The Right Wing Lost The Culture Wars -- Can Karl Rove Pretzel Logic Save Bush?

Michelle Goldberg reports in Salon: "Recent gay-rights victories have left family-values conservatives stunned and fuming -- and demanding that a nervous Bush take their side. The Christian right is getting ready for a renewed culture war over homosexuality, but it's still working on the battle plan. A series of gay-rights victories in the past few weeks has left social conservatives appalled, apoplectic, and not quite sure how to respond. Yet their anger and energy have to go somewhere, and some conservatives are determined to find a way to inject the issue into the 2004 election -- and force candidates to take sides."

What the Oklahoma City Bombing and The 2000 Election Really Reveal About America

The McVeigh case is -- like the phenomenon of the astounding number of votes cast for a man as destructive as G. W. Bush -- a symptom of a deeper, more intractable problem...We have become a people so isolated from the rest of the world and its woes that we are now becoming isolated from reality as well. We have become obsessed with our own fantasy of who we are, a nation transfixed by its own navel.

First Amendment Center Antique Book Exhibit Perfect Antidote to Emptiness of Modern Media

"This society has far too much fluff," asserts Brian Bex, founder of the Remnant Trust, a public education foundation. The trust owns more than 400 classic books, including a 1792 edition of Tom Paine's "Common Sense. "We study Britney Spears and Jerry Springer and watch professional wrestling, but what percentage of the professors and the teachers can name the freedoms of the First Amendment?" Today, says Bex, Americans have far too little interest in literature or history. Instead, "Over 80% of the bestsellers...are on "How I Can Not Be So Fat," and "How You Can Look 12 Instead of 40."