Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Will Their Children Forgive Them?
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Natasha (age 13) writes, "I suspect that, when they learn what the current adult generation is not telling them, most will have a lot of difficulty forgiving any parents who support or vote for the Bush administration. It will be a lot easier for these children to forgive if they do not have to suffer through another four years. Those four years will further endanger every life on Earth. A great many children are awake now. Kerry is winning polls among children, such as the one held by Nickelodeon. Children cut classes to protest in the street against the Iraq war. Most 18-year-old-voters will be voting for Kerry. It took a superior power to bring down Germany. Let's hope that the voters on November 2nd can save America and the planet by electing John Kerry. If Kerry is elected, children will be able to grow up and have the opportunity to forgive. If not, it may be up to God to forgive those who failed to oppose the Bush regime in the 2004 election."

MOSH the Vote: The Hoodie Army Will Not Back Down
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Powerful lyrics from Eminem's new "Mosh" - the anthem of a generation? "And as we proceed, to mosh through this desert storm, in these closing statements, if they should argue, let us beg to differ, as we set aside our differences, and assemble our own army, to disarm this weapon of mass destruction that we call our president, for the present, and mosh for the future of our next generation, to speak and be heard..."

Courage Under Fire
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

If America is attacked again, do we want a leader who charges into enemy fire - or reads "The Pet Goat"? Watch the Flash - and decide.

Visualize President Kerry
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

While you're working your tail off to elect John Kerry, take a moment to visualize victory on Election Day and beyond - courtesy of Needlenose Productions.

FILM: Rush to War Examines Crucial Topics
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"A documentary film that has just been released entitled 'Rush To War.' The movie is a thorough examination of the issues leading up the current war in Iraq and a look at current American domestic and foreign policy including the Patriot Act and many other important election topics. We plan on giving away 40,000 copies of the DVD in several of the swing states including Florida and Ohio next weekend in advance of the election. You can find more information about the film, watch the trailer and download an MP3 called 'George Bush Blues' at the website."

Take This Flyer to Church
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Send a message that the Religious Right does not speak for you. Remind America that Jesus taught us to be peacemakers, advocates for the poor, and defenders of justice. Rather than endorsing any party, we must examine each candidate in light of the complete range of Christian ethics and values. Print this flyer and take it to your church - and sign the petition at takebackourfaith.org.

Bush Relatives for Kerry!
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"Bush Relatives for Kerry" grew out of a series of conversations that took place between a group of people that have two things in common: they are all related to George Walker Bush, and they are all voting for John Kerry. As the election approaches, we feel it is our responsibility to speak out about why we are voting for John Kerry, and to do our small part to help America heal from the sickness it has suffered since George Bush was appointed President in 2000. We invite you to read our stories, and please, don't vote for our cousin! You can view the family tree to see how they are related to GWB.

Oprah Slaps Bush
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

SF Gate: "[T]he nation's most powerful and popular public female, kicking butt on a recent installment of her insanely beloved TV show with the help of celeb guests (Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, P. Diddy, Christina Aguilera) and galvanizing stunned women across the nation to participate in this election, or else. There was Oprah, doing what she does so freakishly well, cheerleading and extolling and impressing upon, getting women up and getting them angry and demanding that they exercise their hard-won right to vote and demanding that they quit dissing their feminist ancestors, the ones who worked so damn hard for suffrage and for freedom of choice and for the right to tell powerful sexist Republican men where they can shove their repressive sexist antichoice bigotry. This was her fabulous, much-needed message: Take your rights for granted at your peril, ladies. Move, or else. Choose how you want the laws to treat and respect you and your body - or someone else...will."

Springsteen, Pearl Jam, REM Complete 33-City 'Vote for Change' Tour; Raise $15 Million for GOTV
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

LA Times: "A dozen high-profile musicians capped a spirited campaign blitz with a nationally televised concert Monday night that brought their drive to unseat President Bush within a few blocks of the White House. The sold-out show at the MCI Center followed more than a week of barnstorming across battleground states by prominent artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds, John Mellencamp and the Dixie Chicks. It represented one of the most ambitious efforts by entertainers to influence a presidential election... In all, sponsors said the 33-city, 11-state Vote for Change concert tour raised $15 million for America Coming Together, a group organizing get-out-the-vote drives for Democrats, and identified 300,000 potential new members for the political action committee associated with MoveOn.org, an online liberal advocacy group."

