George Bush Sr.

GHWB and Barbara Heckled As They Went To Vote
George Bush Sr.

Keith Koski writes, "I happened to be at the polling place where George and Barbara Bush went to place their early vote in Houston, Monday, October 18, 2004. I gave them a piece of my mind and took a video of it for you to see. Its about 30 seconds long. Barbara scowled at me through the smoked glass. It sent shivers down my spine. I stood next to cheering Republicans and held a Kerry Edwards sign. As they shouted 'Four More Years!' I shouted 'Two More Weeks!' One gentleman requested that I 'Back Off!' He was big and burly. I pointed at him and spoke to the camera: 'These people are violent!' 'They want four more Wars!' Many enthusiastic Kerry Supporters chanted 'Kerry!' 'Kerry!' The noise was equally deafening on both sides. George H.W. and Barbara Bush scrapped their plans for a press conference and sped away." Check out the photos and video!

Once Again, BushDaddy Parachutes to Forget the Betrayal of his WW II Crew
George Bush Sr.

"Chester Mierzejewski, an old war buddy of Bush, who said he was angered by the 'false assertions' made by candidate Bush when describing the incident, gave a different account. After 44 years of silence, Mierzejewski, who also was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, told the NY Post that Bush had abandoned his crew to death when there was another choice. He said he was approximately 100 feet in front of Bush's plane as the turret gunner for Squadron Commander Douglas Melvin's plane, 'so close he could see in the cockpit' of Bush's bomber. Mierzejewski's close wartime buddy was one of the two crew members in Bush's plane... He saw 'a puff of smoke' come from Bush's plane which quickly disappeared and was certain only one man parachuted from the plane and that it was Bush, the pilot. Mierzejewski said the Avenger torpedo bomber was engineered so that it could successfully crash land on water and that Bush doomed his own crew by bailing out and leaving the bomber out of control."

New Book: Poppy Opposed Dubya's war!
George Bush Sr.

"A new book on the Bush political dynasty claims former President George H.W. Bush opposed last year's invasion of Iraq. In 'The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty,' Peter and Rochelle Schweizer cite as evidence a summer 2002 interview in which the older Bush's sister said her brother had expressed his 'anguish' about the administration's preparations for war. 'But do they have an exit strategy?' the former President is quoted as worrying. 'Although he never went public with them,' the authors assert, 'the President's own father shared many of [the] concerns' of Brent Scowcroft, his national security adviser and a leading war opponent... sources told The News that aside from his 'exit-strategy' fears of a prolonged, bloody conflict, the ex-President is troubled that the war fractured the international coalition he painstakingly assembled to expel deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in 1991."

Bush Sr. Called Philip Agee a 'Traitor' for Outing CIA Agents -- Why Won't He Denounce What Happened in His Son's White House?
George Bush Sr.

"Former President Bush, helping the CIA celebrate its 50th birthday, called agency critics 'nuts.' He singled out for criticism Philip Agee, a former CIA agent and later critic of the agency. 'Remember Philip Agee, who I consider a traitor to our country?'' Bush asked, referring to Agee's efforts to expose CIA operations and identify spies. Bush said some of the criticism of the Directorate of Operations ruined secret U.S. clandestine operations in foreign countries and, in one instance, blew the cover of CIA station chief in Greece, Richard Welch, who was assassinated outside his residence in Greece in the mid-1970s." In addition, Barbara Bush wrote in her memoir that Agee should be charged with a felony. So what's the deal? In the Bush play book, it's not a crime to out agents if it is for the sake of the Bush Crime Family???

CIA Gangster BushDaddy: 'I Read Stuff That Really Burns Me Up' about Son
George Bush Sr.

