Election Law

HAVA or HAVA-Not? New Election Funds and Reforms Held Up by Bush
Election Law

Progress Report: "After the debacle in Florida and elsewhere in the 2000 election, Congress passed the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) which allocated more than $3 billion dollars for states to purchase new equipment, train election workers, establish voter registration databases and make other need reforms. But because of foot-dragging by the Administration and conservative leadership in Congress, the vast majority of the money -- over $2.3 billion -- has yet to be distributed. The election reform law required the creation of an Election Assistance Commission before most funds could be dispersed. That commission just came into existence this week. The EAC still has no phones, no email and no dedicated office space. The EAC's first meeting is scheduled for March 23, although no one knows where it will be held. The delay means many of the most needed improvements, including statewide computerized voter registration data, are 'at least a year and a half behind.'"

NJ Supreme Court Says Elections are About VOTERS - Imagine That!
Election Law

Here is the text of the NJ Supreme Court's ruling in favor of allowing Frank Lautenberg on the ballot. "Fifty years ago, Chief Justice (Arthur) Vanderbilt restated the principles that guide our decision in this case: 'Election laws are to be liberally construed so as to effectuate their purpose. They should not be construed so as to deprive voters of their franchise or so as to render an election void for technical reasons.' (Kilmurray v. Gilfert, 1952) The concept is simple. At its center is the voter, whose fundamental right to exercise the franchise infuses our election statutes with purpose and meaning." This decision should be REQUIRED reading for every Rethuglican in the USA. Imagine the different world we would be living in if this sacred principle of Democracy had been upheld - rather than destroyed - by the US Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore.