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New Proof Bush Snorted Cocaine
Bush Drugs

"While George W. Bush's spokespeople are denying the allegation in Kitty Kelley's new book that Bush used cocaine, a NATIONAL ENQUIRER investigation has tracked down others who are making similar bombshell charges! One source, author Toby Rogers, said a former member of George Bush Sr.'s staff revealed to him that George W. used cocaine and 'has been out of control since college.' The issue that goes on sale Friday explores Kelley's charge that George W. did cocaine at Camp David while his father was President, that First Lady Laura Bush sold marijuana in college ... and much more." Will the Enquirer be hit with a mysterious Anthrax attack? Will Karl Rove declare a terror alert? Stay tuned...

Kitty Ain't No Scaredy-Cat
Bush Drugs

Kitty Kelley is under fierce attack from Karl Rove via NBC's Today Show for claiming Sharon Bush told her W used cocaine at Camp David while Poppy was Pres. But despite Sharon's denial, Kitty isn't giving an inch. "The following are undisputable facts: -- Mrs. Bush confirmed that she was aware of cocaine use by George W. Bush at Camp David when his father was President -- Mrs. Bush confirmed that such usage occurred on more than one occasion -- Mrs. Bush knew that Ms. Kelley planned on using this information in her book and was read the exact quotes that would be utilized -- Mrs. Bush continued to have a good relationship with Kitty Kelley -- long after the meeting in April at which she confirmed the cocaine report -- Mrs. Bush called Ms. Kelley in May, 2004 after which there was a friendly correspondence. "

Sharon Bush Now Denies Statements - Even Though They were Witnessed by an Editor!
Bush Drugs

Karl Rove has apparently chosen PentaPost's Howie Kurtz to lead the White House attack on Kitty Kelley. He quotes Sharon Bush: "I categorically deny that I ever told Kitty Kelley that George W. Bush used cocaine at Camp David or that I ever saw him use cocaine at Camp David. When Kitty Kelley raised drug use at Camp David, I responded by saying something along the lines of 'Who would say such a thing?'"... Doubleday, Kelley's publisher, was quick to dispute her account. "Doubleday stands fully behind the accuracy of Ms. Kelley's reporting and believes that everything she attributes to Sharon Bush in her book is an accurate account of their discussions," said Suzanne Herz. "Ms. Kelley met with Sharon Bush over the course of a four-hour lunch on April 1, 2003." The next day, Herz said, Kelley had a 90-minute phone conversation with Bush in the presence of Peter Gethers, her Doubleday editor. Kelley "has notes to corroborate both these conversations." VERY interesting!

FLASHBACK: Bush Refuses To Say Whether He Used Cocaine
Bush Drugs

John Aravosis blogs, "We call this a coke waffle. From CNN, August 20, 1999: Since Wednesday, Bush has been peppered with questions about drug use after he was asked in an interview with the Dallas Morning News whether he could pass a background check [going back] seven years. Bush said he could pass that exam. On Thursday, he said he could have passed a background check when his father began serving as president in 1989. Later, an aide clarified the remarks, saying Bush has not used illegal drugs in at least the last 25 years.... It's time to bring all of this back into high gear. Either the candidates' actions in the 1970s matter or they don't. Laura Bush and daddy Bush and Karl Rove all seem to think that the 1970s matter, so Bush needs to answer the question. What illegal drugs has he ever used, and how often and for how long did he use them? His religious right base - not to mention, a lot of other people - are NOT going to be happy if they find out Bush was a coke head."

Bush Snorted Cocaine in College, National Guard, and at Camp David When Poppy was Pres
Bush Drugs

London Mirror reports, "Author Kitty Kelley says in her biography The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, that [W] first used coke at university in the mid-1960s. She quotes his former sister-in-law Sharon Bush who claims: 'Bush did coke at Camp David when his father was President, and not just once either.' Other acquaintances allege that as a 26-year-old National Guard, Bush 'liked to sneak out back for a joint or into the bathroom for a line of cocaine'." IS THAT WHY LT. BUSH WAS GROUNDED???????