Fake Terror Alerts

Advisor Admits Bush Stoking Fears of Terrorism for Political Gain
Fake Terror Alerts

From AmericaBlog: "Read this little tidbit buried in a front page Washington Post story today [Thursday]. According to [a Bush advisor], regarding the 'big speech' he gave [Wednesday], 'The strategy is aimed at stoking public fears about terrorism...' What? They're actually admitting that they're trying to stoke the public's fears about terrorism for political gain... This is not just despicable, but guess what that means the next time the Bush Administration puts out a terror warning? The next time they raise us to a code whatever? It means a lot of us, even more now, are going to wondering if this is just another effort to 'stoke our public fears about terrorism.' Which means the next time the threat is real people could die, since many won't believe the threat is real, taking it as more political posturing by the Bush administration. Is it just me, or is this one of the most outrageous and damning admissions yet from Bush's own people? This alone could win Kerry the election."

Beware of 'Credible Intelligence'
Fake Terror Alerts

Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern writes: "Last Wednesday, it was Attorney General John Ashcroft - joined Friday by me-too Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge - claiming that 'credible intelligence from multiple sources indicates that Al Qaeda plans to attempt an attack on the United States' between now and the November election. If 'credible intelligence' sounds to you like protesting too much, there is ample reason to be skeptical. Overshadowing Ashcroft's dramatic warning that Al Qaeda planned to 'hit the United States hard' was the headline-grabbing, specific claim that 'an Al Qaeda spokesman announced that 90 percent of the arrangements for an attack on the United States were complete.' Had Ashcroft thought to check this out with the CIA - or even NBC - he would have learned that the 'Al Qaeda spokesman' was actually 'Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades'... According to a senior U.S. intelligence official, this 'group' may consist of no more than one person with a fax machine."

Clockwork Orange: The Fear Factor
Fake Terror Alerts

From TV News Lies: "On four separate occasions during 2003, Americans were notified by their government that the color of the day had changed. Only this wasn't summer camp, and no one was playing games. On each of these days, the nation was being warned that our lives were being threatened more seriously than the day before. The codified threat alert had changed from Yellow to Orange. There was nothing we could do. There was nowhere we could go. It was only a change of color, but it did the trick: Americans everywhere were being introduced to the color of fear!"

Homeland Insecurity: Mistaken Identity Grounded France Flights
Fake Terror Alerts

AP: "Six cases of mistaken identity were behind the pre-Christmas grounding of six Air France flights between Paris and Los Angeles over terrorism fears, a police official said Friday. The names of six passengers sounded similar to those of terrorist suspects provided by the FBI, prompting the French government to ground the planes, the official said on condition of anonymity. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy refrained from criticizing the United States when asked whether American intelligence had provided erroneous information that led to the cancellations... Following the flight cancellations, French judicial officials said that U.S. intelligence officials told their French counterparts that members of the al-Qaida terrorist network may try to board the planes over Christmas. But careful scrutiny of passenger manifests and the brief questioning of seven passengers failed to turn up evidence that a suicide hijacking was in the works."

Kucinich Calls Terror Alert a Government Scare Tactic
Fake Terror Alerts

AP reports: "The Bush administration is using elevated terror alerts for political gain while confusing Americans and accomplishing little, Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich said. The Ohio congressman, campaigning at a library services company in central New Hampshire on Friday, said if administration officials have information about terror threats, they should act on it, instead of advertising the threat to scare Americans. 'Why didn't they just put extra security out?' he asked. 'They are building up fear to become more powerful politically... 'My whole campaign is to challenge this fear, this fear about the Patriot Act, the fear about Iraq,' he said. 'The fear of Iraq was not founded. They didn't attack us. They didn't have weapons of mass destruction." You go, Dennis!