Democratic Registrations Pour into Pennsylvania Election Offices
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"In heavily Democratic Philadelphia, which accounted for 11% of the 4.91 million votes cast in Pennsylvania in 2000, officials had processed 164,641 forms - 128,184 Democratic registrations and 14,509 Republican registrations. Those included voters who had merely changed their addresses or changed parties. The total of new names - people who were not registered at all - won't be known until the count is completed. So far, it has exceeded 57,000... Montgomery County logged 13,529 Democratic registrations and 9,149 Republicans. Those included not only new names, but changes of address and party... In Bucks, 15,901 voters had been logged in, including 6,697 Democrats and 5,284 Republicans. In Delaware County, workers had logged 16,679 registrations, including 8,819 Democrats and 5,113 Republicans. Even in Chester County - the sole suburban county that gave a majority to Bush in his 2000 race... 4,371 Democrats had been added to the rolls, compared with 2,956 Republicans."

Blogosphere Humiliates Busheviks
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Jack Pine Savage blogs, "the GOP held a [post-debate] 'conference call' with Ken Mehlman... Atrios, bless his heart, posted the number and the password to be accepted to the conference call. I got in without a problem... Mehlman said Kerry started with a credibility gap and ended with a credibility canyon, and babbled in and around this point for five minutes or so... The first [question] was from a 'young Republican in Washington.' She proceeded to say that Kerry was very credible and that she had decided to vote for him. The second caller said she thought Kerry would make a credible Commander in Chief and the third call took Bush to task for not mentioning the al Quida members not captured. Mehlman apologized to the Bush supporters listening and acknowledge that the call had obviously attracted some Democrats. We had, essentially, hijacked their own spin distribution and thrown it in the GOP's face. A small, yet hilarious victory for the blogosphere. "

Over 100 US Cities to Hold 'Run against Bush' Events in October
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Run against Bush: "Organizers of Run Against Bush, a movement to raise money and awareness to defeat George W. Bush, proclaimed National Run Against Bush Day on September 18 'a rousing success' and announced Saturday, October 23 as the date for 'National Run Against Bush Day II: Run Against Bush Strikes Back!' 'The sequel will be twice as big as the original,' said Rich Khoe, a co-founder of the group. Thousands of joggers, walkers, and bikers assembled in 111 cities across the country and in international locations such as Dakar, Paris, Tokyo, and Darfur. Here in the United States, National Run Against Bush Day events were held in cities such as Missoula, Ames, Tampa, Phoenix, South Bend, Boise, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, Knoxville, Milwaukee and Washington, DC, where more than 300 runners and walkers gathered on The Ellipse in front of the White House."

Pink Slip-Waving Unemployment Line Will Protest Bush in Miami
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Common Dreams: "A symbolic unemployment line of hundreds of people waving pink slips will form outside the University of Miami on Thursday, September 30, day of the first presidential debate. The line, which will run along the east side of U.S. 1 opposite the University of Miami Convocation Center, site of the debate, will draw national attention to the more than eight million Americans who are looking for work and cannot find it. Organized by People For the American Way (PFAW), the AFL-CIO, and the Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues and Ideas, The Unemployment Line will consist of hundreds of...both employed and unemployed people; students, faculty and staff of the University of Miami; and members of labor, social service and faith-based organizations. Their action will put a human face on the worst jobs economy since the Great Depression, an economy that has suffered a net loss of one million jobs since 2001."