"ZAHN: What does it mean to you that the USS George H.W. Bush will eventually be commissioned in your honor? BUSH: Well, it means a lot... I was thrilled when they named the intelligence center for me because I loved my short period at CIA." You mean the official period when you were CIA director? But you were a deep cover operative for much of your adult life -- back to at least the late 50's-- when you ran Zapata Oil, a CIA front. "And of course, I was a Navy pilot flying off a much smaller carrier." Yes, and your squadron mate Chester Mierzejewski said that you bailed out early, dooming your crewman to their deaths, since you were the pilot. Oh BushDaddy is "hurt" -- says it "burns me up" to hear anything critical of his Bushbaby. Hey BushDaddy, sorry you feel "hurt", but what about the thousands you killed in Panama to get your old business partner Noriega out of the picture? What about the CIA criminal operation you ran under Reagan -- the Iran-Contra-Iraqgate syndicate?

When Even Poppy Says Go Slow - George, You're in Trouble, Big Trouble
George Bush Sr.

Wayne Madsen writes: "Bush...has finally done it. He has Daddy Bush mad at him. In a recent speech at Tufts University, the elder Bush warned his son against a unilateral war against Iraq. Bush 41 must also have been on the receiving end of some heated phone calls from world leaders tired of the pomposity and bellicosity of the Junior Bush. Bush Pere called for the United States to mend fences with allies such as France and Germany...It could be that [Bush Jr.] is mentally incapable of carrying out his duties. In such case, the 25th Amendment is very clear on a course of action. But Junior's problems actually lie with his closest aides, those who manipulate him to carry out their sordid agendas...the regime in Washington has started a fire that is spreading rapidly through the corridors of power in Washington, state capitals, foreign capitals, intelligence headquarters, corporate board rooms, royal palaces, and even into the sanctified halls of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome."

FBI Lied to Clinton about Iraqi Assassination Attempt on Bush Sr.
George Bush Sr.

Baltimore Sun's Scott Shane reports, "In Nov. 1993, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh scrutinized the alleged [Iraqi plot to assassinate Bush Sr. in Kuwait in April 1993] in the New Yorker magazine and concluded that much of the evidence given by the FBI and CIA - and presented to the United Nations after the missile attack - was flawed or wrong. He suggested that the Kuwaitis might have invented the plot, its Iraqi connection or its focus on Bush, forcing one or more plotters to confess under torture." Subsequently Frederic Whitehurst, "the former FBI chemist who tested the explosive recovered in Kuwait says he told superiors it did not match known Iraqi explosives... When he later saw an official FBI document misstating his findings, he filed an official protest. The inspector general's report eventually confirmed that Whitehurst's findings had been distorted, but said government officials assured investigators that they had other evidence linking the plot to Iraq." OK, show us!

Head of Poppy's Episcopal Church Won't Let Bushes Use God to Justify W-ar
George Bush Sr.

Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold, the leader of Bush Sr's Episcopal Church, recently said "We are loathed, and I think the world has every right to loathe us, because they see us as greedy, self-interested and almost totally unconcerned about poverty, disease and suffering." The nation also is disliked for its "reprehensible" rhetoric. "I'd like to be able to go somewhere in the world and not have to apologize for being from the United States," Griswold said. On Monday, in a speech from Stamford, Conn., carried on Fox News Channel, Bush Sr. said Griswold's words were "highly offensive." "I found these particular quotes to be offensive. And knowing the resident as I do, I found them uncalled for," Bush said. In response, Griswold said that Americans "have open and generous hearts," but "our national policies need to be grounded in that generous spirit. Our leaders need to appeal to our better natures, and not simply to our fears about our own welfare." You Go, Bishop Griswold!

WANTED as 'Enemy Combatants': Elliott Abrams, Caspar Weinberger and Robert McFarlane
George Bush Sr.

