Campaign 2004: GOP Primaries

Bush Loses 10% of Oklahoma Republican Primary Vote; Will Judge Moore Oppose Him?
Campaign 2004: GOP Primaries

"The good news for Bush is he won the Oklahoma Republican primary last night. The bad news for Bush is that a practically unknown Los Angeles T-shirt retailer, Bill Wyatt, won more than 10% of the vote. It could be a sign of disenchantment in the Republican base. Bush received 59,562 votes, not quite 90% of those cast. Wyatt pulled a surprising 6,622, slightly more than one of every 10 cast... The strong showing is sure to encourage third-party candidates in the fall. Yesterday, WorldNetDaily reported ousted Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore is not ruling out such a bid... Moore was a featured speaker at the Christian Coalition's 'Family and Freedom' rally in Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported he was 'treated like a rock star, signing autographs and getting thunderous standing ovations.'"

Bush Slips to 78% of Vote in New Hampshire Primary
Campaign 2004: GOP Primaries

"As it turns out, ...the unofficial tally by Associated Press significantly underestimated the collapse in the president's fortunes. According to updated figures from the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office, which only today posted a final figure on the total number of ballots cast, only 78 percent of New Hampshire voters who took Republican ballots marked them for Bush. (In one New Hampshire town, Milton, Bush received only 48 percent of the vote, while in a number of others he was held below 60 percent of the vote.) ...a remarkable 8,288 (12 percent) wrote in the names of leading Democratic presidential contenders ...Bush received only 257 write-in votes in the Democratic primary, 0.1% of the vote."

For Some Republicans: Anyone But Bush...
Campaign 2004: GOP Primaries

John Nichols writes: "The record-high turnout in the New Hampshire Democratic primary -- 219,787 Granite State voters took Democratic ballots Tuesday, shattering the previous record of 170,000 in 1992 -- is being read as a signal that voters in one New England state, and most likely elsewhere, are enthusiastic about the prospect of picking a challenger for George W. Bush and many New Hampshire primary participants decided to skip the formalities and simply vote against the president in Tuesday's Republican primary. Thousands of these Bush-bashing Republicans went so far as to write in the names of Democratic presidential contenders... In all, 8,279 primary voters wrote in the names of Democratic challengers to Bush on their Republican ballots. That's a significant number. In the 2000 general election, Bush beat Democrat Al Gore in New Hampshire by just 7,212 votes."

Bush Sends Heavy Artillery to NH - Is He AFRAID of John Buchanan?
Campaign 2004: GOP Primaries

"John McCain, who defeated George W. Bush in the 2000 New Hampshire primary, is scheduled to visit the Granite State to campaign for Bush in the days leading up to the state's 2004 presidential primary Jan. 27... Beginning Saturday, Jan. 24 through Tuesday, Jan. 27 - the day of the primary - Bush-Cheney Campaign Chairman Marc Racicot and Ken Mehlman, Bush campaign manager, said they plan to attend varying Republican get-out-the-vote events around Manchester. Also scheduled to attend are Bush's sister, Doro Bush Koch, New York Gov. George Pataki, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie, Mary Matalin and Bush-Cheney New England Regional Chairman Jim Tobin... Though Bush doesn't face a major challenger for his party's nomination, 12 other lesser-known Republicans plan on mounting a challenge against the sitting resident." Is Bush AFRAID of Truth Candidate John Buchanan? Stay tuned!!