MOB Ad Features Edie Falco
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Mothers Opposing Bush (MOB) writes, "The MOB had a very exciting press launch at the Tribeca Film Center last week to premiere our compelling TV spot starring the Sopranos' star Edie Falco. Ms. Falco joined us at this event as well! This ad first aired September 2, on CNN's Inside Politics then ran again Friday on CNN's Larry King Live (9 pm EST). This week, our ad also runs on Larry King, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.(Our MOB TV spot then repeats each time Larry King re-airs in each market.) With enough support, we plan to extend our advertising campaign into swing states. The MOB also has an ad featuring Erin, a real life mother with enormous charm. Some folks have called the ad 'arresting' and it has drawn attention from (among others): WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C., The New York Daily News, Associated Press, The Washington Post, Salon, The National Journal, People magazine as well as ABC and CBS radio networks. So our MOB voice will be growing larger and noisier! "

It's Time for Democrats to Fight Fire with Fire
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Susan Estrich writes, "Will it be the three, or is it four or five, drunken driving arrests that Bush and Cheney, managed to rack up? Cheney is still drinking. What their records suggest is not only a serious problem with alcoholism, which Bush but not Cheney has acknowledged, but also an even more serious problem of judgment. What if Bush were to fall off the wagon? Then what? Has America really faced the fact that we have an alcoholic as our president? Or how about Dead Texans for Truth, highlighting those who served in Vietnam instead of the privileged draft-dodging president, and ended up as names on the wall instead of members of the Air National Guard. Or maybe it will be Texas National Guardsmen for Truth, who can explain exactly what George W. Bush was doing while John Kerry was putting his life on the line... Or could it be George Bush's Former Female Friends for Truth. A book by Kitty Kelley raises questions about whether [Bush] has practiced what he preaches on abortion."

Three-Mile Long 'Unemployment Line' Gives Bush the Pink Slip
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"Thousands of protesters waving pink fliers that read 'The Next Pink Slip Might Be Yours!' formed a symbolic unemployment line stretching three miles from Wall Street to the site of the Republican convention on Wednesday. 'I've been unemployed before,' said Gary Goff, 57, a data processor. 'I'm concerned that unemployment is going up so drastically under the Bush administration. I think Bush is a disaster for working people.' The peaceful demonstration came a day after police struggled to contain swarms of protesters with metal barriers and orange netting, eventually arresting nearly 1,000 demonstrators. The 'unemployment line,' organized by People for the American Way, was part of the Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues and Ideas that called for a creative response to party politics. 'I can barely survive, and it's because of jobs going oversees,' said Jerry Nowadzky, 49, of Monticello, Iowa, who claimed that two companies for which he worked had outsourced jobs to other countries."

'Get Everybody Together - It Ain't Goin' Down Like This'
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Benny Boom writes, "'Everybody' is not an attack ad, it's an enlightenment piece. It's very important for kids to understand the serious condition of the country and the world right now. A lot of people in the inner cities just don't see the importance of voting because nothing changes, but there is power in numbers and in this election everybody needs to get out and do their part." Check out Moveon's powerful new ad.

250,000 to 400,000 Americans March Through NYC to Protest the Bush Regime
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Bloomberg: "Thousands of protesters marched past New York's Madison Square Garden, where the Republican National Convention starts tomorrow, to show their opposition to the Iraq war and President George W. Bush. An estimated 400,000 people participated, according to the organizing group, United for Peace and Justice. Police wouldn't give a figure, said Doris Garcia, a police spokeswoman. Mayor Michael Bloomberg called them a 'sizable crowd.' ... 'Tomorrow the Republican Party will meet just a few short blocks from here, and they will send their message of war and greed and hate,' said Leslie Cagan, the protest group's national coordinator. 'We want the immediate end of the occupation and we want the troops brought home now.'" Proving that Bush colluded with the media to smear protestors, there was no incidence of violence. Meanwhile - as expected, the networks are already downplaying, spinning, and suppressing the real story.

On 9-2-04, Join Al Franken in the Great American Shout-out
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Al Franken writes, "On September 2nd, 2004, at approximately 10 pm, George W. Bush will appear on television screens nationwide. For some of our fellow citizens, this will be a moment of joy. But for most of us, it will be the low point of an incredibly exasperating week... At the moment we see the resident on our television screens, we will rise. We will throw open our windows. And, as George W. Bush moves to the podium in New York City, we will send him a message about his bid for reelection: we will yell, 'fuggedaboudit!' This will be a peaceful, non-disruptive protest. We will stop yelling before the president starts speaking. Our goal is not to drown him out, but to communicate. (And vent.) We will do it in groups. Find an event below, or if you can't find one, plan your own. You can also sign up to shout solo... We will be broadcasting the shout-outs live, from several locations, on Air America Radio."

