Campaign 2003

Blanco Won by Energizing Voters
Campaign 2003

Louisiana Lt. Gov Kathleen "Blanco carried 52 parishes to Jindal's 12 in the unofficial voting results. She took most of her native Cajun area and swamped Jindal in New Orleans, where Democratic Mayor Ray Nagin had endorsed him instead. 'I think there was immense disappointment of the endorsement of Bobby. I think it had the effect of energizing our campaign,' Blanco said. She also gave credit for her victory to her attacks on Jindal's record as a former state health and education official and her final debate appearance, in which she tearfully recounted the death of her son when asked about the defining moment in her life. 'I've always felt or found in a big campaign, people eventually look for humanity,' she said. Her son Ben, a 19-year-old college student, died in 1997 when he was hit by a weight that fell from a crane while he was cutting up a barge for scrap at his summer job."

Louisiana Elects Its First Woman Governor in Come-from-behind Win
Campaign 2003

"Democrat Kathleen Blanco made history Saturday, becoming the first woman to be elected governor of Louisiana, overcoming Republican Bobby Jindal. Using aggressive advertising that attacked the 32-year-old Jindal's record as the state's health secretary in the mid-1990s, his opposition to abortion without exception and his lack of political experience, Blanco turned what one tracking poll reported as a double-digit gap into a close but comfortable victory over the final five days. Members of Blanco's camp say Jindal's record largely escaped scrutiny in the primary because of turmoil among Democrats and the generally polite tone of the campaign." Get the message, Dems? Enough of the wimpiness posing as "political correctness" already! Take those gloves off and come out swinging!