Bush Racism

Is Bush Courting the NeoNazi/KKK Vote?
Bush Racism

This week, Bush attended a campaign rally in York, PA - it makes the THIRTIETH campaign trip he has made to the state. Could it be that Bush is courting the NeoNazi/KKK crowd? They are, afterall, among his most aggressive supporters. And, PA, home state of Tom Ridge, is a hotbed of such groups - hosting more extremist conventions and meetings in recent years than ANY OTHER STATE. York, PA, in particular, has been associated with KKK activity. The mayor was tried in 2002 for the vicious murder of a black woman - then acquitted by an all-white jury. (http://www.bet.com/articles/0,1048,c1gb4268-4957-1,00.html) Bush's visit to York comes just a few days after once again refusing to attend the annual NAACP convention - guess he didn't want to offend his "supporters" in PA?

One Million Black Votes Were Dumped In The Garbage In The 2000 Presidential Election
Bush Racism

Greg Palast says, "Listen up: in the last presidential election, one million black folk cast ballots that were dumped in the garbage, never counted. I bet you didn't know that about our 'Clown-ocracy' because you're not supposed to. Find out everything else you're not supposed to know this Wednesday night May 12, 7pm when WPFW presents: Greg Palast - that's me - the author of the New York Times Bestseller, 'The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.' Katherine Harris says, 'Greg Palast is twisted and maniacal.' Find out why. I'll be joined by my friends - the radio personalities of WPFW, Greg Moore of the NAACP and performance group Spoken Resistance at UDC Van Ness Campus -in the main auditorium - that's building 46. Here's how you get tickets - $15 in advance - all proceeds to Pacifica Radio and the NAACP National Voter Project: Call the membership hotline at 202 588 0999 - extension 344. Or: visit - WPFW's website" (link below).

Dimwit Dubya Tells Africa That Slaves 'Left Here to Go To America'
Bush Racism

In a later speech in Senegal, Bush tried to repeat the words on "slavery" and "freedom," but without a script he mangled them completely. "The slaves who left here to go to America, because of their steadfast and their religion and their belief in freedom, helped change America. America is what it is today because of what went on in the past. Yet when I looked out over the sea, it reminded me that we've always got to keep history in mind. And one of the things that we've always got to know about America is that we love freedom, that we love people to be free, that freedom is God's gift to each and every individual. That's what we believe in our country." Say what??? "History" is clear - until the Emancipation Proclamation, America loved slavery more than freedom. And African slaves didn't "leave" to "go to America" - they were shackled in chains and hauled to America on slave ships. Dan Quayle must have had W in mind when he said: "what a waste it is to lose one's mind."

William Coors Claimed Slave Traders Did a Favor for Today's Blacks
Bush Racism

According to Bush, slavery helped America; according to rightwing kingpin William Coors, the slave traders did a favor for the slaves' descendants. Bush said: "By a plan known only to Providence, the stolen sons and daughters of Africa helped to awaken the conscience of America. The very people traded into slavery helped to set America free." Now compare this to what William Coors told an audience. "William Coors was explicitly racist, and not shy about voicing it, either. In a 1984 speech he presented to a minority business group in Denver, he told them... that if they thought it was 'unfair' that their 'ancestors were dragged here in chains against their will... I would urge those of you who feel that way to go back to where your ancestors come from, and you will find out that probably the greatest favor that anybody ever did you [sic] was to drag your ancestors over here in chains, and I mean it.'"

Moronic George Says 'The Very People Traded Into Slavery Helped to Set America Free'
Bush Racism

From BostonChannel.com: "Speaking about slavery and race in a visit to Senegal, Bush said... 'By a plan known only to Providence, the stolen sons and daughters of Africa helped to awaken the conscience of America,' Bush said. 'The very people traded into slavery helped to set America free.'" Hey George, are you trying to justify their enslavement by saying it was a plan of Providence - of God? Are you saying their slavery was worth it - for the sake of setting America free - the Land of their Masters? George, you're an idiot - and your speechwriters are despicable. "Freedom is Slavery" - or in this case, Slavery Meant Freedom - your speechwriters have borrowed yet another phrase from Orwell!

Congressman Dingell To Lead Rally in Support of UM Affirmative Action
Bush Racism

Senior White House officials have indicated that Bush will do the wrong thing and take a public position tomorrow against the University of Michigan's admissions policy. Congressman John Dingell, who represents Ann Arbor, in conjunction with College Democrats and Black and Latino student leaders, will hold a rally on the Diag in Ann Arbor Friday to protest President Bush's decision to oppose the University of Michigan's admissions policy. The rally will take place on campus at 12 noon Friday, January 17 on the steps of the Graduate Library.

Bush Used Racism to Steal the Presidency in 2000 - Demand Media Coverage!
Bush Racism

George W. Bush tried to distance himself from Senator Trent Lott's racism by criticizing Lott's remarks about Strom Thurmond. But Bush would not be in the White House if his brother Jeb had not overseen the systematic and illegal purge of thousands of mainly black voters from the voter registration file before the 2000 election. Investigative journalist Greg Palast has extensively documented the fraudulent "felon purge" in Florida, but the Republican Media adamantly refuses to report this story. Call/write the media and demand coverage of Greg Palast's explosive expose of the racist felon purge that allowed George Bush to steal the Presidency.

The Media Must Investigate Bush's 'Close Ties' To Neo-Confederate Groups
Bush Racism

In February 2000, Bush courted racists to beat John McCain in the South Carolina primary. Southern Exposure magazine published an article documenting "a questionable relationship between Bush and far-right neo-Confederate groups." For example: "Bush is listed as a donor to the Museum of the Confederacy, based in Richmond, Virginia, as a supporter of the Museum's annual ball - an event held in a slave hall, which has drawn fire for its celebration of the Southern Confederacy." Also, "a letter on Texas Governor stationary, dated January 1, 1996, shows Gov. Bush congratulating the 100th anniversary of the United Daughters of the Confederacy - a group known for glorifying the Confederate past." The Republican Media ignored this explosive story then - but with Bush claiming to be less racist than Trent Lott, the media MUST investigate these serious charges. Call/e-mail CNN 404-827-1500 cnn@cnn.com, FOX 212-301-3000 comments@foxnews.com, and MSNBC 201-583-5000 TheNews@msnbc.com