Democratic Truth Squad Will Follow Bush Everywhere
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"We have joined the Bush Truth Squad because we are dedicated to holding this resident accountable for his failed policies and we can not stand idly by as he misleads this country further. We vow no false claim will go unanswered; no attack will go without a response... When George W. Bush says we have turned the corner we will give the cold facts on outsourcing, job losses, and diminished wages that that have painted the middle class into a corner, rather than helped them turn the corner. The Bush Truth Squad will stand at the ready to defend John Kerry's lifetime of strength and service against the Bush-Cheney attack machine. We will move into action if anyone dares question the patriotism of John Kerry, a man who put his life on the line for this country. We, the Bush Truth Squad, go forth armed with truth and answers and committed to being heard North and South, East and West, and in Red and Blue. We are the Bush Truth Squad, and we are coming to a town near you."

Charleston WV Apologizes to Anti-Bush Protesters
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"'We really appreciate the apology from the city for the part that they played in the events on July 4,' said Nicole Rank, who came to WV after the Memorial Day floods to work with FEMA... 'Even people who didn't necessarily agree with [our politics] have been supportive of us.' The apology, presented in a resolution by Councilman Harry Deitzler, said that the rights of the Ranks 'to freely express themselves, as guaranteed by both the United States and West Virginia Constitutions, was directly or indirectly abridged, suppressed, or prevented by the City of Charleston.' 'It was a public event, not a private or a political event,' Deitzler said. 'Taxpayers paid to bring [the president] in on an official presidential visit. In this country ... those who disagree with the government are allowed to state that disagreement.' " Deitzler blames the White House for Rank's arrest. Karl Rove has ordered the Secret Service to arrest all anti-Bush protesters.

Dems Launch Grassroots Campaign at Boston Convention
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"Democrats will conduct 100 training seminars during next week's convention in Boston to instruct delegates and activists how to run campaigns, raise money, and mobilize voters, in what planners are billing as the largest effort ever to transform the energy of the party's convention into a victory in the fall. Using well-known strategists such as James Carville and Donna Brazile, the four-day program is aimed at recruiting and training campaign-season volunteers in the hope of matching similarly extensive grass-roots efforts by the Republican Party, which has poured enormous resources and energy into political organizing in recent years. 'We all know this election will be very close and competitive, and without providing our activists and leaders with the tools they need, they will not be able to take on the challenge of defeating Republicans on the ground,' said Brazile."

Yankee Fans Tell Cheney to F*** Himself
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

John Aravosis blogs, "I just got a live phone-in from the Yankees vs. Boston game in NYC taking place right now. Dick Cheney just got booed by the crowd! Even as my friend Michael called me from his seats at the game, the national anthem was still playing in the background. During the national anthem at Yankees Stadium, they show on the big screen pictures of anyone famous who's in the audience that night. Dick Cheney is apparently in the audience, and as soon as his face went up, the entire crowd started booing! As my friend Michael tells it, this is the blue-collar Bronx we're talking about, and Cheney is still getting booed - not a good sign for the Bush-Cheney ticket. As soon as the camera guys realized Cheney was getting booed, they quickly switched the picture on the screen to someone else. Michael's read of the situation, as a die-hard Yankees fan: The election is over."

Beastie Boys Debut at #1 with Anti-Bush Album
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

In just its first week, the Beastie Boys' "To the Five Boroughs" sold 360,000 copies, debuting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 Album Chart. The album features scathing lyrics about Bush, as well as an ode to New York in the post-9/11 era. Here are some sample lyrics: "We've got a president we didn't elect, the Kyoto treaty he decided to neglect ...Is the U.S. gonna keep breaking necks? Maybe it's time that we impeach Tex, and the military muscle that he wants to flex. By the time Bush is done, what will be left? Selling votes like E-pills at the discotheque" ... "I'm getting kind of tired of the situation, the U.S. attacking other nations. And narration on every station" ... And from "An Open Letter to NYC": "Dear New York, I know a lot has changed; two towers down but you're still in the game. Home to the many, rejecting no one; accepting people of all places wherever they're from." Rolling Stone's David Fricke gives TT5B five stars (see also beastieboys.com).

