Emerging Democratic Majority

Palm Beach County Voting Rolls Up Nearly 50,000 Since 2000 - Republicans Decreased, Democrats and Others Increased
Emerging Democratic Majority

Palm Beach Post: "With two months left to register for the 2004 presidential election, there are nearly 50,000 more registered voters in Palm Beach County than there were for the 2000 election. There are 705,020 voters signed up to cast ballots in the contest between President Bush and Sen. John Kerry, according to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office. That's up from 658,837 in 2000. The number of registered Republicans has decreased in the past four years, while the number of Democrats and others has increased. So far, there are 228,119 registered Republicans, down from 231,626 in 2000. There are 317,881 registered Democrats, up from 296,626 in 2000. The number of voters registered to other parties or no party is 159,020, up from 131,089 in 2000. The deadline to register to vote in Nov. 2 elections is Oct. 4."

We Are the Majority
Emerging Democratic Majority

Rep. Bernie Sanders: "How do we build a political movement in this country that represents all of the people and not a handful of millionaires? ... Our struggle, the struggle of millions of people for 150 years, has been for basic human dignity. It has been a struggle to create a country that belongs to all of us and not just the people on top, and that is our struggle of today...Sometimes progressives say, well, you know, we're right, but we're really kind of fringe. Our views are not reflective of a vast majority of the people... I want you to disabuse yourselves of that notion. You represent mainstream America. We are the majority."

Emerging Democratic Majority Revisited
Emerging Democratic Majority

The demographics favor Democrats. Last year, John Judis and Ruy Teixeira published a book entitled The Emerging Democratic Majority, which argued that a series of economic, demographic,and ideological changes was laying the basis for a new Democratic majority that would materialize by decade's end -- as long as the Democratic Party put forth decent political leadership to challenge the dominant, but dwindling, current Republican majority. Teixeira has revisited his argument and the numbers and he stands by his argument. Remember Democrats and the left already outnumber the Republicans and the rightwingers. Gore won by a half a million votes. Throw in the misguided Nader vote and that is a 2.5 million vote advantage. So organize and get ready for Project 5104.