Iraq War - Military Opposition

'Will They Ever Trust Us Again?' Heart-Wrenching Letters from the Frontlines of Iraq to Michael Moore
Iraq War - Military Opposition

"Dear Mr Moore,I went to Iraq with thoughts of killing people who I thought were horrible. I believed my president. He was taking care of business and wasn't going to let al Qaeda push us around. My unit was one of the first to Baghdad. I was so scared. Didn't know what to think. Seeing dead bodies for the first time. People blown in half. Little kids with no legs. It was overwhelming, the sights, sounds, fear. I was over there from Jan'03 to Aug'03. I hated every minute. It was a daily battle to keep my spirits up. I hate the army and my job. I am supposed to get out next February but will now be unable to because the a**hole in the White House decided that now would be a great time to put a stop-loss in effect for the army. So I get to do a second tour in Iraq and be away from those I love again because some guy has the audacity to put others' lives on the line for his personal war. I thought we were the good guys."

Texas Reservist Stationed in Iraq Bitterly Condemns Bush's Unconstitutional, Unwinnable War
Iraq War - Military Opposition

Texas Reservist Al Lorenz Writes: "We came here with some fantasy idea that the natives were all ignorant, mud-hut dwelling camel riders who would line the streets and pelt us with rose petals.... Attempts to correct [this] thinking are in vain; it is not politically correct to point out that the locals...are growing increasingly upset and often overtly hostile. Instead of addressing [this problem], politicians in Washington DC give us pat and convenient reasons devoid of any semblance of reality. We are told that the locals are not upset because we have a hostile, aggressive and angry Army occupying their nation. We are told that they are not upset at the police state we have created, or at the manner of picking their representatives for them. Rather we are told, they are upset because of a handful of terrorists, criminals and dead enders in their midst have made them upset, that and of course the ever convenient straw man of 'left wing media bias.' "

Marine Commander Says Pentagon Grossly Mishandled Fallujah
Iraq War - Military Opposition

Boston Globe: "The outgoing commander of US Marines in Iraq said yesterday that he disagreed with the order that sent his troops to invade the restive city of Fallujah in early April and with the decision to halt the attack days later, when he believed they were within days of victory. Lieutenant General James T. Conway said the abortive assault, launched in response to the brutal killing of four US civilian contractors by a mob in Fallujah on March 31, spiked tensions in the area and helped make the region more hostile to US forces today than when his forces took charge of the area six months ago." To summarize, Conway said that ordering a few thousand men to attack a city of HALF A MILLION was irrational enough, but ordering the attack as "revenge" was lighting a match to a power keg. Worse, the Pentagon called the attack off after three days, AFTER the marines had placed themselves in a highly vulnerable position.

Military Families in Pennsylvania Oppose Iraq War by 54-41% Margin
Iraq War - Military Opposition

The continuing lead in Pennsylvania by John Kerry over President George Bush is in line with historical Pennsylvania voting trends. However, what is surprising is that the latest Quinnipiac University Poll shows that military families in Pennsylvania oppose the Iraq War by a margin of 54-41%. This contrasts with the general Pennsylvania perception on the Iraq war, which is split 46% for and 48% against the war. Military families also support Kerry over Bush by 46-42%.