Living Indefinitely behind Code Orange 'Barbed Wire' - Is This Freedom...or Thinly Disguised Tyranny?

Calvin Woodward writes: "More barriers go up that may never come down. Six-day work weeks with 12-hour days are the new norm for those guarding Congress. People in metropolitan New York and the capital are asked to be alert, today, tomorrow, indefinitely into the future. The government has decided this must be the price of safety from terrorism. Washington and New York are becoming fortresses. Police with machine guns now are visible in the subway, not just airports, and institutions that most symbolize freedom and power are hunkered-down islands surrounded by closed streets, extra barricades, teams of armed authorities or a combination. House Speaker Dennis Hastert said when asked how seriously people should take the Code Orange. ''People want to kill us.'' Speak for yourself, Hastert! You and your chickenhawk NeoCon pals are the ones who have inspired the world's hatred and caused a great big bulls eye to be painted on America's forehead.

On July 4, Celebrate America and Celebrate Freedom

"Print out and distribute this flyer at your Independence Day celebrations. May these quotes serve to remind us all of the ideals and values upon which the United States." And while you're at it, commit each of these quotes to memory, and quote them to right wing "patriots" at every opportunity!

If You Can Still Make A Fist, The Declaration of Independence Lives

Garrison Keillor writes: "On this day [July 5th] in 1776, John Dunlap printed five hundred copies of the Declaration of Independence. Once the Declaration had been approved on July 4th, a draft was carried to John Dunlap, a Philadelphia printer whose newspaper covered the activities of the Continental Congress. He set up the Declaration that afternoon in Caslon type and spent all that night and the next day running the press. He placed himself in harm's way by putting his name at the bottom; if the Revolution failed, he would be hanged along with the rest. As soon as the ink dried, the copies were bundled up and carried to the thirteen colonies on horseback."

Words, Not Weapons, Ended Communism

If you listen to the mainstream media, you would think that it was US weapons and Ronald Reagan that ended the Cold War and Communism. This interview on Wired.com with Lech Walesa, the former President of Poland and leader of the Solidarity movement in 1980, explains that it was the technology which gave Poles access to outside news and information and helped them put an end to communism. "Communism prevents organizations from developing by stopping the flow of information. The system is based on police and listening devices and triggers the worst characteristics in humans" said Walesa. The traits of communism seem incredibly similar to what King George and Mullah Ashcroft are doing with the USA Patriot Act and various Executive Orders.

Bush Begins 'Carnivore' Attack Upon our Freedom

During the 2000 campaign, Bush declared "there ought to be limits to freedom." Now he has begun imposing these limits, using the FBI's infamous "Carnivore" system which devours all data passing through a server, without a search warrant. Hours after the attack, FBI agents installed Carnivores at free e-mail providers, including Hotmail. But this is just a temporary measure, while "their 'main boxes were being set up at the Tier 1 carriers' - scary," said a network engineer.