Internet Viruses

State Department Virus Infects Journalists' Computers: Government Sponsored Internet Terrorism?
Internet Viruses

Scores of journalists are plugged into the State Department's mailing list so they can receive regular updates on travel warnings. This week, in addition to updates, the Dept. sent out copies of the KLEZ computer worm to all the journalists on the list. KLEZ is a very nasty, destructive beast that would have then disseminated itself to everyone on the journalists' list of contacts. The Dept., of course, claims the software company providing security is faulty. However, the third-party software provider says NO WAY - someone in the State Dept. did not manage the settings properly. Or perhaps they tampered with them? L-Soft says the original list was set up correctly,. but then, at some point, the list was set to evade review. As a result, journalists's computers were sent multiple copies of mailings - and the KLEZ worm. It shows you what the Bushies think of the Media...

Virus Alert: Stop the Latest Klez Virus
Internet Viruses

The latest version of the Klez virus (W32.Klez.gen@mm) is proliferating widely. If you don't use a virus checker, you may fall victim - and spread the virus further. Symantec, the makers of Norton Utilities, has free tools to remove this virus from your system.

Virus Alert: BadTrans.b
Internet Viruses

Here at Democrats.com, we have received dozens of e-mails apparently containing the Badtrans.b virus. It can often be recognized if one sees an underscore ("_") inserted at the beginning of the infected Sender's e-mail address. For example, the "From:" field will show <_emailaddress>. Wired has an article about this new virus, with links to notices by companies that provide anti-virus software. "Yet another worm that takes advantage of an old and well-known vulnerability in Microsoft software [Outlook e-mail program] is on the loose. The worm, dubbed 'BadTrans.B' by antiviral application vendors, installs a piece of spy software on infected computers. This program attempts to record and relay private information such as user names and passwords to an e-mail address that is presumably accessible to the worm's author BadTrans.B even knocked the worm that just won't die, SirCam, from its first-place post on MessageLabs' tracking list on Sunday afternoon."