Gary Hart

Gary Hart Decides against President Bid
Gary Hart

From Reuters: "After months of testing the waters, former Sen. Gary Hart of Colorado has decided he will not run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, his spokesman said on Tuesday. 'He decided he will not get into the race for 2004,' spokesman Jack Sparks told Reuters. 'He still has a great deal of enthusiasm for the substance of politics but he has less enthusiastic for the mechanics of campaigning.'"

Gary Hart Says Code Red is 'Almost Inevitable'
Gary Hart

"The war with Iraq has increased the risk of a terrorist attack on America, said former Sen. Gary Hart, who now is co-chairman of the Commission on National Security for the 21st Century. 'Don't be surprised if in the coming hours or days we go to Code Red,' Hart said this morning in Washington. 'It is almost inevitable.' [Hart's] commission predicted in 1999 that America would suffer a major terrorist attack, and Hart was predicting such an attack as late as early September 2001. He said the present administration wasted valuable time in setting up a homeland security agency, which the commission recommended in January 2001. The Sept. 11 attacks 'were not Pearl Harbor,' he said. 'America was warned.' Despite the attention to terrorism since then, 'the country is not today prepared for retaliatory terrorist attacks.'" So reports Government Computer News.

In a Major Speech in NYC, Gary Hart Declares: 'We are not Prepared for War'
Gary Hart

"Until we discover ways to eradicate evil from the hearts of those who wish us ill, those who accept the duty of standing that post will risk, and tragically lose, their lives so that we here may enjoy our freedom. Somewhere in the Persian Gulf there is a young sailor who is someone's daughter, a combat pilot who is someone's husband, a young Marine ready to go ashore who is someone's son. For the American nation, they are all our sons and daughters. War is not an instrument of policy; it is a failure of policy. We cannot here today discuss the use of military power as an instrument of national policy without recognition that it is the lives of our sons and daughters that are most immediately at stake. We all must now earn our rights by performance of our duties. And our duty to our sons and daughters requires our policy makers to hold their lives in sacred trust. Only then will our national security be just as well as strong and only then can we be truly proud of who we are."