Howard Stern

Howard Stern Number One on the Web for Fourth Straight Year, While Franken Already at #10!
Howard Stern

Stockwatch: "Howard Stern continues his reign as 'King of all Media' online, according to Web users. Last year, Stern generated nearly FIVE TIMES more search activity than any other talk radio personality or team of radio hosts." Since taking on Bush and the FCC, Stern's popularity has doubled. By contrast, even though Michael Savage's obscene airing of Nick Berg's execution netted him a big increase in search activity, he didn't even make the top 20. However, Al Franken, only on the air for a few months, has already made the #10 slot. "Although Bill O'Reilly, Dr. Laura, Larry King, Clark Howard and Paul Harvey all made this year's list, search activity for each is down over last year. O'Reilly generated 20 percent less searches in 2004; Dr. Laura dipped by 14 percent; Larry King dropped by 28 percent; Clark Howard dropped 30 percent; and Paul Harvey generated 50 percent less searches than last year." Hmm...do we sense a trend here?!

FCC Using the 'Fig Leaf of Nudity' as a Cover for Attacking Free Speech
Howard Stern

Dimitri Vassalaros points out that when Howard Stern's radio show returns to Pittsburg this month, fans will not see a glimpse of Janet Jackson's breast or any other nudity."Stern's listeners never have witnessed any nude person on the radio. But you can see how the fig leaf of nudity was used to hide the FCC's shameful jihad against free speech poster boys such as Stern. All of this turmoil, the FCC fines, being pulled from six stations, daily risking more bureaucratic penalties, moving to a new station, changing its format" is costly - and "all because the government does not like what Stern and other shock jocks say. None of the participants in Jackson-gate -- the CBS network, the stations that aired the striptease or anyone connected in any way -- have been fined by the FCC. Nudity is good cover for a naked attempt to control free speech. Welcome back, Howard." BTW - Howard Stern now has a link to Democrats.com on his web site!

Howard Stern Declares War on Bush, Vows to Help Kerry Win the White House
Howard Stern

At a 6/30 press conference called by Howard Stern, the radio legend announced that he had gained nine markets, several of them markets he'd lost due to Clear Channel's political maneuverings. Stern also stated loud and clear and for the record that he was being persecuted by the FCC and Clear Channel not for obscenity but because he had spoken out against Bush. "Clear Channel is very tied to the Bush administration" Stern said. "Clear Channel for years has been defending me...I criticize Bush and then I'm fired...They acted out of politics." Stern said he was encouraging his listeners, whom he described as swing voters, to cast their ballots for John Kerry. "John Kerry will receive more votes because of this. ... My audience will vote in a bloc," Stern said." Go Howard go!

Howard Stern Strikes a Blow against Michael 'Daddy Got me My Job' Powell, Picks up NINE New Markets!
Howard Stern

Howard Stern announced at a major press conference that he has been picked up at NINE major markets across the nation, including several he had lost thanks to the FCC-Clear Channel Bush agenda. One of the most significant gains is Florida, where Howard is likely to have a big and critical impact. Howard has a message for Kerry, btw: He says he will fight for you and not expect anything in return, but it would be nice if you came onto the show and spoke to the estimated over 10 million Kerry supporters who listen. As it is, part of the FCC 'villification' of Stern is a strategy to ward Kerry and other Democrats away from what could be a blockbuster FREE forum. Meanwhile, the Repugs are now routinely guesting on rightwing talkshows and getting the last laugh. see: http://www.howardstern.com

Antidote to Limbaugh on Army Radio: Recruit Howard Stern!
Howard Stern

What the guys and gals in Iraq need right now is not some bellicose old windbag preaching propaganda to them. Unfortunately, that's what they've got in Rush Limbaugh, who has the corner on the Army radio programming market, thanks to his friends in high places.Newsday reports: "Lawmakers used to wrangling over troop levels and weapons systems find themselves in a dispute over whether military personnel abroad should be given more of a liberal antidote to conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh...the Pentagon's American Forces Radio and Television Service is airing the first hour of Limbaugh's show, five days a week, on one of the 13 radio channels it offers. " We say give the troops something they'd REALLY enjoy and whose audience profile corresponds almost perfectly to the US troops abroad: the majority are males, aged 18-30: HOWARD STERN! They'd love it!