confronting Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and who has pushed to make religious faith and values more prominent parts of the his party's message."

No One's Clamoring for a Pro-Business Democrat, Joe Lieberman
Joe Lieberman

Hartford Courant columnist Michele Jacklin writes to Lieberman, "You won a ticket to Congress in 1988 talking about the bread-and-butter issues folks cared about every day of their lives. And now you scold Al Gore for abandoning the New Democrat dogma in 2000 and embracing a populist message. You said last week in New York City that Gore, who selected you as his running mate, erred in taking the side of 'the people' at the expense of the 'special interests.' And you argue that only a pro-growth, pro-business Democrat can be successful in this political milieu. Senator, your memory is faulty and your thinking misguided... Senator, fast-forward to the summer of 2002. A typical day: Another corporate bigwig is led away in handcuffs, the stock market sinks by triple digits, a Bridgeport company says it's shuttering its plant and retirement is fast becoming a quaint tradition. Still think that a pro-business Democrat has the inside track? Voters are angry" - and tired of pro-biz Democrats!

Lieberman Threatens Bush With Subpoenas over Industry Influence
Joe Lieberman

"Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee, will likely subpoena Bush Cabinet agencies over their handling of environmental regulations, part of the first congressional committee probe of the Bush administration, committee officials said yesterday. The action would be the Democrats' first use of subpoena power since they assumed control of the Senate last month. The subpoenas would be issued next week only if administration officials do not drop their objections to the committee's demands for documents after meetings over the next three days, the officials said. Lieberman (D-Conn.) has said he wants to learn whether industry interests had disproportionate influence over administration decisions and whether there was sufficient public input." Don't let them stonewall you, Joe!

Lieberman Abandons Democrats on Star Wars Scheme
Joe Lieberman

As the missile test Saturday took the US one step closer to total isolation from our traditional allies and two steps closer to a nuclear arms race reminiscent of the nightmarish Cold War, Joe Lieberman waxed lyrical. "I hope we can convince the Russians what is the truth, which is that we are developing a national missile defense to protect our people, our kids, our grandkids, not against Russian attack but against attack from rogue nations." Unfortunately, Lieberman sounds as much like Bush as - well, Bush. He was joined in his enthusiasm for the squanderous, hawkish plan by Trent Lott, who said "We should put this right at the top of the agenda!" No Trent, we should put peace at the top of the agenda.

Lieberman Launches Investigation Into Bush's Regulatory Rollbacks
Joe Lieberman

Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) is launching an investigation into the Bush Administration's accelerated campaign to rescind or eliminate a range of public health and safety, and environmental protections. He will investigate "the method behind this madness, that is, the decision-making process leading to these damaging actions. Who have they solicited comment from? Why aren't they conducting public hearings? What's the evidence they've amassed against the regulations? ... 'If you own the land,' Bush said in one of his debates with Vice President Gore last year, 'every day is Earth Day.' Was that just another hollow campaign slogan?" Go Joe Go!

Lieberman To Lead D.C. Voting Fight
Joe Lieberman

Sen. Joseph Lieberman has signed on as the principal sponsor of a bill that would exempt District of Columbia residents from federal income tax if their representatives are not granted full voting rights. Lieberman, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, is joining the "No Taxation Without Representation Act of 2001" to a measure introduced in the House by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC).

Lieberman Tells Florida 'We may be back in 2004'
Joe Lieberman

"I think we won Florida," Lieberman told more than 1,200 adoring Floridians. He told them "not to forget what happened... It will be a snowy day in Palm Beach County if we ever let what happened last November happen again," he said. Then he lit into Bush's policies on abortion rights, tax cuts, and the Middle East.

Lieberman Demolishes Repugs on 'Politically Incorrect'
Joe Lieberman

Here's a rave review of Joe Lieberman's appearance on "Politically Incorrect," from a subscriber. "First, he got a standing a ovation like I have never seen. Then he made a comment about Bush's "charmed offensive" (he must be reading the internet). He went on to confront the two Republicans on the lie Bush told about needing to drill in Alaska to help the California energy crisis. They had no come back...just squirmed in their seats. And then, to top it off, he confronted them with the vicious Clinton-bashing over the last eight years and how hypocritical they are about wanting civility now! Then, Bill Maher pointed out how the Republicans booed at Lieberman when he made his entrance on the show but NONE of the Democrats booed at the Republicans. Again, the Republicans just squirmed!"

Debate Coaches Declare Lieberman the Winner.
Joe Lieberman

Joe got the nod of the debate coaches on Thursday night. But a couple of them found the confrontation too tame. "Both men were too impersonal,humorless,dull," the judge said. "Even just one groan would have helped."

Democrats.com Action Alert!
Joe Lieberman

Be a Post-Debate Spin Activist for Joe Lieberman Tonight! Those post-debate instant polls may not have any science behind them, but the news media has been publishing the results as if they matter. So we're asking ardent Democrats to go to these key news sites after the debate and make your support for Joe Lieberman known to the world:

CNN Allpolitics Scorecard and MSNBC and Fox News

Lieberman Says that He Will Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee in Thursday's Debate.
Joe Lieberman

Will Joe do a little rope-a-dope with Dick Cheney in their debate? Lieberman is feeling spry and confident, agile and knowledgeable. Will the decision go to the bantam contender in round one?

Joe is the Man of the Moment: Equally at Ease with His Faith and Himself
Joe Lieberman

With Joe Lieberman on the ticket, the Democrats get a man who is comfortable with his faith and himself. With an ever-present sense of humor, he is charming crowds in key states. No one has to tell Lieberman to be Lieberman. What you see is what you get, and that's a big boost for the Dems.

Joe is the Man of the Moment: Equally at Ease with Faith and Himself
Joe Lieberman

With Joe Lieberman on the ticket, the Democrats get a man who is comfortable with his faith and himself. With an ever-present sense of humor, he is charming crowds in key states. No one has to tell Lieberman to be Lieberman. What you see is what you get, and that's a big boost for the Dems.

In Connecticut, Even the Republicans Love Lieberman
Joe Lieberman

Politics does indeed make for some strange bedfellows. In Connecticut, at least one GOP Congressional candidate is making it clear that Lieberman is his role model. Cheney must not be going down well in the Northeast. What a surprise.

He's Just a Regular Joe.
Joe Lieberman

When you're a Democrat, it ain't so bad to be known as a "Regular Joe." So the consensus is that Senator Joseph Lieberman acquitted himself well in his maiden V.P. speech on Wednesday. His life story is the American Dream, he told the approving delegates. But he also took time to paint a bleak picture of the GOP ticket as falling far short of their carefully crafted mantra of compassion.

"Don't Let the Press or Our Opponents Divide Us," Lieberman Tells Black Caucus.
Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman moved quickly to quell any concerns among African-American Democrats that he was not supportive of affirmative action. "I have supported affirmative action, I do, and I will," the senator told the crowd of several hundred. He obviously was persuasive. The delegates and elected officials gave him a standing ovation while chanting "We want Joe."

The Clinton-Lieberman Political Friendship Spans Nearly Three Decades
Joe Lieberman

Despite the frequently mentioned Lieberman Senate speech criticizing Clinton for his behavior in the Lewinsky scandal, the President and the Senator from Connecticut share a long-term political friendship. Beginning with Lieberman's first state senate campaign in the 1970's, on which Clinton worked, the two Democrats have helped create a centrist party philosophy. The New York Times reports that Clinton is truly pleased with Gore's V.P. selection.