Great Anti-Bush Organizing Resource, 'Big Bush Lies' Features Two Essays by Democrats.com's Cheryl Seal
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Democrats.com has been exposing Bush's lies, big and not so big since 2000. So it is fitting that one of our regular news editors/contributors, Cheryl Seal is the author of not one, but two of the 20 essays in a new book being heralded as the "best documented resource of Bush lies available." What makes "Big Bush Lies" a veritable anti-Bush organizer's "text book" is that is clearly organized into the main categories of lies, with each and every lie exhaustively documented. Cheryls two essays (on Bush's Science and Energy lies), for example, are supported over 60 references, all solid and difficult for even Bush to wriggle out of (unless he wants to call, for ex., the folks at the American Lung Association, liars).Order direct from the publisher - it has sold out in many bookstores already.

Register Voters at Fahrenheit 9/11
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"When voters walk out Fahrenheit 9/11 they will be ready to vote George Bush out of office. We recommend that you be waiting outside the theatre with voter registration cards. Hand them out, if someone wants 10 give them 10, people will be motivated to register their family and friends after this movie. Voice4Change is in contact with Lions Gate one of the distributors of the movie, and we are asking them to suggest to theatres to allow groups to set up voter registration tables inside the lobby or outside the theatre. We will keep you up to date on developments in that area. What you will need to do to make this a success..."

Calling All College Students from Swing States
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"Colleges in every state have students who are originally from swing states. We need your help to make sure that those students vote, and vote for John Kerry. Dem Swingers is an organization dedicated to helping John Kerry defeat George Bush, Jr. in the 2004 presidential election. Despite a belief in the virtues of participatory democracy, the Electoral College system has created the reality that some votes count more than others. As an organization, we unapologetically focus exclusively on those students from swing states. While we would love to campaign to students from states like California or Texas or New York, we simply do not have the time or resources to do so. Instead we direct our energy to students from states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, where every Democratic vote matters."

Nude Calendar Aims to Beat Bush
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Susan Paynter writes, "Five months until the election. Five uppity, prankish, seminude calendar photos plus cover shot. To pull it off, so to speak, will take a dozen Seattle women -- some in full, ripened bloom -- who are desperate enough to shed their clothes in the cause of stripping George W. Bush of the presidency. Keep your eyes peeled or avert them. The photo calendar called 'Dames Demanding Democracy ... Because a True Democracy Has Nothing to Hide' is coming your way July 1, aimed at raising money for MoveOn, the PAC committed to ending the Bush regime." Buy a copy at damesdemandingdemocracy.com

'Run Against Bush' Beats Shell Oil and Gun Lobby PACS in Fundraising
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

US Newswire: "Organizers of "Run Against Bush," a national campaign to raise awareness and money to defeat George W. Bush in 2004, announced today that the Run Against Bush campaign has raised over $100,000 in hard money in only four months. The campaign has now out raised such PACs as the Gun Owners of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Shell Oil. "We've managed to raise $100,000 through small donations from average citizens who are concerned about our future under this administration," said Marc Laitin one of the group's organizers. "Our average donation is $26. That's a far cry from the big- dollar donations pushed by these large corporate PACs." Yay! David strikes another blow at Goliath!

Hollywood Pitches In To Help Defeat Bush
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

The State: "A comely cartoon stewardess, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, lights the cigar of a nervous businessman, read by Kevin Bacon. 'How's the reconstruction going?' he's asked. 'Great,' he replies, 'I mean profitable. Very profitable.' As a plane full of businessmen strap on parachutes, grabbing their briefcases and guns, the announcer asks: 'What if the same men who profited from the war had to fight it?' Moved? Recognizing how eyes glaze over when confronted with traditional appeals, Democrats are turning to Hollywood messengers in their quest to uproot President Bush this fall. It's signed up director Rob Reiner (When Harry Met Sally . . ., The American President) and writer Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing. Woody Harrelson (Cheers, Natural Born Killers) and Richard Linklater (School of Rock, Dazed and Confused) will also direct ads."

