Campaign 2004 Activism

Paul Krugman: 'Faith in America'
Campaign 2004 Activism

"Florida's early polling was designed to make voting easier, but enormous voter turnout swamped the limited number of early polling sites. Over the weekend, people in some polling places had to stand in line for four, five, even six hours, often in the hot sun. Some of them - African-Americans in particular - surely suspected that those lines were so long because officials wanted to make it hard for them to vote. Yet they refused to be discouraged or intimidated. Here's what a correspondent from Florida wrote to Joshua Marshall, of talkingpointsmemo.com: 'To see people coming out - elderly, disabled, blind, poor; people who have to hitch rides, take buses, etc. - and then staying in line for hours and hours and hours ... Well, it's humbling. And it's awesome. And it's kind of beautiful.' "

Weary but Dedicated Union Workers Go Door-to-Door on Election Eve
Campaign 2004 Activism

NY Times: "For Adela Simone, a long way from her apartment in Forest Hills, Queens, it was quickly becoming a frustrating afternoon - at four homes in a row, no one answered the door, and at the next house, an elderly woman began screaming at her." Simone is one of 200 health care workers from NY who have been in FLA for weeks, going door to door for Kerry. "Ms. Simone soldiered on, and in a neighborhood of palm trees and modest, cookie-cutter homes built for retirees, she felt better after she knocked on Helen Scolnick's door. Mrs. Scolnick...talked enthusiastically. "I hope our man comes in," Mrs. Scolnick said. "Enough is enough. The guy in there now, he's a yutz," a Yiddish word meaning a dope." Across the nation today, thousands of Union workers like Ms. Simone are out there knocking on doors. THEY ARE ARE OUR HEROES!!

Michael Moore: 'One Day Left'
Campaign 2004 Activism

"This is it. ONE DAY LEFT. There are many things I'd like to say. I've been on the road getting out the vote for 51 straight days so I haven't had much time to write. So I've put together a bunch of notes to various groups all in this one letter. Please feel free to copy and send whatever portions are appropriate to your friends and family as you spend these last 24 hours trying to convince whomever you can to show up and vote for John Kerry... For my part, I have organized an army of 1,200 professional and amateur filmmakers who will be armed with video cameras throughout the states of Florida and Ohio. At the first sign of criminality, we will dispatch a camera crew to where the vote fraud is taking place and record what is going on. We will put a big public spotlight on any wrongdoing by Republican officials in those two states. They will not get away with this as they did in 2000."

2004 Voter Info Compendium
Campaign 2004 Activism

Buzzflash has compiled a great list of resources for Tuesday's historic vote --including a link to a Voter's Bill of Rights to take with you to the polls, where to report Voter Fraund, and a number of Get Out the Vote efforts. Check it out!

'Get Out the Vote' Phone Party
Campaign 2004 Activism

From MoveOn PAC: "This election will turn on a handful of votes in swing states. On Election Day, we're going to call half a million Kerry supporters in these states and make sure they vote. With thousands of us on the phones, we can make a major difference in a couple of hours! Cell phones in hand, we'll gather in living rooms across the country to have fun and contact voters together. Each phone party will have a list of folks to call and scripts to read while we're on the phone. All you need to do to host a party is offer your living room and print out a few things from our website. It's that simple! You can create a 'public' party, so others from your community can sign up, or keep it 'private,' and limit it to you and your friends."

Single Women Could Make the Difference on Tuesday
Campaign 2004 Activism

Ruth Rosen writes, "Although the candidates failed to appeal directly to single women, dozens of grassroots groups and national organizations pursued them with passionate determination. Armed with polling data and materials provided by WVWV, vast platoons of volunteers from America Coming Together, US Action, Mainstreet Moms Oppose Bush, the Feminist Majority and many ad hoc groups registered countless single women in swing states. They will also be working to bring these voters to the polls on election day. Meanwhile, MoveOn.org, the Media Fund and Planned Parenthood broadcast ads that accurately reflected their precarious lives. As a result, single women gradually became aware of their political power. 'These women,' said Desser of WVWV, 'who told us that they felt invisible and irrelevant in the political process, began to see themselves and their importance reflected in the print and electronic media.'"

Bruce ''The Boss'' Springsteen Rocks the Vote for Kerry
Campaign 2004 Activism

Washington Post: "Bruce Springsteen, who recently wrapped performances with MoveOn.org's high-profile Vote for Change tour, will hit the road next week to stump for Sen. John Kerry in the final days of his campaign. The Boss is expected to speak and perform a few songs at Kerry rallies on Thursday in Columbus, Ohio, and Madison, Wis., and at a Kerry election-eve rally in Cleveland . ."

ACT Here: Get Out the Vote!
Campaign 2004 Activism

"25,000+ needed on Election Day! ACT canvassers have spent all year meeting millions of voters. Now it's time to get them to the polls. Be part of the largest get-out-the-vote campaign in history. ACT today. Signup to Volunteer!"

Largest Union Voting Mobilization in US History Underway - with Vast Majority Supporting Kerry
Campaign 2004 Activism

Common Dreams: "With the largest member mobilization and political program in its history, the union movement has more than tripled its mobilization efforts over 2000, and is positioned to be one of the most important voices among voters in key states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida. 'Everywhere I visit, I find that union members are motivated as never before to bring about a change in the direction of our nation' s leadership,' said AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. 'They want good jobs, affordable health care and a real future for their families, and they're willing to walk in the cold and spend their evenings phone calling in order to secure that better future. I've never seen anything like it.' " Union household members are one out of four voters. There were 27 million union household voters in 2000.Union members voted for the working family ticket [Clinton-Gore] by at 63 to 32 percent margin in 2000."

The Kerry, Heinz and Edwards Kids Barnstorm Across America: Find the Rally Nearest You!
Campaign 2004 Activism

US Newswire: "Alexandra and Vanessa Kerry, Chris and Andre Heinz, and Cate Edwards continue their young voter outreach in all regions of the country today on behalf of their fathers campaign Alexandra Kerry conducts an early vote rally in New Mexico, Vanessa Kerry addresses a women's rally in Cleveland, Chris Heinz continues his nine-state bus tour today and tomorrow with GOTV rallies in Colorado and New Mexico, Andre Heinz holds town halls with students in New Hampshire and Maine, and Cate Edwards holds town halls and takes students to early voting in Wisconsin." Here's a list of times and places.

How You Can Save America: Help Get the Huge Number of New Democrats to the Polls
Campaign 2004 Activism

Massive new Democratic registrations in Ohio and Florida, and in other swing states, have created potentially large voting shifts to the Democrats: But no one knows whether the new voters will turn out at a 30% or a 70% rate. The one certainty is that direct voter contact on Election Day dramatically increases turnout. The second, according Pollster John Zogby, is that if turnout is high, then Democrats will win. So, if you are still trying to figure out how to best help Dems, take a week off (or even just Election Day) and get out the vote. Go to Ohio (think Cleveland) or Florida, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, Arkansas or Missouri and make sure that on Election Day America's new voters get to the polls. To volunteer in a nearby swing state, go to www.acthere.org