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Two Years Ago, Ken Starr Ruined Julie Hiatt Steele's Life
Independent Counsel

Two years ago this week, Ken Starr abandoned his criminal campaign against Julie Hiatt Steele for refusing to lie about Bill Clinton. Steele's testimony was the linchpin of Starr's campaign to destroy Clinton. Steele went free, but her life has never been the same, and she is now on the verge of foreclosure and bankruptcy. Help this unsung American heroine, who stood up to the frightening power of a runaway Independent Counsel. Julie Hiatt Steele, 10701 Arsenal Drive, Midlothian, VA 23113.

Robert Ray Attempts to Influence New York Senate Race
Independent Counsel

To call the action yesterday of Robert Ray unconscionable is to exercise enormous restraint. In America, when a person is not tried, no prosecutor has the right to declare him or her guilty. No prosecutor except Robert Ray. Unable to prove in a court of law that Hillary Clinton had a role in TravelGate, unable to find sufficient grounds to even try her, Ray smeared her in the press yesterday by essentially claiming, "She's guilty, but I couldn't prove it." This guy is shameless, partisan pond scum.

Taxpayer Tab for the 'Independent Counsel' is Now $52 Million and Counting.
Independent Counsel

If the Republicans really want to cut back on wasteful government spending, they should put an immediate halt to the so-called "Independent" Counsel. Since 1994, the "Independent" Counsel has been anything but Independent. Reporting only to a three judge panel, headed by a right wing Jesse Helms protege, Starr and Ray have conducted their inquisition under the watchful eyes of the Clinton haters. David Sentelle, the presiding judge on the panel, is the only one with the power to reign in the investigation. He is joined by another Republican judicial appointee to make a 2-1 majority on decisions concerning the work of Robert Ray. Tellingly, Sentelle has railed against "leftist heretics" who he charges want to turn the United States into "a collectivist, egalitarian, materialistic, race-conscious, hyper-secular, and socially permissive state." Alas, Robert Ray does Sentelle's bidding, who is there as the overseer for the right wing of the GOP. As a result, the taxpayers will continue to foot the bill for a GOP vendetta that knows no end.