Howard Stern Could Swing Enough Votes to Re-Defeat Bush
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

LA Times reports, "Stern has become an ardent Kerry advocate. 'I call on all fans of the show to vote against Bush,' he said on a recent broadcast. 'We're going to deliver the White House to John Kerry.' Some might dismiss this as bluster, but Stern's words should send a shiver up Karl Rove's spine. Stern has a record of successful election-year activism; political observers in New York and New Jersey remember how his on-air endorsements delivered key votes to George Pataki and Christine Todd Whitman in past gubernatorial races. What's more, although Stern's approximately 8.5 million listeners are often dismissed as overgrown frat boys, they might more accurately be called swing voters. They are overwhelmingly white and male, many are well educated and well off, and they vote. And millions of them listen to Stern's show in battleground states - Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida - where the election will be decided."

Get Paid to Beat Bush!
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Grassroots Campaigns Inc., in partnership with the Democratic National Committee, is running a nationwide campaign to elect a Democrat this November and get President Bush out of office. To be able to organize a national groundswell, Grassroots Campaigns Inc., on behalf of the DNC, will be running fundraising canvass offices in up to 30 cities nationwide. We are hiring talented and committed leaders with campaign experience to manage these field offices. These are paid positions with responsibilities that include: recruiting, training, and managing a campaign staff; orchestrating canvassing logistics; fundraising; and voter contact. Email your resume (or a short letter of interest) to: jobs@grassrootscampaigns.com or call 1-877-BEAT-BUSH. Campaign offices in: MA, DC, NY, NJ, PA, IL, CA, CO, WA, OR, and others...

Fighting Back with Anti-Bush Freeway Signs
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

This web site shows what people are doing in California to fight back by posting signs on the Freeways. Although they usually get removed eventually, for a while at least motorists are getting to see such great statements as: "Nobody Died when Clinton Lied," "Osama Bin Forgotten," "Real Soldiers are Dying in their Hummers So You Can Play Soldier in Yours," or "Quagmire Accomplished."

Join the 10 for Change Challenge from NOW
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

From now until November, you will be asked to complete 10 simple steps designed to: spread the word about the issues affecting this year's elections; register new voters and tell them about the issues; motivate other people to take the 10 for Change challenge; get voters to the polls on Nov. 2, 2004. The 10 for Change steps will start out easy-some take as little as 10 minutes. As you move along in the campaign, the steps may ask for a greater time commitment, but they should never be beyond your reach. Sometimes you will be given several different activities to choose from, so that you can pick the activity best suited to your daily schedule, skills and interests. And remember, we will have tips along the way to help guide you. Here are some of the steps you will be asked to take: I will make sure I'm registered to vote; I will learn more about issues that are important in this year's elections; I will post materials to help spread the word about 10 for Change and the elections.

Bush-Cheney Fun!
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

The Bush-Cheney Web site briefly offered a "sloganator" feature that allowed the visitor to add their own slogan to an official Bush-Cheney poster. Unfortunately for Bush, Web activists discovered they could have lots of fun putting anti-Bush slogans on these official campaign posters. This inspired Democrats.com to apply the concept to anti-Bush bumper stickers. Create your own - fun for the whole family!

New State Polls Show Good News for Kerry
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Rasmussen Reports has released several new state polls:
Minnesota: Kerry 47%, Bush 44%
Iowa: Kerry 51%, Bush 41%
Missouri: Bush 49%, Kerry 42%

The American Research Group also has a new state poll:
West Virginia: Bush 46%, Kerry 46%

Survey USA has two new polls:
Washington: Kerry 47%, Bush 43%
Tennessee: Bush 52%, Kerry 41%

Help Mobilize Women Voters!
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Democrats need to mobilize women voters! A great way to do that is to get women thinking and agitating about their own stake in the 2004 election. Check out 'The ABCs of Women's Issues,' a voter guide from the National Council of Women's Organizations (NCWO), a coalition of 200 women's organizations representing 10 million women. NCWO's message to women is, 'Vote as if your life depends on it - because it does.' 'The ABCs of Women's Issues' covers: affirmative action, business and women, child care, ERA, family leave, global women's issues, health care, job training, military women, pay equity, reproductive rights, social security, Title IX, violence against women, and welfare reform. Distribute this guide to women in your community. Copies of 'The ABCs of Women's Issues' may be downloaded as a PDF file from the NCWO Web Site. Hard copies may be requested at ncworg@aol.com. Recent elections have been decided by very few votes. Women voters can and will make a difference.

