Hillary Clinton

Bush Justice Dept. Pursues Witch Hunt of Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

The Bush administration's Justice Departmen [ie.: JOHN ASHCROFT] is trying to secure the cooperation of an indicted businessman as it pursues Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign for possible fund-raising violations." "Secure the cooperation of" as in threaten, bribe or otherwise coerce - just as the 'Bush justice system "secured the cooperation" of Martha Stewart's snitch. Not only has the subverted Justice system gone after Democratic women with a vengeance (Martha Stewart got crucified while Ken Lay got coddled), it continues to ignore a known monster who has a 10-year history of scamming children's charities, doctors, and small business owners to raise campaign funds. Where's the investigation of TOM DELAY?

Hillary Clinton is a Super Star in Bangladesh
Hillary Clinton

AFP: "Bangladesh's fascination with the 'superb and capable' Hillary Clinton is fuelling a roaring trade in pirated copies of former US president Bill Clinton's memoir which has yet to be released legally here. Hawkers said up to 35 pirated copies of Clinton's memoir My Life were being snapped up a day, equalling sales of Hillary Clinton's own Living History and topping street bestsellers such as the banned books of exiled Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen.Bangladesh, a nation where women are traditionally confined to childrearing and domestic activities, has long been fascinated by Clinton and his high-powered wife. Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea visited Bangladesh in 1995 while Bill Clinton in 2000 became the first US president to visit the South Asian country."

Ocean Advocacy Environmental Group Honors Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

"An ocean advocacy group honored Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton during a star-studded event. The Washington-based environmental group Oceana said it chose Clinton, D-N.Y., because she has championed environmental and conservation issues. Producer Brian Glazer and director Ron Howard also received awards...as did Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of famed ocean explorer Jaques Cousteau. Clinton has fought to protect New York City residents from potentially harmful dust from the Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center collapse. She also has prodded Congress to reauthorize a special tax to pay for Superfund toxic waste cleanups. Clinton criticized Bush's environmental record. 'I think we have lost some ground...Just today the administration decided they would ease up on rules governing mercury emissions,' she said, referring to rules that would allow power plant owners to postpone the installation of technology designed to reduce mercury pollution."

A Day after Bush Visit, Hillary Clinton Calls for New U.N. Role
Hillary Clinton

"A day after Bush's surprise visit, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jack Reed arrived Friday in less-dramatic style, saying it isn't too late to bring the UN back to Iraq. 'I'm a big believer that we ought to internationalize this, but it will take a big change in our administration's thinking,' the former first lady said. 'I don't see that it's forthcoming.' Both senators say the new Bush plan speed up the transfer of power to an Iraqi government are risky. Iraqis feel Clinton and Reeds trips were the only real trips made to Iraq this week. 'We cannot consider Bush's arrival at Baghdad International Airport yesterday as a visit to Iraq,' said Mahmoud Othman, a member of the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council. 'He did not meet with ordinary Iraqis. Bush was only trying to boost the morale of his troops.' ...and his sagging polls.

Republicans for Hillary: Loonies in Retreat
Hillary Clinton

Timothy Noah writes: "Hillary Clinton's under-the-radar presidential candidacy--which, as Chatterbox observed previously, was invented by conservative commentators to fulfill various practical and psychological imperatives and has no reality outside their imaginations--has ended. That's a relief! With the passage of time, the real Hillary Clinton's repeated denials that she was running for president in 2004 grew more and more plausible, putting the right in a real quandary. For awhile, the winger line (as laid down by Fox News) was that Hillary was waiting too long to file for the primaries, which only demonstrated that she didn't know the first thing about running a presidential campaign. How much nastier was this going to get? Chatterbox began to worry that Republicans would boycott her imaginary inauguration, and then (inevitably) would call for her make-believe impeachment. But... William Safire found a more graceful way to usher conservatives out of their collective psychosis."

Hillary's Book Sets Barnes & Noble Record
Hillary Clinton

AP reports: "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's memoirs set a Barnes & Noble sales record for nonfiction books on its first day on store shelves, the company said Tuesday. Clinton signed over a thousand copies of the book, 'Living History,' at a promotional event at a Barnes & Noble store in midtown Manhattan Monday, the first day the book was on sale. The company said the former first lady's White House memoirs sold more than 40,000 copies in the first 24 hours it was available, instantly making it an in-house best seller."

