Bush Pardons

Bush Pardons Former Texas Mayor and S&L Crook
Bush Pardons

AP: "Bush pardoned a former mayor of Plano, Texas, who pleaded guilty to bank fraud in 1996, the Justice Department announced Monday. David B. McCall Jr., who is battling cancer, served six months in prison for his role in fraudulent loans at the Plano Savings and Loan Association, which failed in the mid-1980s... McCall and four other men, including another former Plano mayor, were indicted in August 1995 on allegations they created a web of transactions designed to transfer troublesome loans from one institution to another. Authorities said they wanted to hide difficulties from bank examiners and relieve borrowers of the need to repay the loans." Bush pardons an S&L crook. He must empathize, since his brother Neil was one, too.