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Increasing Number of Greens Say the No. 1 Priority in 2004 is Getting Rid of Bush
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Seattle Times reports: "Four years ago, more than 100,000 Washingtonians followed Ralph Nader's call to show their displeasure with the major parties and vote Green - only to see Nader blamed for tipping a close election to George W. Bush. Now, some of those Green voters will be turning Democratic in time for today's Washington presidential caucus. Building a third party, some argue, should take a back seat to beating Bush this year. The issue splits the left-leaning Greens in one of their strongest regions of the country. But like many liberals, [Seattle Green Tim] Andersen has been increasingly alarmed by the Bush presidency. He'll support Kucinich in the caucuses and - perhaps more significantly for the Democrats - says he'll likely 'bite the bullet' and vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is come November. 'I think it is a life and death struggle for America,' Andersen said of the 2004 election." Amen to that.

Green Supporter Norman Solomon Argues Against Nader Run
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Norman Solomon writes, "[SF mayoral candidate] Gonzalez represents the kind of pragmatic idealism that the Green Party needs... A strategic thinker, he recognizes the need to build the Green Party from the ground up while striving to prevent Republican consolidation of power... If Nader runs for president again in 2004, his campaign seems doomed to be virtually opposite of the Gonzalez effort. Nader would be lucky to get half as many votes as his previous total of 2.7% nationwide. A Nader campaign would not offer voters a chance to wrest the White House away from the right wing. At a time when preventing a second presidential term for George W. Bush is a historic imperative, a Nader campaign would be - at best - beside the point. At worst, a gift to Karl Rove... For Green Party activists, the apparent benefits of a presidential run may include the media coverage, which - however inadequate and slanted - still beats being ignored. But what's at stake far transcends such concerns."

Ex-Nader Supporter Embraces Dean
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Ted Rall writes, "Even if his only crime had been the despicable way he seized power, using a rogue Supreme Court to have himself appointed to office, Bush would be the most poisonous leader in U.S. history. He treasonously undermined the constitutional separation of powers, savaged the right of the states to conduct elections, and brutalized faith in the principle that, rich or poor, black or white, every vote counts. Only after 9/11, however, did Bush begin acting like a dictator: jailing innocent people solely because they were Muslim, authorizing the FBI and CIA to spy on political opponents, converting Guantanamo Bay into a concentration camp for 12-year-old prisoners seized in Afghanistan. Thanks to tax cuts diabolically devised to minimize the possibility of economic stimulus, a ten-year $4 trillion surplus has become a $6 trillion deficit. Now he has us stuck in a unilateral, losing war in Iraq... America is under attack, and Bush is enemy number one."

Kucinich Builds a Bridge Between Democrats and Greens
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"'Dennis is one of us,' party spokesman Guy Chichester declared Monday, as the party endorsed [Kucinich]. The party is based on peace, social justice and environmental concerns. Of the current candidates, Chichester said Kucinich is the most closely aligned with those principles... 'Your endorsement sends a signal to everyone in New Hampshire and throughout New England who is really concerned about those environmental issues that relate to protection of the environment, protection of the economy and protection of the natural world, that they have a candidate,' Kucinich said... Kucinich joked he was in the Democratic Party as a missionary for causes held dear by the Greens. 'I think it's possible to bring Green principles into the Democratic Party, and that's what my goal is: To make the Democrats more responsive on environmental issues, to protect our forests from clear-cutting, to protect our land from having poisons dumped into it, to protect our air and the quality of our water.'"

Will The Adults Stop Fighting? Please?
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Alexandar H. (age 14) writes, "Engaging in a civil war while fighting a greater enemy! What great timing! What a great way to ensure victory! Yet this has been the Democratic-Green philosophy for far too long... All the Democrats, frustrated with the loss of New Hampshire and West Virginia have long discussed 2000, and the hundreds of other reasons they would rather pack the Greens off to another county. The Greens are all familiar with the DLC and the antics of right-wingers to hijack the Democratic Party and all the other reasons they wish the Democratic Party would instead be on that trip though they might prefer the destination to be some foreign planet for environmental reasons. If the Greens got their revenge on the Democrats by costing the Democrats the White House in 2000, the Democrats can get even by picking someone weak on civil liberties and the environment and costing themselves the White House in 2004."

How Can We Avoid Another Democratic-Green Split?
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Tom Hayden writes, "Democrats have to swallow hard and accept the right of the Green Party and Ralph Nader to exist and compete. Or does the DLC and the Party's fund-raising hierarchy intend to push more progressives into the Greens? How then will they win elections? At the same time, Nader and the Greens need a reality check. The notion that the two major parties are somehow identical may be a rationale for building a third party, but it insults the intelligence of millions of blacks, Latinos, women, gays, environmentalists and trade unionists who can't afford the indulgence of Republican rule. The Green claim that the Nader vote made no difference between Gore and Bush in 2000 is exaggerated at the least. Surely there is a way for the Greens and Democrats to find common ground before the next election. The mediating pressure may have to arise from the rank-and-file of both parties if their leaders are too frozen in their positions."