Hillary (D - Class & Intelligence) Tops Poll of Most Admired Women ahead of Laura Bush (R - Phony)
Hillary Clinton

From the AP: "Clinton, the former first lady who now represents New York in the Senate, and her successor in the White House, Laura Bush, topped Gallup's list of women along with talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Clinton was favored by 7 percent of those surveyed; Bush and Winfrey had 6 percent each." Note the unflattering photo of Hillary compared to the "nice" one of Laura.

Hillary Plans to Confront the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Hillary Clinton

According to John Benson of the NY Observer, at a recent NYC gathering, Hillary Rodham Clinton "talked about the need to do something about the fact that the Democrats weren't getting out a coherent message. 'She said the Democrats needed to improve their research and polling, and used the [Max] Cleland race as an example of the Republicans being more effective at it.' Mrs. Clinton also echoed recent statements by former VP Al Gore and her husband, lamenting the lack of an effective Democratic response to what she described as the dissemination of Republican talking points to sympathetic members of the media. 'She talked about Grover Norquist having weekly meetings with other conservatives, coming up with talking points, and getting them picked up by Hannity and O'Reilly and others,' said the attendee. 'She was almost admiring - she thinks that Democrats should do the same thing.'" Right on, Hillary!

Sen. Clinton (D-NY) Moving into Key Leadership Position
Hillary Clinton

RollCall.com: "Unable to effectively deliver their message to voters in the 2002 elections, Senate Democratic leaders are expected to name Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) to their leadership team next year to help develop a plan to counter Republican spin. The promotion would put Clinton in charge of the Steering and Coordination Committee, a mid-level leadership position that is appointed by Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD). The current Steering chairman, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), is expected to step down from the post at the end of the 107th Congress to focus full-time on his White House campaign, opening a seat at the leadership table for Clinton, several Democratic sources said. 'Nobody better understands the resources that the right has mustered to clobber Democrats,' said a Democratic source familiar with the situation. 'From the money to the media manipulation, she gets it.' 'She can articulate our needs and goals better than anyone,' added a Democratic strategist.'"

Senator Hillary Clinton Declares 'Bush Was 'Selected' President, Not Elected; Says Bush's Machine Has Raised Far More Money to 'Ruin the Reputations of Our Candidates'
Hillary Clinton

Newsweek writes, "At a private fund-raiser in Los Angeles for Democratic Sen. Jean Carnahan of Missouri, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told the crowd that Bush merely had been 'selected' president, not elected, Newsweek reports in the current issue. 'You know, I'm a fan of Clintonomics...and this administration is destroying in months our eight years of economic progress.' Hillary also said that the Bush's machine has raised far more 'to try to ruin the reputations of our candidates or, if they can't, to depress the turnout' by making campaigns unpalatably nasty." Don't forget to vote for Jean Carnahan on Nov. 5! Just remember, if she loses, Trent Lott will become the interim Senate Majority leader again.

NY Times Portrays Hillary as a Corrupt Witch - Let 'em Have It!
Hillary Clinton

In 1992, George Bush I told his henchmen in federal agencies to dig up dirt on candidate Bill Clinton - a Watergate-level dirty trick for which NO ONE was ever punished. The State Dept. was caught in the act, but the Resolution Trust Corporation leaked lies about a resolved land deal to the NY Times. The scandalous reporting by Jeff Gerth made "Whitewater" a front-page "scandal," resulting in an 8-year, $70 million investigation that paralyzed the Clinton administration and led to impeachment - but found NO wrongdoing by the Clintons. So when Senator Clinton speaks about the "real world" of prosecutors ready to catch politicians on technicalities, she speaks the TRUTH. It's long past time for the NY Times to apologize to the Clintons, to all Democrats, and to the nation for Gerth's Whitewater fraud. And it's time for the Times to apologize to Senator Clinton for declaring her comments "acidic" and "caustic". How the HECK do they know - were they there?? E-mail letters@nytimes.com

Hillary Unloads on the Felonious Five
Hillary Clinton

AP reports, "The Bush v. Gore presidential election case is an example of a hypocritical Supreme Court majority that broadens the rights of states only when it serves conservative ends, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday. [She] criticized the court's recent trend of 5-4 cases that have favored state power over federal control. The case that ended Florida ballot recounts in the disputed 2000 presidential election was also a 5-4 vote, but it stripped a state of power to administer its own laws, the former first lady said. 'Perhaps even more disturbing than the court's impulse to defend state and local prerogatives is the selectivity of that impulse,' Clinton told an audience of law students, lawyers and judges... States win the power struggle when they want to claim immunity from civil rights lawsuits or get tough on criminals, but not when they want to limit cigarette ads, help fund legal help for poor people, or 'follow their own election laws,' Clinton said." You Go, Hillary!

