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Bush-Supported Arroyo Wins Philippine Presidency Amid Claims of Systematic Election Fraud
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Gloria Arroyo, known for her heavy-handed police-state-style tactics and cozy relationship with Bush has been declared the winner of the Philipinnes presidency by a narrow margin. Since May, when the election was held, there have been widespread claims of vote rigging (including claiming returns from 11 towns where no elections were held), poll manipulation, and police harassment of opponents, all allegedly perpetrated by Arroyo and her supporters. Arroyo's opponent Fernando Poe, Jr.'s "allies in the legislature charged she used fraud to steal the vote and had delayed the constitutionally required congressional tally of voting results for two weeks through protests and filibustering." In initial tallies, Poe was ahead (sound familiar?) See also http://www.wsws.org/articles/2004/may2004/phil-m10.

Cuban Americans split on Kerry
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Democrat John Kerry enjoys a commanding lead over President Bush among Cuban Americans born in the United States and a decided edge among Cubans who arrived in the country after 1980, according to a new poll of Miami-Dade Hispanics that reveals deep divisions within a community traditionally viewed as staunchly Republican. The poll, commissioned by a Democratic group that is targeting Hispanic voters, shows Kerry with a 58-32 percent advantage among Cubans born in the United States, suggesting that the Massachusetts senator has an opportunity to siphon potentially critical support from Bush

AP to Count the Vote on Election Night -- Is This an Improvement?
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"The Associated Press announced Thursday it has signed agreements with five television networks to provide special vote tabulation services for them starting with next year's presidential primaries. The AP will provide continuous running election-night returns on presidential, gubernatorial and congressional races for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Fox News Channel under contracts that run through 2008. The agreements mean that AP will be taking over one of the two primary functions of the Voter News Service, a consortium that had been created by the six news organizations... VNS was disbanded after election-night failures in 2000 and 2002... The other VNS function, conducting exit surveys of voters, will be taken over by two veteran polling experts under an agreement reached earlier this year with the six news organizations. Exit poll information is used to help project winners in individual elections and provide information on why people voted the way they did."