Iraqi Occupation

Send Bush to Iraq - Bring our Troops Home
Iraqi Occupation

Mari Lou Horn/Weilbrenner writes, "When Daddy Bush left Iraq, he was criticized for not finishing the job. When Sonny Boy tried to vindicate Daddy and steal one of the world's biggest oil supplies, he really created a mell of a hess, as my late husband used to say. The solution to the entire situation is to send Georgie Boy to Iraq as the interim president. He wanted a democracy; let him do the job. Anyone with a brain knows it can't be done. The various religious and political factions have been taught to hate each other for generations. With Bush in Iraq, not only would this country be better off, but we could get on with important business, like stem-cell research, cheaper prescription drugs and effective education."

Car Bomb Kills Seven as Violence Against the US-Installed Iraqi Regime Escalates
Iraqi Occupation

"A suicide car bomb exploded northeast of the Iraqi capital on Monday, an apparent attempt to assassinate a deputy governor. He was wounded, officials said, while seven people were killed. The deputy governor of Diyala province, Aqil Hamid al-Adili, was in stable condition and was being treated at a U.S.-led coalition medical facility... 'This was a suicide attack with a booby-trapped car,' Police Brig. Daoud Mahmoud Mahmoud said a white station wagon laden with explosives blew up outside al-Adili's home. Citing police reports, he said seven Iraqi policemen were killed. At least 17 people were also wounded in the blast, including police and passers-by, Mahmoud said.... The blast shattered the windows of al-Adili's house, blew doors off their hinges and lightly injured the deputy governor's 9-year-old son, Mahmoud said. Guerrillas ... have used car bombs to attack top officials of the interim government, Iraqi security forces and American troops."

Inside Fallujah
Iraqi Occupation

Jack Fairweather talks to families who fled the fighting in Fallujah..."There were bodies by the road but no one stopped. We just wanted to get out of that hellish place'..."Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw in Fallujah yesterday," he (the doctor) said. "There is no law on earth that can justify what the Americans have done to innocent people..."I used to believe it was a good thing the Americans came to Iraq. Now I have lost all hope until the occupation ends." His wife Hakima said: "There was little resistance in Fallujah before this week. People no longer believed in fighting the Americans. Now everyone belongs to the resistance."