Immigrant Rights

Recent Supreme Court Immigration Decisions Condone Corporate Despotism and Trash Human Rights
Immigrant Rights

The Migration Policy Institute has serious concerns about two recent Supreme Court immigration decisions. These decisions seem designed to benefit corporations, while trashing human rights (the two things the Bush junta does best) "Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB held that undocumented workers fired in violation of federal labor law are not entitled to back-pay." In short, this gives corporations the green light to use workers up and throw them out at their whim, like Charmin squares, without any accountability. "Demore v. Kim rejected a constitutional challenge to mandatory detention of permanent resident aliens as they go through removal proceedings."

ImmiFraud 2004: Where's the Bill?
Immigrant Rights

The dust has yet to settle on MediFraud, the massive giveaway to drug companies that screws seniors, but gives Bush the photo op for campaign commercials claiming to have delivered a prescription drug benefit. Now comes ImmiFraud, another massive giveaway to big corporations that screws immigrant workers. Once again, Bush just wants a photo op with hispanics so he can claim to have championed their cause. Despite all the hoopla, there's one thing missing - an actual bill in Congress. Impeach Bush Now!

In the US, Open Season on Irish Political Prisoners
Immigrant Rights

Ciaran Ferry, John McNicholl, Malachy McAllister, Paul Harkin, and "The H- Block Four" came to the United States from Northern Ireland, like generations of Irish republicans before them, seeking asylum and better lives. Now they are again prey, but, says WGT's Tom Madigan, this time it is not British authorities gunning for them but the Bush administration. It is open season for one-time Irish political prisoners, only five short years after the U.S.-brokered Good Friday accord that gave so many of the former militants their long-deserved freedom. The Irish-American community is quite angry about how Bush and Ashcroft are treating these men.

Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride to Begin
Immigrant Rights

"On May 4, 1961, members of the Congress of Racial Equality set out on a public bus from Washington to integrate interstate transportation through the Freedom Ride. Confronting angry mobs, the Freedom Riders protested segregation in the Deep South. On September 20, 2003, the first Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride [www.iwfr.org] will set out from cities across the nation.... The nine buses will carry immigrant workers and their allies in a new push for equal rights, improved work conditions and -- for illegal immigrants -- amnesty and a path toward legal residency and citizenship.... There are 30 million immigrants in the United States according to Vernon M. Briggs Jr., a professor of industrial and labor relations at Cornell University.... Large numbers of immigrant workers end up in the service industry, where organized labor is weakest.... Union membership has fallen from its all-time high of roughly 30% of the labor force in 1965 to only 13.5%, according to Briggs."