One Size Fits All For The Bushies - Attack Hillary For Everything
Hillary Clinton

Anthony York writes in Salon, "When the media sharks were circling late last week over disclosures that President [sic] Bush was briefed about possible al-Qaida hijackings before Sept.11, Bush loyalists went into a familiar defensive crouch. Not only did they coordinate a counterattack accusing Democrats of playing politics, involving everyone from Dick Cheney to Laura Bush, [Ari Fleischer singled out one Democrat in particular -- Hillary Clinton. The attacks] illustrate an apparent reflex within the White House war room -- when the going gets tough, blame a Clinton... an administration official said Fleischer's comments Friday had their desired effect -- freezing efforts by congressional Democrats to shine a scandal spotlight on the Oval Office... aides to Sen. Clinton say this is the first time since her election that their boss has been singled out for what they say are purely political reasons in the middle of a policy debate." Go get 'em, Anthony!

Hillary for Veep?
Hillary Clinton

The NY Daily News reports, "She has promised unequivocally not to run for President in 2004. But what if Democrats want Sen. Hillary Clinton for veep instead? Sources say that when he's asked whether his wife just might run for President in 2004, Hillary's booster-in-chief talks her up as the bottom half of a Democratic dream ticket. 'I think she'd make a better vice presidential candidate,' Bill Clinton said... 'She'll probably be at the top of the list,' said political consultant Tom O'Donnell, a former top aide to a likely 2004 presidential candidate, House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt (D-Mo.). 'She's got a pretty good following,' O'Donnell added. 'Damn good fund-raiser. I think she'd be a damn good asset to whoever the nominee will be.'" You go, Hillary!

Hillary Rocks at Press Dinner
Hillary Clinton

"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) turned in a bravado performance at the Washington Press Club Foundation's 58th Annual Congressional Dinner... [Clinton ribbed Cheney over Enrongate:] 'The White House says it can locate no records,' she said. 'They can't find them anywhere. I would just helpfully suggest that they try the upstairs closet...' She also took aim at a certain cable network, saying that when she first heard Bush's comment about the 'axis of evil' she 'thought it was the prime-time lineup of the Fox News Channel.' Clinton lampooned Attorney General John Ashcroft's decision to spend more than $8,000 to cover statues of naked women in the Justice Department building. 'I thought Missouri was the Show-Me State,' she said. Feigning jealousy over all of the GOP attacks on Majority Leader Thomas Daschle (D-S.D.), Clinton added, 'Tom did this and Tom did that. What does a girl have to do to earn some old-fashioned condemnation."

Hill On The Hill: So Far, So Good
Hillary Clinton

Catch the New York Post in an infrequent moment of truth-telling! Read it quickly, read it now! Even Republican senators are praising Hillary Clinton's year on the Hill, according to the New York Post. "Republicans, including avowed opponents of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, also credit Hillary with a solid start in the Senate. 'We obviously disagree most of the time,' said Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho). 'But she's had a successful year. It appears that she knows her job and does it well.'" The article further notes, "Her worksheet over the past 12 months shows winning a passage of amendments on President [sic] Bush's education legislation that would recruit and retain more teachers and principals. She also wisely climbed aboard a successful campaign-finance bill and won changes to a bankruptcy bill and determinedly killed the Bu$h appointment of Mary Sheila Gall to run the Consumer Product Safety Commission."

Hillary Denounces Bush's Tax Cut
Hillary Clinton

"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton charged yesterday that the $1.35 trillion Bush tax cut 'undermined our fiscal responsibility and our ability to deal with this new threat of terrorism. 'If we hadn't passed the big tax cut last spring we wouldn't be in the fix we're in today. But the fact is, we are,' Mrs. Clinton said during an interview on a CNN special, "America's New War'... 'I thought the plan passed by the House of Representatives was a fiscal disaster that would set our country back for years to come. It was really a giveaway to large corporate interests,' Mrs. Clinton said... Mrs. Clinton then put the blame squarely on the Bush tax cut, saying it compromised both fiscal responsibility and the government's ability to combat terrorism." So reports the Reverend Moon-owned Hillary-hating Washington Times. You go, Hillary!