Thomas Ball suggests that we revisit Bush I's pardons of three nefarious Iran-Contra perpetrators: Elliott Abrams, Caspar Weinberger and Robert McFarlane. They 1) Had "Dealings with the enemy" (Iran), a designated terrorist nation at the time and current member of the "axis of evil". 2) violated the Arms Export Control Act" 3) Acted as "Enemy-Combatants". (as the Reagan Administration was supporting Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq war). 4) Supported terrorism in Nicaragua. Still, Bush I declared their crimes "patriotic." "You see, it's O.K. to sell weapons to the enemy of the United States so long as the proceeds go to support terrorists in South America... Of course we can't blame Bush for pardoning these Iran-Contra criminals. He had to. He was one of them."

Poppy Bush Pardoned Cap Weinberger To Prevent His Own Prosecution -- Will Bush Junior Pardon Himself?
George Bush Sr.

Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh writes that Poppy Bush "committed what will likely become his most memorable act in connection with Iran/contra. On December 24, 1992, twelve days before former Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger was to go to trial, Bush pardoned him...The Weinberger pardon marked the first time a President ever pardoned someone in whose trial he might have been called as a witness, because the President was knowledgeable of factual events underlying the case. The criminal investigation of Bush was regrettably incomplete...In an early interview with the FBI in December 1986 and in the OIC deposition in January 1988, Bush acknowledged that he was regularly informed of events connected with the Iran arms sales, including the 1985 Israeli missile shipments. These statements conflicted with his more extreme public assertions that he was 'out of the loop' regarding the operational details of the Iran initiative."

Bush Sr. Plays the War Hero Again, But a Squadron Mate Claimed Sr. Bailed Out Early, Thus Condemning His Crewman to Their Deaths
George Bush Sr.

This week Bush Sr. returned to the Pacific to remind people of his WWII 'war hero' episode. He also got to state in a Paula Zahn interview how much he hates, "SadDAMN." Was this to offset the breaking Iraqgate stories, although they downplayed the fact that Bush Sr., as Vice President and President, actually directed the illegal arming of Iraq? But what about the 'War Hero' story itself? Chester " Mierzejewski has long been troubled by the notion that Bush's decision to parachute from his damaged aircraft might have cost the lives of Radioman second class John Delaney, a close friend of Mierzejewski, as well as gunner Lt. junior grade William White. 'I think [Bush] could have saved those lives, if they were alive. I don't know that they were, but at least they had a chance if he had attempted a water landing,' Mierzejewski told the 'New York Post.'"

On the Eve of the Gulf War in 1991, Democrat Henry Gonzalez Called for the Impeachment of George Bush I
George Bush Sr.

In January 1991, George Bush I was determined to wage war against Iraq, with or without Congressional approval. One Constitution-loving Democrat, Rep Henry Gonzalez (D-TX), decided Bush was NOT a dictator and should be impeached. He courageously declared, "At a time when our Nation is deeply divided over the question of war, we find ourselves on the brink of a world war of such magnitude that our minds cannot fully comprehend the destruction that is about to be leveled... The Iraqi people are as opposed to war as are the American people. The difference is that the Iraqi people have no choice but to support their country's leader, but the American people not only have the right to oppose and speak out in disagreement with the President, but they have the responsibility to do so if our democracy is to be preserved. Today I exercise this constitutional right and responsibility to speak out in opposition to war in the Middle East and in support of removal of our Nation's Chief Executive."

Was George Bush Sr. 'Involved' in JFK Assasination?
George Bush Sr.

Paul Kangas writes: "A newly discovered FBI document reveals that George Bush was directly involved in the 1963 murder of President John Kennedy…(It) places Bush working with the now-famous CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, recruiting right-wing Cuban exiles for the invasion of Cuba. It was Bush's CIA job to organize the Cuban community in Miami for the invasion. The Cubans were trained as marksmen by the CIA. Bush at that time lived in Texas. Hopping from Houston to Miami weekly, Bush spent 1960 and '61 recruiting Cubans in Miami for the invasion. That is how he met Felix Rodriguez. You may remember Rodriguez as the Iran-contra CIA agent who received the first phone call telling the world the CIA plane flown by Gene Hasenfus had crashed in Nicaragua. As soon as Rodriguez heard that the plane crashed, he called his long-time CIA supervisor, George Bush….investigators recently obtained copies of…North's diary, which documents Bush's role as a CIA supervisor of the contra supply network."

