Clinton Vandalism

Bushies Spent $200,000 of YOUR Money on the Phony Vandalgate Investigation
Clinton Vandalism

Toledo Blade writes, the GAO "spent a year and $200,000 investigating the alleged 'damage, theft, vandalism, and pranks' in the transition from the Clinton Administration to that of...Bush in January 2001. The result: 'little corroborating evidence' to support Republican claims that departing Clintonites had shamefully trashed the White House. The GAO inquiry, which resulted in a 217-page report, was never a legitimate fact-finding exercise but a sophomoric attempt by GOP partisans to further embarrass Bill Clinton, even after he was already out the door... The report was commissioned - the GAO had no choice - by that paragon of congressional virtue, Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA), who for eight years never missed a chance to unleash partisan and personal vitriol on Mr. Clinton... Partisan jabs are one thing, but this one was childish and expensive. The American people must be wondering whether Mr. Bush's aides have nothing better to do with their time. Don't they know there's a war on?"

GAO Vandalism Investigation Was Nothing More than Another Bob Barr Witch Hunt
Clinton Vandalism

Here we go again... the rabid right-wing is yapping about the GAO investigation (which cost way more than the alleged vandalism) of damage to the White House during the Clinton-Bush transition. The report indicated that the damage was fairly typical of that left by an outgoing administration, and we never saw Clinton getting up in arms about Poppy Bush's outgoing pranks, which are well documented in the report. The report also states vaguely that "it was unclear whether, in all cases, the reported incidents occurred, when they occurred, how many occurred, and who was responsible for them." Bob Barr ought to get therapy for his pathological Clinton obsession instead of running up the taxpayers' bill for such ridiculous dead-end witch hunts!

We Know What Was Missing in Bush's Budget, More Wasted Taxpayers Money Investigating Clinton Vandalism
Clinton Vandalism

More wasted taxpayers money was used to investigate the supposed vandalism in the White House after the Clinton Administration left office. The cost of this investigation was around $200,000 to determine that there was approximately $14,000 in damges, most of which was attributed to normal wear and tear, not vandalism. A former Clinton Official said "You have $14,000 versus $200,000. It really documents less than $1,000 worth of problems that one can attribute to a prankster. So much sound and fury signifying nothing," Wouldn't it be funny if someone proposed a Tax increase just to pay for the Clinton investigations? Maybe they could tax the top 5%... Wait that might not cover the costs the republicans wasted on this witch hunt!

Vandalgate: Bush Spent $200,000 to Investigate White House 'Vandalism' of $14,000
Clinton Vandalism

The NY Daily News reports, "Sixteen months after Bush staffers complained that Clinton aides had trashed the White House, a report has found they could not prove serious vandalism, and that damage totaled at most $14,000, Democrats familiar with a draft audit said Angry Democrats who had scoffed at the accusations were quick to say 'I told you so' and said the investigation and subsequent report cost the federal government at least $200,000." We demand an apology from Bush himself - and a refund to the taxpayers from Ari!

Bush Tries to Throw Public off Rotten Smell of Enron and Secret Task Force with the Bogus Scent of Trumped Up Clinton Aide Pizza
Clinton Vandalism

Between Bush, his lackeys (who behave more like Mafia goons than respectable representatives of the U.S.), and the GAO (which acts like it was made of melting marshmallows), the Enron/secret task force smokescreen is being blown in the public's face like cigar smoke from some sleazy backroom of Tammany Hall. The "cartel" is now trying to build up their ridiculous case against Clinton's aide in the "White House vandalism" case - even though the claims made have been discredited. For example, Bush aides announced to the media that a still-warm pizza crust had been left behind. However, it was proven that, as the Clinton folks had not been anywhere near the office for over 12 hours, it would have been a crust with such amazing thermal properties that maybe Bush ought to study IT as an alternative energy source!

Bush Tries to Sabotage GAO Probe of Cheney by Expanding GAO Probe of Clinton Vandalism
Clinton Vandalism

The Bush administration began by trashing the Clinton administration with outrageous - and bogus - charges of vandalism. When the evidence cleared the Clintons, even Bush declared the investigation finished. "There might have been a prank or two, maybe somebody put a cartoon on the wall, but that's okay," Bush said. "It's time now to move forward." But secretly, Bush has been doing everything possible to EXPAND the GAO's investigation, which is still going 13 months later. Why? It's OBVIOUS - to exhaust the GAO's limited resources, so they can't investigate Cheneygate. We demand a Special Prosecutor!

The Bogus 'White House Vandalism' Story and its Aftermath Prove the Irresponsibility and Bias of Media
Clinton Vandalism

When Karl Rove concocted the bogus story about Clinton "vandalizing" the White House, every news outlet in the nation played it up. But what happened when Rove's lie was exposed by the GAO/GSA? Writes Lori Robertson in American Journalism Review: "The Washington Post, which had played the initial story out front, ran a nine-sentence Knight Ridder wire follow-up on A13. NBC News and the Boston Herald, which had run a front-page story on the shenanigans in January, had nothing. While other news organizations took a couple days to catch on and published only briefs, some, such as the Washington Times, Kansas City Star and New York Times, printed their own stories, playing them the same as they had the original charges... Washington Post Ombudsman Michael Getler wrote in his June 3 column: 'The use of a brief news service account rather than a well-displayed, staff-written story about the GSA findings tells me that the readers who complained have better news judgment than the editors.'"

Another Bogus Clinton Scandal - GSA Finds No White House Vandalism!
Clinton Vandalism

"The General Services Administration has found that the White House vandalism flap earlier this year was a flop. The agency concluded that departing members of the Clinton administration had not trashed the place during the presidential transition, as unidentified aides to President [sic] Bush and other critics had insisted." When "anonymous" Bush staffers first leaked this story, the Media took to it like the good little lapdogs they are. Most egregious was Tony Snow, a former Bush Sr. speechwriter, who pushed these lies through his syndicated column and his anchor post at Murdoch's right-wing Fox News. Snow has also worked for the Washington Times, owned by big-time Bush benefactor Reverend Moon. Say Tony - you do have a rather glassy-eyed look - you wouldn't happen to be a Moonie? (Go to www.mediawhoresonline.com for Snow's weasely apology). The question is – why does the public continue to trust the lying Media? Don't they remember the "boy who cried wolf?"

We Demand Apologies on Clinton Vandalism Stories
Clinton Vandalism

When conservatives killed welfare, they did so in the name of "personal responsibility," as rich white baby-boomer reporters cheered them on. Well, now that Shrub has admitted that the Clinton vandalism stories were all lies, we demand apologies from Bush staffers like Ari Fleischer, from "reporters" like Andrea Mitchell, Brit Hume, and Kate O'Beirne, and from all the right-wing pundits who trumpeted these lies.

Hillary's Mysterious Bridal Registry
Clinton Vandalism

There seem to be a lot of folks shakin' their heads at the Clintons' exit from the White House. How could the most intelligent President in modern times could suddenly be transformed into an uncaring, greedy, idiot? Rest assured folks, Clinton's intelligence hasn't disappeared - but accuracy and truth in reporting have vanished forever. Officials at Air Force One told the media the allegations against the Clintons were false - nothing on the plane was missing and no vandalism occurred, but MSNBC, FOX and the other networks didn't bother to correct their false stories. The same could be said of the supposed White House vandalism. Democrats.com would bet the farm that none of the networks will report on Salons expose of the the Ripoff That Wasn't.