Smells Like a Rovean Scare Tactic: Turns out No Credible Threat Against Las Vegas
Fake Terror Alerts

"Nevada's top homeland security official said Friday he had no information suggesting the cancellation of Air France flights this week thwarted a possible terrorist plot to crash an airliner in Las Vegas. Jerry Bussell, Gov. Kenny Guinn's adviser on homeland security, said federal Homeland Security officials told him Friday morning there was no known threat to Las Vegas and no information was being withheld from Nevada officials. 'It would just be folly if there was something that threatened the safety of the citizens of Nevada and they didn't tell us,' Bussell said. His comments came in response to a Washington Post report Friday that quoted an unnamed U.S. government official who said a possible plot to attack Las Vegas or another city was behind the cancellation of three Paris-to-Los Angeles flights on Wednesday." Just great... another disinformation story attributed to an "unnamed government official." Gee, what do you wanna bet that he was sent out by Karl Rove to spread the fear?

Hill Agency Assails BushRidge's Fake Terror Alerts
Fake Terror Alerts

WashPost reports: "The Homeland Security Advisory System is so vague about the nature of the threats that the public may begin to question its value. The five-color index also leaves unclear just what states, cities, businesses or the public should do in the face of heightened alerts. And the message takes so long to get out, and goes through so many channels, that local officials often first learn of changes from television, hours before official notice. Such are the findings of an Aug. 6 report by the Congressional Research Service, the Hill's public policy research arm... 'The terror alert system may be contributing to the very panic and confusion in our society that the terrorists seek to generate,' said Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), author of a Senate-passed measure that would require the Department of Homeland Security to provide Congress with a report on the system's effectiveness. 'What the American people want are serious protective measures, rather than window dressing.'"

Fear Factory
Fake Terror Alerts

Rep. Jim McDermott writes: "On September 11, Americans suffered a horrible trauma, and we still suffer from the psychological fallout of the terrorist attacks. The administration's calculated campaign to raise and maintain fear and anxiety in America has been an effective tool in prolonging the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by 9-11. As the Bush administration builds its military presence in the Middle East, it is upping the psychological ante here at home. The deputies of the Bush Terror Posse -- Donald Rumsfeld, Tom Ridge and John Ashcroft -- are conducting a deliberate campaign to frighten us. One facet of the campaign has, over the last 18 months, persuaded large portions of the population to rush to the stores for water, food, plastic sheeting and, of course, duct tape. The threats of impending danger are on record for the future, the administration seems to be saying. When something happens, you won't be able to say we didn't warn you."

Keeping America Paranoid: Weeklong Bioterror Drill Begins in Seattle
Fake Terror Alerts

AP reports: "A national bioterrorism drill for hundreds of firefighters, police and other emergency workers began Monday with a mock explosion of a radioactive 'dirty bomb' in a car in a Seattle industrial lot. Meanwhile, volunteers at Pacific Lutheran University near Tacoma, about 40 miles to the south, simulated a second, simultaneous attack. The attack involved a car bomb as well, but the scenario also called for a terrorist to run into a campus building and take hostages. The five-day drill, combining the Seattle disaster with a mock bioterrorist attack in Chicago, is aimed at testing the readiness of local, state and federal authorities. It is the nation's first large-scale counterterrorism exercise since the September 11 terrorist attacks." Karl Rove and the Dept. of Fatherland Security are taking the fearmongering to a new level. The color-coded terror alert chart just isn't enough to apply Goering's maxim of frightening the people into blindly following their leader.

Terror Alert Based on Fabricated Information
Fake Terror Alerts

"A key piece of the information leading to recent terror alerts was fabricated, according to two senior law enforcement officials in Washington and New York. The officials said that a claim made by a captured al Qaeda member that Washington, New York or Florida would be hit by a 'dirty bomb' sometime this week had proven to be a product of his imagination. The informant described a detailed plan that an al Qaeda cell operating in either Virginia or Detroit had developed a way to slip past airport scanners with dirty bombs encased in shoes, suitcases, or laptops, sources told ABCNEWS. The informant reportedly cited specific targets of government buildings and Christian or clerical centers. 'This piece of that puzzle turns out to be fabricated and therefore the reason for a lot of the alarm, particularly in Washington this week, has been dissipated after they found out that this information was not true,' said Vince Cannistraro, former CIA counter-terrorism chief and ABCNEWS consultant."