'Immune' - Twelve Short Days in the Year 2044 (Fiction)

"The New World Order of the early nineteen-eighties that had begun so frantically was gone without as much as a whimper. The people lead peaceful and serene lives with little social consciousness beyond that of personal well being. No unhappiness, but no joy. Life is simple, a perfect existence of peace and tranquility similar to the lifestyle of the mid-twentieth century yet with incongruous advances in technology. Pollution, toxic waste, tobacco and alcohol, as well as sex are unknown. G.O.D. (Guardians of Democracy) decrees when a woman is to bear a child and she is artificially inseminated. No one questions the procedure. No one objects. There are only whispered rumors of the old society's way of procreation. Only the Immune know for sure. The Secretary of State, T. Bower Yates secretly runs the entire country, while the Presider and his cabinet go through the motions of government from the nation's capital, Topeka, Kansas."

'Lightning Strikes Twice' - a Political Novel with Eerie Parallels to the Present

"The year was 1945... Unimaginable devastation and death were strewn across many nations, leaving behind raw, exposed souls to grapple with the inhumanity of it all. The unconscionable acts of genocide, insanity, and damnation were chronicled in books, articles, broadcasts, and legends. As confidently as nations thought that they had defeated its enemy number one, it would one day come to pass that what had long been set in motion was an intricate, well-orchestrated plan - one which would prove lethal for the entire world, beginning with the US. The plan was devised as an awakening; not only in terms of traditional warfare, but also as a way to rip apart the fabric of the human mind and expose its enemies as the true Anti-Christ. The plot was the Fourth Reich. An edict was spelled out in a letter that was given to a man whose duty it was to carry out the plan in America... The man charged with this mission was Hajo Reichow, an unassuming, yet extraordinary young mathematician."