Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell: God is Pro-War
Jerry Falwell

Falwell is one of Bush's religious mentors and he says "President Bush declared war in Iraq to defend innocent people. This is a worthy pursuit. In fact, Proverbs 21:15 tells us: 'It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.'" Bush already believes he was chosen president by God and that God instructed him to attack Afghanistan and Iraq (see madgeorge.us). Is Bush listening to God or Falwell? Or maybe the common benefactor of both Falwell and the Bush Family, Reverend 'I Have Replaced Jesus Christ' Moon.

Judge Dismisses Falwell's Suit over Web Site Parody
Jerry Falwell

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: "A federal judge Wednesday dismissed the Rev. Jerry Falwell's lawsuit against the owner of a Web site that parodies him, ruling that the matter does not belong in a Virginia court. Falwell filed the lawsuit in his hometown, Lynchburg, against Gary Cohn of Highland Park, Ill. The lawsuit alleged that Cohn's Web site, www.jerryfalwell.com, is libelous and an illegal use of Falwell's trademark. The pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church and founder of Liberty University owns the Web site www.falwell.com...Falwell's lawyer, John Midlen of Chevy Chase, Md., said the lawsuit will be refiled in federal court in Chicago. 'I just feel that a person's name is his identity and his exclusively,' Falwell said in a telephone interview.'" Stop whining Jerry - you chose to be a public figure! Btw, how's Reverend Sun Myung Moon these days? Have you returned the favor of Moon bailing you out of debt to the tune of $2.5 million? (See Consortiumnews.com)

Fundamentalist Jerry Falwell Takes Cash from Sun Myung Moon, Despite Moon's Absurd Claims to be the Messiah
Jerry Falwell

Christianity Today reports, "Affiliates of Sun Myung Moon, controversial leader of the Unification Church, have a history of supporting and courting conservative evangelicals. Now, according to published reports, financial support has been filtered to Liberty University from Moon-related enterprises. But Liberty founder Jerry Fallwell [insists] the source of the funds does not influence his ministry. 'If the American Atheists Society or Saddam Hussein himself ever sent an unrestricted gift to any of my ministries,' Falwell says, 'be assured I will operate on Billy Sunday's philosophy: The Devil's had it long enough, and quickly cash the check.' While Moon may not be the Devil, Christians contest Moon's claim that he is destined by God to complete an unfulfilled mission of Jesus. Moon claims Jesus failed as the Messiah because he did not wed and have children. The divorced 78-year-old Moon says he and his current wife, Hak Ja Han Moon, 53, are the 'true parents of all humanity.'"

Bushit! Scumbag Jerry Falwell Still Can't Accept Hillary's Overwhelming Senate Victory
Jerry Falwell

As Buzzflash.com writes, "Bush's Friend Jerry Falwell Is A Scumbag, That's All We Can Say In Polite Company". Here is an email that Falwell sent out to his mailing list, using fabricated lies about Hillary Clinton. In this world Jerry, we call this SLANDER. Hillary Clinton is a great Senator, was one of the most brilliant First Lady's this country has ever seen, and would make an even better President! (To see the accomplishments of Senator Clinton, go to http://clinton.senate.gov) Hey Jerry - Hillary beat that pants off your twit friend Rick Lazio. Get over it!