Campaign 2004: Gay Marriage

New Race-Baiting TV Ads: The GOP Uses Sharpton and Gays to Bash the Dems
Campaign 2004: Gay Marriage

Doug Ireland writes, "Zell Miller's speech at Madison Square Garden is only the tip of the iceberg. Across the country, poisonous ads by and for the Republicans are polluting the TV screens. In ND, Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan is being smeared by his opponent in a series of ads which the Grand Forks Herald editorially denounced as 'extremist.' One anti-Dorgan ad 'shows two men about to kiss in a gay-marriage ceremony, then two men and a bride (in white) who also are about to tie the knot. The voice-over says, 'With Sen. Dorgan now supporting gay marriages - or whatever - you can kiss our North Dakota values goodbye.' The editorial calls this ad 'manure' because, although Dorgan opposes the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment, he also voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and is against marriage equality for gay people. Karl Rove and his disciples decided to surf on the anti-gay backlash in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision striking down so-called 'sodomy' laws a year ago."