Boos Were For Macy Gray Stomping Off Stage, Rather Than For Hillary?
Hillary Clinton

From Bartcop.com: "Oh, and a side-note on the 'boo-ing of Hillary' at the McCartney concert---in reviewing the tape, something happened during the ending of Macy Gray's set....the chorus sang a line, and she shot them a look that would have chilled Satan's soul, and then she walked off, before the number was finished. There are a couple of beats missed, and then, frantically, there's Paul Shaffer cueing the back-up singers to finish the chorus, they do, the band crescendo's and the song 'ends'. I believe what was perceived as booing for Hillary was actually intended for Macy and her snit, and that Hillary had to have stones of brass to go out there and face that audience." The fact that the Hillary-booed story came from the devious Drudge immediately gave us doubts in the first place.

Hillary Brings Down the House at Florida Convention
Hillary Clinton

Most women or men who had been put on the political rack (as in GOP House of Horrors) the way Hillary Clinton was in the past several years would have broken and screamed for mercy. Not Hillary! If America had ever wanted REAL role models, it couldn't do better than Hillary and Bill, who personified grace under fire and rose to new heights of leadership in their darkest hours. We are happy to see that the average American man and woman - the folks who WORK for a living! - are giving Hillary her due. She got a warm and enthusiastic response from a crowd of 3,000 at a plumbing and pipefitting convention in Miami. After her speech, the union President Martin Maddaloni presented her with an eagle statue and a watch for Bill. Maddaloni says "I pledge that the United Association will be there for her, whatever she wants to do." Yay, Hillary!

Hillary Cheered at Yale, Bush Preaches to Tepid 'Choir' in South Bend
Hillary Clinton

While Hillary Clinton received cheers from an enthusiastic crowd at Yale, where she spoke during class day, Shrub received mild applause at Notre Dame in South Bend Indiana, where he gave the commencement speech. While Clinton urged student involvement in the environment, health care reform, and global social justice, Bush urged that the responsibility for fighting poverty be pushed onto religious groups and businesses. He then made a somewhat strained effort to appear bipartisan by quoting Clinton and Johnson on the issues of poverty and welfare reform. Ah, the contrast! Shrub will speak at Yale on Monday, where a large proportion of students have vowed protests, ranging from jeers to refusal to clap.

Senator Clinton Puts Her Critics to Shame
Hillary Clinton

The pathetic tabloid journalists hound Senator Hillary Clinton daily, hoping to drive her insane. Read to the end and you'll discover that the media does not hesitate to lie about Hillary, whether about gifts (Dick Morris in the New York Post) or about attacking Strom Thurmond (the American Spectator). But Hillary just plugs away at becoming the best Senator in the Senate.

Hillary Saves Taxpayers $112,852 on Rent
Hillary Clinton

Is that the story you've heard from the Clinton-hating media? Of course not! But if you read the facts, you'll see that the rent in former Senator Pat Moynihan's was going up to $627,000. Hillary's new space costs $514,148. Do the math yourself and tell the media to quit harassing the Clintons.

Hillary's Turn: Inside Hillary Clinton's Improbable Senate Race
Hillary Clinton

It's Now Senator Hillary!
Hillary Clinton

So there's a few pieces of great news. For one, Hillary beat Little Ricky Lazio and become the first First Lady to go on and win a national elective office. What's more, Little Ricky Lazio's congressional seat went to a Democrat.

Hillary Decries Lazio Attacks as 'Despicable'
Hillary Clinton

Well, Rick Lazio is now campaigning at the bottom of the scum pond. Hillary calls his current ads "despicable." Trying to connect Hillary to the attack on the USS Cole is reprehensible. But Lazio is just another junkyard attack dog in the end, Newt Gingrich style.

Hillary Decries Lazio Attacks as "Despicable"
Hillary Clinton

Well, Rick Lazio is now campaigning at the bottom of the scum pond. Hillary calls his current ads "despicable." Trying to connect Hillary to the attack on the USS Cole is reprehensible. But Lazio is just another junkyard attack dog in the end, Newt Gingrich style.