Like Father, Like Son? Bush Sr.'s Empty Promises of S&L Prosecutions - Read Their Lips!
George Bush Sr.

"We will not rest until the cheats and the chiselers and the charlatans spend a large chunk of their lives behind the bars of a federal prison," President Bush said on June 22, 1990, in regard to the savings and loan fraud. Read his lips. Then start at the fact that when FBI field offices requested 425 new agents to help investigate the 21,000 thrift fraud referrals sitting 'unaddressed' in their files, the Bush administration approved only half those requests. And they reduced the funds Congress authorized to spend on prosecutions. You and I may not always agree with Bill Moyers, but he was on target when he said that "George Bush is the most deeply unprincipled man in American poltics today. He strikes me as possessing no essential core. There is no fundamental line from which he will not retreat...I have watched him for almost 30 years and have never known him to take a stand except for political expediency."

Why Did Bu$h Sr. Give Immunity to Gary Winnick in 1989?
George Bush Sr.

Gary Winnick had an unsuccessful business career until 1996, when he raised funds to invest in Atlantic Crossing, "a small telecommunications effort that was planning to lay fiber optic cable under the Atlantic Ocean to carry the increasing volume of Internet traffic." Two years later, Winnick took Global Crossing public, and its stock eventually reached $61, making Winnick fabulously rich. But should Winnick have gone to jail along with Michael Milken in 1989 following the scandal at Drexel Burnham Lambert? That year, King Bu$h I's Attorney General gave Winnick immunity from prosecution, supposedly in return for testifying against Milken. But the NY Times says Winnick NEVER testified against Winnick. A few years later, Bu$h Sr. made millions on Winnick's Global Crossing stock. Is there a connection? We demand an investigation!

'Offended' BushDaddy Writes Whiny, Passive-Aggressive 'Apology' to Marin County
George Bush Sr.

"Former President George Bush has apologized to northern California residents for describing American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh as 'some misguided Marin County hot-tubber.' Bush's apology appeared Wednesday in The Marin Independent Journal newspaper, which had earlier invited readers to tell Bush about their home. Many of the writers use the opportunity to scold him. 'Call off the dogs please,' Bush wrote in his humorous response. 'I apologize. I am chastened and will never use 'hot tub' and 'Marin County' in the same sentence again.' Bush said he was so offended by Lindh that he hurt other's feelings." Hey BushDaddy, Lindh was fighting with the Taliban back when your boy gave them $43 million. We find it offensive that your father Prescott had his companies' assets seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act for financing the Nazis. And there is evidence that you directed Iran-Contra. You also armed Saddam Hussein right up to the Kuwaiti invasion. Now that's offensive! And treasonous!

King George I Made $4.5 Million on Global Crossing
George Bush Sr.

According to Business Week, "The elder Bush and his wife, Barbara, sold 100,000 Global Crossing shares on Nov. 16, 1999, for $4.45 million, according to the documents. Then, the Bushes notified the SEC they were selling an additional 1,000 shares on Mar. 13, 2000, for $55,000. The former First Family had acquired at least 100,000 shares of Global Crossing stock as a private investment on Apr. 21, 1998, the documents say. The shares listed in the documents may have been payment for appearances the elder Bush, whose normal speaking fee ran $80,000, made at Global Crossing conferences... The Bushes acquired the 100,000 shares four months before Global Crossing went public at $19 a share (the stock split two-for-one six months later). The documents don't indicate how much Bush paid for the shares since he acquired them before the company was public. It's also not known whether he bought additional shares of Global Crossing before or after it went public."

'The Most Closely Guarded Of Secrets Is The Extent To Which 43rd President Consults With 41st President, Papa Bush'
George Bush Sr.