The Greens versus Wellstone -- Or, Handing the Senate Back To Trent Lott
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Steve Cobble writes: "I admire Green Party Presidential candidate Ralph Nader. I also admire Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota. That might mean I'm principled. It might just mean I'm confused. It does mean that I feel obligated to do my small part to avert the loss of one of the few progressive Senators worth worrying about, a loss that could put the U.S. Senate back in Trent Lott's hands. Thus, my plea to the Minnesota Greens: take a breath, put aside your anger at the Democrats, and act in your own best interests, as well as the nation's -- please reconsider your challenge to Senator Wellstone. And my plea to the Democrats: stop pretending the Greens do not exist; it's time to talk to them."

Republican Offers $100K Bribe to NM Greens - Was It Tom Delay?
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"The chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico said yesterday he was approached by a GOP figure who asked him to offer the state Green Party at least $100,000 to run candidates in two contested congressional districts in an effort to divide the Democratic vote. 'I was asked to inform the Green Party' that if the party filed candidates in NM's 1st and 2nd congressional districts, it would get paid in 'the six-figure range,' said John Dendahl. Dendahl refused to identify the person who made the offer except to say it was a man based in Washington with apparent ties to the GOP. Dendahl said he conveyed the offer to officials of the Green Party, who initially showed some interest but ultimately rejected it... Democrats in NM claim the Greens have helped Wilson win the past two elections. In 1998, Wilson won both a special election and a general election, each time carrying less than 50% of the vote. A Green Party candidate gained 15% in the special election and 10% in the general."

Nader Democrats, Please Come Home!
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Mike Hersh understands 'Nader Democrats' because he was a 'John Anderson Democrat'. Carter had his flaws, but he "was a decent man and a worthy president. Reagan was neither... Even strident Greens concede Jimmy Carter was a better president than he was given credit for. [But I helped Anderson.] That helped Reagan -- the worst president in decades... No one is saying Nader is always wrong or Democrats are always right. [But Nader is wrong about Democrats when he claims they are no better than Republicans. That is a lie.] The evil of the Bush Occupation goes without saying... I respect Nader Democrats enough to tell them the truth. [If you come home, you will find many Wellstone, Kucinich, & McKinney Democrats who will welcome you with open arms.] We need you to challenge the appeasers and wimps in our party. We need your fire, energy, and idealism. We need you to retake our party and retake our nation. Nader Democrats, please come home!"

Greens to Liberals: Drop Dead!
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Harold Meyerson writes, "Ask any liberal to identify [those] most intent on destroying progressive prospects and causes and you're sure to hear that it's the Bush administration or the Republican right. [However, a] very different force has wormed its way onto this list, and may indeed be right at the top: the Green Party. There's something so very pure about the Greens' destructiveness... Their goal is simply to defeat Democrats, even the most liberal Democrats. Especially the most liberal Democrats. [The race against Wellstone] is not an exception to Green strategy, but its quintessence. Already the Greens have tipped congressional races to the Republicans. [Ralph Nader said] the Greens would focus chiefly on the close races. Where the Democrats 'are winning 51-to-49 percent,' he said, 'we're going to go in and beat them with Green votes. They've got to lose people, whether they're good or bad.'"

Once Again -- the Green Party proves they are Bush Brown Shirts -- by defeating a Democrat
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State Sen. Mike Rogers outdrew state Sen. Dianne Byrum by just 524 votes in Michigan's hotly contested 8th Congressional District race, setting the stage for a probable recount. With all 335 precincts reporting, Rogers, R-Brighton, led Byrum, D-Onondaga, by .18% out of more than 294,000 votes cast... Like Vice President Al Gore in the presidential race, Byrum may have suffered from a challenge from the left: Green Party candidate Bonnie Bucqueroux of East Lansing won 3,400 votes, a small but crucial percentage. [Editor's note: after a long recount, Rogers won by 160 votes. He has voted consistently with Tom DeLay and the Republican Right ever since.]

Karl Rove is Smiling: Green Party Set to Fight to the Death - Against Paul Wellstone
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As if fighting against Bush on a wide range of issues and struggling to pull the Democratic Party back to a bold progressive agenda were not enough of a challenge, Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN) now has to contend with a Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate named Ed McGaa. To make matters more absurd, McGaa proudly disavows the Green Party's own positions on a range of issues - the very issues the Greens cited when trying to make the feeble case that they needed to run a candidate against Wellstone. As Ruth Conniff writes in The Progressive, "As for the possibility that his candidacy might tip the scales in the Senate, McGaa is perhaps the only person involved in the hotly contested Minnesota race who hasn't given it much thought." Will McGaa follow Ralph Nader's lead and argue there is "no difference" between Tom Daschle and Trent Lott? Have the Greens learned nothing from Election 2000 - or the 2001 fiasco in France? Democrats and progressives unite - it's now or never!

Greens Are Duped by Republican Operatives
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In Washington State, two Republican consultants posed as Green party members and recruited naive young candidates to run for state legislature on the Green Party line in order to siphon votes away from the Democrats. The consultants - Stan Shore and Leslie Donovan, who are married - gave $250 to persuade 18-year-old Young Han to run, and funded the convention that nominated 21-year-old Michael Jepsen. This should come as a Red Alert to Green Party members throughout the country - Republicans have a plan to infiltrate your party and turn it into an extension of the Republican campaign, just as they did with Ralph Nader in 2000.