Bush phony religion

Kerry Decries Bush's Faith-Based Phoniness
Bush phony religion

AFP: "John Kerry turned the Bible against born-again Methodist President George W. Bush, arguing that his policies ran counter to America's moral foundation... Quoting from the Bible, Kerry said his faith had taught him 'whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me.' 'This means we have a moral obligation to one another, to the forgotten, and to those who live in the shadows,' he said in Fort Lauderdale. 'This is a moral obligation at the heart of all our great religious traditions. It is also the vision of America ... the ethical test of a good society is how it treats its most vulnerable members.' Kerry said that under Bush, eight million Americans were out of work, 45 million were without health insurance, and families were struggling to send their children to college, or with offspring in combat overseas... Kerry also sided with Bush opponents who believe [Bush's policy decisions have weakened] the sacred separation of church and state in US politics."

Methodist bishop: Bush campaign is 'blasphemous'
Bush phony religion

Countering the relentless "God talk" from the Bush campaign and its enablers, former United Methodist bishop William Boyd Grove shows, in careful detail, exactly how Bush's actions and policies are in opposition to Jesus' words in the Bible and to the doctrine of the United Methodist Church of which Bush claims to be a member. He accurately describes as "blasphemy" Bush's claim that his actions are God's will. He rightly criticizes Mr. Bush for refusing to listen to or even to meet with anyone who doesn't agree with him. That's not "faith". That's not "certainty". That's the pride that led to Lucifer's downfall. Let's just hope Dubyafer doesn't take us down with him.

Bush Dupes Religious Right into False Assumptions About His Beliefs
Bush phony religion

MSNBC: "Bush has said many times he's a Christian, believes in the power of prayer and considers himself a 'lowly sinner.' ' White House aides claim they don't know if Bush believes 'the Bible is without error; the theory of evolution is true; homosexuality is a sinful choice; only Christians will go to heaven; support for Israel is a biblical imperative; or the war in Iraq is part of God's plan.' But Bush has at one time or the other stated his belief in each of these things when expedient. 'Some political analysts think there is a shrewd calculation behind these ambiguities. By using such phrases as the 'culture of life,' Bush signals to evangelical Protestants and conservative Catholics that he is with them."