Bush Second Term Agenda

Congressional Budget Office: Bush Redeployment Scheme Will Cost $7 Billion and Gain Nothing
Bush Second Term Agenda

CBO: "Because the US has invested heavily over the past 50 years in base infrastructure for its troops stationed overseas, any major shifting of forces--either between overseas locations or to the US -would require significant spending to provide that infrastructure somewhere else. There would be limited annual savings to offset the large initial investment needed to restation U.S. forces, unless U.S. presence overseas was greatly reduced. In that case, annual savings could exceed $1 billion, but the net up-front investment would be substantial--on the order of $7 billion. Restationing Army forces would produce, at best, only small improvements in the US ability to respond to far-flung conflicts. The reason is that deploying Army units to many potential trouble spots from the likely locations of new bases would not be significantly faster than deploying them from current bases." Guess who WILL benefit from the scheme as the primary "vendor" of new military infrastructure?" Halliburton.

Bush's Second Term Agenda is More Bush*t
Bush Second Term Agenda

"Bush said his goals include improving accountability in high school education and making health care more available and affordable... Bush said he wants to make the nation 'even more job-friendly' through such longtime conservative goals as restraining regulations, taxes and lawsuits... Bush's new agenda is heavier on business goals than the 'compassionate conservatism' he espoused in his previous campaign. He delighted the crowd by renewing his support for industry-friendly measures that have failed to pass during his first term, most notably an energy policy that would encourage more domestic production, as well as limits on lawsuits and damage awards for medical malpractice... Karl Rove had hoped to make the addition of private accounts to Social Security a centerpiece of the campaign. With older voters in Florida and elsewhere remaining skeptical, Bush will... emphasize the need to work out the specifics with Congress rather than offering a plan of his own."

Bush Will Push CAPPS II in 2nd Term
Bush Second Term Agenda

"The Bush administration has decided to scale back and delay the debut of a vast airline passenger screening program until after the presidential election, federal officials said yesterday. The decision comes after months of meetings with airline officials and lawmakers who pressed the administration to drop more controversial elements of the program, known as Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-Screening Program, or CAPPS II. Big disagreements about the system remain within the Department of Homeland Security itself, with some officials viewing it as a major aviation security improvement and others fearing it could alienate voters who view CAPPS II as a surveillance system that pries too far into passengers' lives, sources close to the project said... Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge indicated that CAPPS II had been canceled in an interview published yesterday in USA Today. But some elements of the program are already being used." Ridge LIED.

The Nightmare of a Second Bush Term
Bush Second Term Agenda

Robert Reich tells Buzzflash, "Their ideological extremism will have a field day. They will be less restrained in terms of going into Syria and Iraq, for example - perhaps even more bellicose with regard to North Korea, another member of the so-called Axis of Evil. Their attack on civil liberties through John Ashcroft's Justice Department and the Patriot Act will be followed by a Patriot II. They've already drafted it. They've already sought passage. Their attack on the environment through their new source of emissions policies and the ridiculously entitled Healthy Forest Initiative will certainly be followed by a much broader-based attack on environmental protection in the name of corporate productivity and profitability. They will seek Supreme Court justices who are intent on reversing Roe v. Wade. They already have in mind several of them. It's likely that Scalia and Thomas... will lead that Supreme Court further toward the right than we've seen a Supreme Court in living memory."