CBS Cuts MoveOn, Allows White House Ads During Super Bowl
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Timothy Karr writes for MediaChannel.org: "The nearly 100 million viewers expected to tune in to next month's Super Bowl on CBS will be served up ads that include everything from beer and bikinis to credit cards and erectile dysfunction. They will also see two spots from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. What's missing from America's premiere marketing spectacle will be an anti-Bush ad put forth by upstart advocacy group MoveOn.org. The group had hoped to buy airtime to run 'Child's Pay', a 30-second ad that criticizes the Bush administration's run-up of the federal deficit. CBS on Thursday rejected a request from MoveOn to air the 30-second spot, saying 'Child's Pay' violated the network's policy against accepting advocacy advertising, a company spokesperson told reporters. At the same time, CBS is allowing ads placed on the docket by the White House's anti-drug office."

Moveon Rocks the House in NYC
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Danny Schechter writes, "The Manhattan Center housing the Ballroom was packed. Suddenly you could see just who MoveOn was moving. They are an inter-generational grouping heavily peopled by young voters, something that most political constituencies lacks, except perhaps the Dean campaign. They may not be as interracial as they would like to be but several overtures were made to include young voters of color. Rap impresario Russell Simmons was in the room, while Public Enemy's Chuck 'Fight the Power' D had a turn at the mike. The event alternated between choosing the ads and hearing from comedians like Margaret Cho (funny!) and Al Franken (always funny); actors like Janeane Garofalo and Julia Stiles, film makers John Sayles and Michael Moore and musicians Moby, Rufus Wainwright and Chuck D. If Bush was public-enemy-number-one last night, the media came in second with lots of attacks on deceptive news, TV programming posing as news, and non-news news."

A Quick Pat on the Back -- Now Into the '04 Trenches
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Bernard Weiner writes: "This year's general-election campaign is going to be a hellacious struggle: Bush will have nearly a quarter-billion dollars to work with, and already the big propaganda and dirty-trick guns are being primed by the Rovian forces in the GOP. If Bush is defeated in November, we will have released the stranglehold of the far-right on the institutions of power, and can begin trying to undo the horrific damage done in the country and across the globe by the Bush&Co. neo-cons. If we lose, our country risks getting locked down in martial-law mode, and an imperial America will march on to Damascus and Tehran and other capitals, our young men and women in uniform turned into 21st Century Roman Legionaires. As we don our political armor and head out into the electoral trenches, it might be useful to survey our own strengths, so that we remain cognizant of how far we've come and how much momentum we are bringing into the presidential campaign."

Digicam vs. Goliath: Can Moveon Members Create a Killer Ad to Beat Bush?
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Nathan Fox writes, "From now through 12-31, MoveOn.org's membership will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite ad online. [Then] a short list of finalists will go before a celebrity panel featuring filmmaker Michael Moore, producer Russell Simmons, comedienne Janeane Garofalo, and political consultant James Carville, among others. This group will choose one winning ad based on originality, memorability, clarity of message, and overall impact. MoveOn will then broadcast the ad during the week of the president's State of the Union address, which is expected on January 20... The experiment will yield one 30-second televised advertisement for a nation in which less than one half of eligible voters turn out each presidential election. MoveOn hopes that this 'survival of the fittest' approach, fueled by countless volunteer hours, will yield one killer spot in what they see as a David vs. Goliath battle versus the Bush juggernaut. Welcome to the world of reality advertising."

