Ed Gillespie

Enron Secretly Funded Ed Gillespie's Lobbying Campaign for B%$#'s Energy Plan
Ed Gillespie

During the Clinton years, Republicans went ballistic over a scheme by the Teamsters to funnel money secretly through a liberal fundraising company - and some of the middlemen actually went to jail. Now Newsweek has revealed that Enron secretly funneled $50,000 through corporate whore Grover Norquist's "Americans for Tax Reform," in order to promote B%$#'s pro-Enron energy plan. The mastermind of this scheme was former Bush consultant Ed Gillespie, who told a baldfaced lie to the media when he claimed his "21st Century Energy Project" was funded by non-profit groups. In fact, every last dime came from corporations who oppose pro-environmental policies to stop global warming. Where is the outrage? We demand a Special Prosecutor for Enrongate!

Ed Gillespie Is Never 'Independent' of the Bush Administration - He IS the Bush Administration
Ed Gillespie

Legally, GOP lobbyist Ed Gillespie structures his work as an "independent" expenditure. But Gillespie's work is NEVER "independent" of Bush "because, in some respect, he is the Bush administration. He has become one of the key figures of Washington's permanent Republican establishment--an establishment that blessed Bush's candidacy and now guides his administration far more than the White House publicly lets on. Indeed, if one of the central questions of Bush's first six months is why he has turned out to be so much more conservative than the media--and his own rhetoric--implied during the campaign, a good part of the answer is people like Ed Gillespie. In foreign affairs, Poppy's advisers may reign supreme. But on domestic policy, old hands such as Barbour and Paxon and Gillespie--and dozens of less prominent conservative insiders--shape the policies of George W. Bush just as they shaped the policies of Gingrich and Armey before him." So writes Ryan Lizza in The New Republic.