Hillary's Cleaning up in the Polls!
Hillary Clinton

Our man Al may be a bit behind in the polls, but Hillary -- who is following hubby Bill's advice -- looks like she's going to be the next Senator from New York. Go Girl!

Hillary is Looking Good in Senate Race
Hillary Clinton

Now that the Subway Series is about to commence, Hillary is looking even stronger in her race with Little Ricky. That is because the World Series between crosstown rivals will dominate the media coverage and conversation of New Yorkers for the foreseeable future. Since Hillary's already ahead, it is going to be more difficult for Little Ricky to get attention and shift the percentages. Ricky's going with the Mets, by the way, and Hillary with the Yankees.

Clinton-Lazio II: Stick to the High Road
Hillary Clinton

Over the next four weeks until the election, New Yorkers will be awash in ads, with the air war ground-rules agreed to by the candidates observed only in the breach. Mrs. Clinton will win if the discussion remains focused on the issues that have given her the lead: economic assistance for upstate, prescription drug benefits, defense of reproductive rights, etc. But efforts to distract her from the issues will challenge her focus and resolve. The high road is a hard road, but, for Mrs. Clinton, it is the road to ride to victory next month.

Little Ricky's Defining Moment May be Behind Him, And it Might Just Cost Him the Election.
Hillary Clinton

The irrepressible Ricky Lazio may look back on his first debate with Hillary as a football player looks back at the video of a championship game in which he fumbles the ball on the two-yard line. When he stalked toward Hillary and shoved a piece of paper toward her, he was every woman's image of an aggressive, menacing male. You can't erase those sort of feelings once they are aroused. Next time, his handlers will put a leash around his neck and just yank when he starts walking toward his opponent.

Hillary Hits the 50% Threshold for the First Time.
Hillary Clinton

For the first time, Hillary has pierced the elusive 50% mark in New York State polls. Many pundits trace her recent rise to Little Ricky Lazio's bullying performance in the first debate. If his spin consultants have their way, expect the Rickster to be a powder puff in the second debate, a little gentleman. Yeah, right, sure.

Hillary Racks up Nine Point Lead over Little Ricky.
Hillary Clinton

Little Ricky Lazio overplayed his hand in the first debate with Hillary last week. As a result of his blustery, truculent performance, suburban women tilted heavily toward the First Lady. That adds up to Hillary's first solid lead as the senate race enters the home stretch.

The Gloves Come off as Hill and Little Ricky Debate.
Hillary Clinton

Well, at least someone's debating. In their first stand-off, there was fire, smoke and theatrics. But was the most insightful question: "Who would you choose as your 'Lifeline' if you were on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'?" Read article for the answer.

Debate Offers Hillary A Chance To Break The Deadlock In Polls
Hillary Clinton

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton will participate in her first televised debate ever this week. It represents a critical opportunity for her to cut through the current static in the U.S. Senate campaign in New York, establish the campaign as issues-based, and break the dead heat in the polls that has persisted for months.

On Monday Night, Hillary Was Less the Senatorial Candidate and More the First Lady and Al Gore Cheerleader.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton used her prime time moment to lavish praise on the Gore-Lieberman ticket. She also thanked Americans for the opportunity to serve as First Lady. Of course, as a candidate for the Senate, she did take a few well-aimed potshots at the GOP. Her speech culminated a series of appearances by elected Democratic women. Read the transcript of her remarks.

What a Difference a Day Makes! Hillary Ahead in the Polls
Hillary Clinton

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Hillary has pulled ahead of Lazio by 3 % points. It is the first time in recent weeks that the First Lady has been in the lead. The selection of Joe Lieberman as number 2 on the national ticket will continue to help her in New York.

Hillary to Get a Lift from Lieberman
Hillary Clinton

Another positive by-product of Lieberman's V.P. selection may be a boost for Hillary. Jewish voters in New York are now more likely to vote a straight Democratic ticket in November, which can only benefit her candidacy. The Democrats, after all, took the bold step of dispelling the widely held notion that a Jew could not run for national office. Wavering Jewish voters are likely to reward the party at the polls.

Chelsea Hits the Campaign Trail
Hillary Clinton

Chelsea spent her first day as a full-time campaigner on Rick Lazio's home turf, Long Island. Chelsea worked the rope lines like a pro, according to ABC News. She left the politics to her mom, who didn't mince words: "Governor Bush's policy on gun control is let's make sure people can carry concealed weapons everywhere including into church."