East Coast/Left Coast: The Throbbing Political Pulse
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Bernard Weiner writes: "In short, the 2004 election can be won. Both because of the candidate the Democrats will put up, and the scandals that hang like a putrifying collection of roadkill around George W. Bush's neck, most notably the coverup of Bush's pre-9/11 knowledge, the felonious outing of a covert CIA agent to punish a political opponent, the massive lying to the Congress and American people that led us into an unnecessary quagmire in Iraq, and so on. So, yes, Bush is defeatable, but it ain't gonna be easy. Rove&Co. realize what's at stake here -- their last chance to implement their far-right agenda, and set up their repressive infrastructure, for another decade or two -- and already are way ahead of the Democrats in terms of fund-raising and money available... But if there is a fair and untampered-with election in November, the Democrat will win."

Superhot Campaign 2004 Issue: Bush Nuke Race Revival
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

90% of Americans strongly oppose any push for a US nuclear weapons buildup. Yet that is just what Bush is doing. If ever the Democrats had a Campaign 2004 issue that could sweep the hawks off the map, it is nuclear weapons. Go get 'em!! Want some great background info to prepare? Here are just a few of the documents available at the Nuclear Weapons and Information Analysis site: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policies, Ballistic Missile Defense, and the Quest for Weapons in Space); Missiles of Empire: America's 21st Century Global Legions; Mass Producing Weapons of Mass Destruction: U.S. Plans for a New Nuclear Weapons Factory and the Global Resurgence of Nuclear Arms; Sliding Towards the Brink: More Useable Nuclear Weapons and the Dangerous Illusions of High-Tech War.

Moveon Launches Devastating Ad Campaign on $87 Billion for Iraq
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"Moveon.org, the anti-war organization that started five years ago with a plea to Congress to drop the impeachment case against President Clinton, will launch its latest advertising salvo of the 2004 election season today. In a $2 million media campaign scheduled to run for two weeks in five states that could prove critical in next year's race, Moveon.org's voter fund is airing a 30-second spot that questions the recent federal appropriation of $87 billion that is targeted mostly for Iraq. 'President Bush is going to spend $87 billion more in Iraq,' says an announcer. As the commercial cuts to a shot of a little boy sitting at a school desk in an empty lot, the announcer adds, 'Where's his plan for taking care of America?' The ad will air in Florida, West Virginia, Ohio, Missouri and Nevada, which collectively have 68 electoral votes of the 270 necessary to win the presidency. Bush narrowly won all five states in 2000." According to Moveon, the ad caused a 4% drop in support for Bush.

Feminists Plan Visionary Mobilization in 2004
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

Jane Fonda writes, "V-Day, The White House Project and their many allies are partnering to hold a national women's convention somewhere in the heartland, next June of 2004. Its purpose will be to inspire and mobilize women and vagina-friendly men around the 2004 elections and to build a new movement that will coalesce our energies and forces around a politic of caring. The convention will put forward a fresh, clear, and concise platform of issues, and build the spirit, energy and power base to hold the candidates accountable for them... There will be a caravan, a rolling tour across the country, of diverse women leaders, celebrities and activists who will work with local organizers to build momentum, sign people up, register them to vote, get them organized and leave behind a tool kit for further mobilization through the election and beyond.'"

Springsteen, Mellencamp, Moby, Henley, Matthews, et al Mobilize Rock Fans Against Bush
Campaign 2004 Anti-Bush Organizing

"Bruce Springsteen told a crowd of 50,000 New Yorkers on October 4 to 'shout a little louder if you want the resident impeached.' Two weeks later, John Mellencamp posted an open letter to America on his Web site, declaring, 'We have been lied to and terrorized by our own government, and it is time to take action.' Meanwhile, Moby, Eddie Vedder and Michael Stipe are organizing a TV-ad campaign that will run anti-Bush commercials during the week of the SOTU address in January; Dave Matthews is railing against the war in Iraq in interviews; and at press time, at least three multiband rock tours planned to take aim at Bush-administration policies. Green Day, NOFX, Tom Morello, Dixie Chicks, Don Henley, Willie Nelson and Steve Earle have all played (or plan to play) for political candidates or causes... 'We have a voice and a responsibility to speak out,' says Jay-Z, a member of Russell Simmons' Hip-Hop Summit, which aims to register 4 million voters before the 2004 election."