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NY Times Attacks Democrats.com
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Thanks to the Internet, those of us who read the newspapers can challenge those who write them when they lie, deceive, or promote one party over the other. According to Jim Rutenberg of the NY Times, this grassroots criticism has some reporters VERY upset. Rutenberg names three reporters who apparently are the most upset: Howard Fineman of Newsweek, Adam Nagourney of the NY Times, and Nedra Pickler of the AP. Ms. Pickler seems particularly unhappy about Democrats.com, which has labeled her "Tokyo Rose" and an "anti-Kerry propagandist." Gee Nedra, wethinks thou doth protest too much!

Hear Democrats.com Co-Founder Bob Fertik on 'The Other Side' with Glen Urbach!
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"Some of the topics this week will include: Topic 1: Massachusetts strikes down gay marriage ban...Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson comfort each other in a very masculine embrace. Topic 2: Rush Limbaugh returns from rehab to radio...millions of 'dittoheads' rejoice as their 30 days of thinking for themselves finally came to an end! In an effort to get high and not get caught...Mr. Limbaugh is now being investigated for money laundering...tells ABC News he learned it from former President Bill Clinton. Topic 3: White House cuts a deal on 9/11 Briefings...Bush Administration is now allow to EDIT any and all papers it turns over to the investigation panel. Somewhere in a Yorba Linda California cemetery, Richard Nixon is turning over in his grave." This 11/20 show should be available soon at the below archive.

Fertik v. O'Reilly Is Now A Hysterical Flash Comedy (Humor)
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Flash artist Chris Price is creator of killtheweb.com, thegrandoldparty.com, and jeb02.com. After viewing the debate between Bob Fertik and Bill O'Reilly, Price was inspired to reveal the true emotions that Bill O'Reilly tried his best to conceal during the debate. The movie is full of subtle and hilarious effects, so watch it closely - and enjoy! (Wait for the page to load, then click "PLAY MOVIE" at the bottom of the blue box.)

Newsday Says Democrats.com is 'Puttin' Some Kick in the Old Donkey'
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Newsday's Ellis Henican writes, "Holed up in a converted maid's room in his family's Queens apartment...Fertik has been trying to put the fight back into his fellow Democrats. A longtime political activist with strong ties to the women's movement, he isn't new to these battles. Nor is he bashful about incorporating new technology into the fight. The result: a vibrant Internet community of fellow Democratic activists and a merciless, Republican-bashing Web site, www.democrats.com. He and co-founder David Lytel, who ran the White House Web site in the Clinton years... have assembled a like-minded cadre of 'aggressive progressives'... Their assaults employ the rhetorical baseball bat and the mischievous jab... Internet politics pioneer Kurt Ehrenberg of fastpolitics.com says he's become a fan. 'You gotta love a Web site where you can play a game called, 'Pick Up Ann Coulter' and the front page cartoon calls the president of the US a drunken chicken-hawk,' Ehrenberg joked."

Fertik v. O'Reilly Round 2 - Fertik Takes a Late Hit After the Whistle Blows - So Who's the Master Spinner?
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Fox's Bill O'Reilly couldn't debate Democrats.com's Bob Fertik on the facts, so O'Reilly resorted to name-calling and ultimately threw Bob off the air. After Fertik left - and could not defend himself - O'Reilly awarded "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day" to Fertik's claim that the latest CBS poll showed a majority opposed to Bush's War in Iraq. O'Reilly said, "When asked by CBS, 'Do you approve or disapprove of the US taking military action against Iraq to try to remove Saddam Hussein from power?' 68% of Americans approved, 26% disapproved. Once again, this is a No Spin Zone. We are not going to tolerate deception by anyone because it is ridiculous, all right?" But the same poll reported 61% said the US needs to wait for its allies before taking any action against Iraq, while only 31% said Iraq presents such a clear danger to American interests that the US needs to act now, even without the support of its allies. Hey Bill, late hits suck - we challenge you to a REAL debate!

Democrats.com's Bob Fertik Cleans Bill O'Reilly's Clock in Face-to-Face Debate
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In the first head-to-head debate between Democrats.com and FOX News, Democrats.com won! Bill O'Reilly tried to argue that Al Gore's historic speech was not important enough to warrant live coverage by the cable networks. Bob Fertik countered that Al Gore won the 2000 election, and his speech reflects the opinions of the MAJORITY of Americans who oppose Bush's War. O'Reilly tried to argue that the polls favor Bush's War, but Fertik cited the most recent CBS News poll:

52% US should follow recommendations of the UN
37% US should decide what to do on its own

57% US should wait and give the UN more time to get weapons inspectors back into Iraq
37% US should take military action against Iraq fairly soon

61% US needs to wait for its allies before taking any action against Iraq
31% Iraq presents such a clear danger to American interests that the US needs to act now, even without the support of its allies

Final Score: Democrats.com 1, O'Reilly 0

Bob Fertik Takes on Bill O'Reilly WEDNESDAY
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FOX's Bill O'Reilly writes, "was Al Gore's speech in San Francisco on Monday, where he criticized the Bush administration's policy on Iraq, censored?! That's what some Democrats are saying and we'll talk to one of them tonight." That will be Bob Fertik, co-founder of Democrats.com. (Unless Roger Ailes censors the show on orders from Karl Rove!) Grab a beer and root Bob on as he takes on the right wing's Goliath! (8pm and 11pm EST)

Hear Democrats.com's Bob Fertik on Mike Malloy's Talk Show Today (Wednesday)
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Bob Fertik will be liberal talk show host Mike Malloy's guest today (Wednesday, August 28). Mike and Bob will be discussing several topics, including Democrats.com's groundbreaking investigation into Bush's possible tax evasion with his Harken loans. Catch the interview at 4pm ET / 1pm PT. It will also be replayed at 10pm ET / 7pm PT.

Hear Bob Fertik on Peter Werbe's Talk Show Wednesday at 12:30 pm
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Detroit's Peter Werbe hosts one of the best progressive talk shows on the air, weekdays from noon to 3 pm. The show is widely syndicated by IEAmerica and streamed over the Internet. Democrats.com co-founder Bob Fertik will be Peter's guest at 12:30 pm on Wednesday August 21.

The Nation Readers Cite Democrats.com as a Favorite Media Source
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Democrats.com was listed in The Nation's call for its readers' favorite alternative media sources. One alert Democrats.com reader wrote that Democrats.com "is like Radio Free Europe to those who want the real story. Its e-mails contain links to articles on everything from voter fraud in Florida to grassroots politics." Thanks for your votes and the honor of being on such a distinguished list!

Bob Fertik Issues Challenge to Right Wing Talk Show Hosts: He'll Debate them Anywhere, Anytime
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As part of our campaign to get out the truth that George Bush stole the election, Bob Fertik is making appearances on talk shows - including right wing shows. On Wednesday, Bob debated Kevin Miller on WERC 960AM in Birmingham Alabama. Needless to say, Bob proved beyond any doubt that Al Gore won Florida. And for good measure, Bob also proved that Al Gore would be a better wartime President - and might even have prevented the 911 attack. Bob is willing to debate ANY right wing talk show host in the United States. You can help! Call the hosts you hate the most, and challenge them to debate Bob on their show. If they agree, click below to give us the details and we'll make the arrangements. This is step 1 of our "Democracy in 2002" campaign - we must get out the truth about the Stolen Election!