Clinton vs. Terrorism

Republicans Sabotaged Clinton's Anti-Terror Efforts
Clinton vs. Terrorism

Mike Hersh reports: "Feb. 1995, President Clinton introduced a counter-terrorism bill. This legislation would have expanded pre-trial detention of terror suspects, allowed more federal wiretaps and deportation of foreign criminals, allowed detention of aliens convicted of crimes, let the President criminalize fund-raising for terrorism, and revived visa denial provisions of the McCarran Walter Act. If in force before 9/11/01, we might have prevented the terrorist attack. Unfortunately, the Republicans stalled the anti-terrorism legislation for nearly a year and a half, despite Clinton's warnings, then watered-down key provisions. According to CNN: 'President Clinton urged Congress Tuesday to act swiftly in developing anti-terrorism legislation before its August [1996] recess. But while the president pushed for quick legislation, Republican lawmakers hardened their stance against ... anti-terrorism measures.' "

Clinton Better than Bush vs. Terror
Clinton vs. Terrorism

The Seattle Times reports: "More on the Clarke controversy: The pundits and politicians who keep saying that Clinton's anti-terrorism policies and Bush's are the same are missing a key piece of the puzzle. The policy outline was the same, but the implementation was very different. Hint: The key piece of evidence is the Millennium Plot. This was an al-Qaeda operation timed for late December 1999. Forestalling this plot was the biggest counter-terrorism success the US has ever had against al-Qaeda."