Bush Budget

Fiscal '04 Sets New Deficit Record; Treasury Maneuvers to Avoid Default on National Debt
Bush Budget

Congressional Quarterly: "Treasury Secretary John W. Snow notified Congress on Thursday that he will begin using a series of accounting maneuvers to keep the $7.4 trillion statutory debt limit from being breached." (link requires "free trial" or membership)

Deadbeat Dubya Drives US toward Bankruptcy
Bush Budget

The American Conservative magazine points out that George Bush is spending more wildly than any imaginary Democrat. (Hey, Clinton balanced the budget, remember?) So, if Bush is neither compassionate NOR conservative, what's his agenda--and why is George Bush bankrupting America? "Forget the liberation of Iraq, George W. Bush will be remembered as the president who bankrupted America... future generations, weighed down by a national debt that is now growing at $1.8 billion a day, will look back in bewilderment, wondering why Bush, despite Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, decided to go for broke... Like a credit-card thief, the President of the United States is going on a shopping binge and making other people pay. If history gives Bush a nickname, it will be Deadbeat Dubya."

What Dems Need to Call the Bush Budget: DOA
Bush Budget

LeftCoaster: "Democrats need to say loudly that Bush's budget is Dead On Arrival, just like the Cato Institute did back in 1998, or when John Kasich said it again in 2000, or when any number of other loony Reeps said the same thing for any parochial reason. Say it often, and say it loudly: Bush's budget is dead on arrival. There is no better expert on why Democrats should do this than Grover Norquist himself. If it was good enough for the GOP to say against Democrats, then it is good enough for the Democrats to say against Bush."