"Not since Richard Nixon went to work in the Oval Office has there been so concentrated an effort to keep the real work of a president hidden, revealing to the public only a scripted leader…When [Bush] arrived in Washington to assume the presidency, he had his records as governor of Texas hidden, shipping them off to his father's presidential library, where they are inaccessible to journalists and scholars…He has refused all congressional requests for information about how he has developed his policies, most recently denying details of Vice President Dick Cheney's huddles with oil and coal executives in closed sessions to create a new energy policy…But the most closely guarded of all secrets, held even closer than national security matters, is the extent to which 43rd president consults with 41st president, Papa Bush. " So writes John Dean, the famous whistleblower of the corrupt Nixon Presidency.

The Unseemly Money Grubbing of Bush the Elder
George Bush Sr.

"There is something inappropriate about former President George Bush's international activities on behalf of the Carlyle Group, a powerful private equity firm made up of Washington insiders from three past presidential administrations. The picture of any ex-president using his influence in such a manner demeans the office he once held and clearly the nation has had enough of that over the last few years."

Investigation Threat Has Republicans Quaking in their Boots
George Bush Sr.

The idea of investigating the Bush Library to uncover the truth about Bush Sr's pardons of Caspar Weinberger and Armand Hammer has NewsMax screaming "blackmail!" They can dish it out, but they sure can't take it!

The Unseemly Post-Presidential Activity of Papa Bush
George Bush Sr.

"There is something quite unseemly about former President George Bush's reported international activities on behalf of the Carlyle Group, a powerful private equity firm made up mainly of Washington insiders from three past presidential administrations. The picture of any ex-chief executive using his influence in such a manner demeans the office he once held and clearly the nation has had enough of that over the last few years."

It's Hypocrisy That Runs in the Bush Family Veins, Not Blue Blood
George Bush Sr.

Oh that Papa Bush! At a speech in Chicago on Friday, for which he usually receives a six figure fee, Bush responded to a question about the Congressional investigation into Clinton's pardons. "I think Congress has an obligation to look at certain matters and see if laws were broken," Bush responded, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, but that otherwise the nation must move on. Of course, Congress should investigate if laws were broken in the freeing of a drug dealer, an international terrorist and various governmental officials who broke U.S. and international laws. But if justice were to be done in these cases, then Congress would have to turn its investigative resources onto Papa Bush himself, instead of wasting their time on Bill Clinton.

Just Call the Democrats Easy, Too Easy
George Bush Sr.

It's a one way street with the Republicans. The investigations only go in one direction: toward the Democrats. Why? Because the Democrats almost never, out of the goodness of their silly little hearts, call for investigations of the GOP. Take Papa Bush's Iran-Contra pardons, in which he covered up a fundamental betrayal of the American people, violations of the rule of law -- and also managed to save his own neck from prosecution. Did the Democrats shout foul? Of course, not, they're Boy Scouts.

Let's Look Into These Pardons
George Bush Sr.

Isn't granting a pardon to save your own neck worse than granting a pardon to a wealthy individual? Isn't granting pardons to ensure that you are not prosecuted for deceiving the American public worse? We think so. So here's a little bit about George Bush and Iran Contra.

Oh, that Papa Bush is Quite the Joker!
George Bush Sr.

Junior must be down in the dumps, what with all the pressures of appointing a right wing cabinet and all. So Papa B did what he does best: he came, once again, to Junior's defense. Papa swears that Junior is not dumb (the man protesth too much). As an additional attempt at humor, Papa B. suddenly admitted to a new found sympathy for Bill Clinton. What candor, what frankness, what a crock of....

Clinton Will Knockout Papa Bush in Round 2
George Bush Sr.

Papa Bush got his undies in a bunch last week. It seems that Papa was upset with Clinton’s scathing ridicule of both Papa and George Junior. Bush claimed that the integrity and dignity of his family was under siege. As far as a claim on decency and integrity, Papa Bush might recall two words: Lee Atwater.