The 'Heinz 57' Outsourcing Email Hoax

Lately, the clueless have been passing several unsourced email hoaxes about the Kerrys. One of them makes the following claim: "Kerry's wife owns Heinz, a company that outsources much of its work abroad." But as Snopes.com (the premier debunker of hoaxes) establishes -- this claim is False. "First off, Teresa Heinz Kerry does not 'own the Heinz Corporation' -- she has no involvement whatsoever with the management or operations of the H.J. Heinz Company, nor does she own anything close to a controlling interest of the company's stock. According to Heinz itself, the Heinz family trust which Mrs. Kerry inherited sold most of its shares of Heinz stock back in 1995 and currently holds less than a 4% interest in the company... Moreover, the Heinz Company's operations are not an example of the type of outsourcing that is currently a hot political issue." But the hilarious tip-off of this email hoax (which the braindead totally miss) -- is the part about the "57" manufacturing plants of Heinz.

Thanks to a Smear Job of Hillary by Newsmax, the Gold Star Mothers Were Harassed by Right-Wing Thuggery

Remember the bogus Newsmax story that claimed Hillary dissed the Gold Star Mothers? Like the rest of these right-wing smears, it was eventually de-bunked. But not without wasting people's time and energy, especially that of the very group that the 'noble' Newsmax claimed to be standing up for – the Gold Star Mothers! "With regard to the NewsMax article concerning our organization, the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., deeply regret the misunderstanding about Senator Hillary Clinton. The two mothers who visited Washington did not have an appointment with the Senator and she was not in her office on that day. We would appreciate it if the e-mails and negative comments about Senator Clinton would cease. Georgianna Carter-Krell, National President." Newsmax, headed by Clinton hater Richard Mellon Scaife's favorite reporter Chris Ruddy, also ran an article about Democrats.com, accusing us of "Marxist Thuggery." Hey Scaifemax – what do you call what you did to the Gold Star Moms?

HOAX: Oliver North Stated During the 1987 Iran-Contra Hearings that Osama bin Laden Was 'The Most Evil Person Alive'

From Snopes.com: "Claim: Oliver North stated during the 1987 Iran-Contra hearings that Osama bin Laden was 'the most evil person alive' and that 'an assassin team [should] be formed to eliminate him and his men from the face of the earth.' Status: FALSE." The always reliable Snopes then sets the record straight. "The terrorist North mentioned in his testimony was NOT OSAMA BIN LADEN, however. To the extent that bin Laden was known to the western world in 1987, it was not as a 'terrorist' but as one of the U.S.-backed 'freedom fighters' participating in the war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan...No, Oliver North did not testify about or speak the name Osama bin Laden during Iran-Contra hearings. He claimed that threats against his life had been made by terrorist ABU NIDAL." Check with Snopes whenever you receive an e-mailed chain letter that makes a startling claim.

HOAX: Hillary Defended Black Panthers

From the "Currents" page at Snopes.com: "Hillary Clinton played a significant role in defending Black Panthers accused of torturing and murdering Alex Rackley. Status: False. While a law student at Yale, Hillary Clinton took notes for the ACLU during the trial of two people associated with Rackley's murder (but not the murderers themselves). There's no record of her having organized student protests, or even having being part of them. The Panthers piece is an attempt to discredit by association." And from the below: "Versions of the e-mailed denunciation headed "Paul Harvey's 'The rest of the story'" began circulating on the Internet in June 2000...Paul Harvey's people confirm he has never broadcast the Panthers and Hillary Clinton story." This hoax is an example of the garbage gullible rightwingers pass around. But mention the business connections between the Bushes and bin Ladens, and watch how fast the scared Freepers stick their fingers in their ears.