Bush Abortion

Flynt Says He Has the Goods on the Bush Abortion Story; Book Due This Summer
Bush Abortion

Lloyd Grove writes, "Now the incorrigible Larry Flynt says he plans to market a Bush abortion story as genuine - in a book to be published this summer by Kensington Press. 'This story has got to come out,' the wheelchair-bound Hustler magazine honcho told the Daily News' Corky Siemaszko. 'There's a lot of hypocrisy in the White House about this whole abortion issue.' Flynt claimed that Bush arranged for the procedure in the early '70s. 'I've talked to the woman's friends,' Flynt said. 'I've tracked down the doctor who did the abortion, I tracked down the Bush people who arranged for the abortion,' Flynt said. 'I got the story nailed.' Flynt wouldn't disclose whether he plans to name the woman." Flynt raised this issue on CNN in 2000, but it was immediately scrubbed from CNN's transcript. Hey Karl - you can kiss the evangelical vote good-bye!

Did Bush Cause 4 Abortions?
Bush Abortion

Jackson Thoreau writes, "Right before Bush was selected by his Supreme Court buddies in 2000, porn czar Larry Flynt went on CNN to say he had evidence that Bush impregnated a young woman in the early 1970s and made her get an illegal abortion at a Houston hospital... Flynt's main source, the girlfriend of a Bush friend who allegedly arranged the abortion, reportedly backed out of going public at the last hour. So the story pretty much died there and was swallowed in the 2000 election heist and ensuing fascist hijacking of our country... [But] this source learned that Bush might have impregnated FOUR young women, one of whom was UNDER 18, which is against the law in most states. At least one supposedly had to be sent out of the country to get the abortion done... Has anyone out there heard anything more about these women Bush allegedly impregnated and forced to get abortions? I'd appreciate hearing from you. I'd like to attempt to breathe some fire into this story again."

With Bush Focused on Outlawing Abortions, Will the Media Report on Bush's Own Illegal Abortion?
Bush Abortion

In 2000, Bartcop reported, "In the winter of 1971 Bush was dating a woman named Robin Lowman (now Robin Garner). Miss Lowman became pregnant by Smirk and he arranged for her to have an abortion - which in the great state of Texas in 1971 was very illegal! The unnamed source of this story, was a friend of Robin Lowman's and the girlfriend of the man who arranged the abortion. His name is Robert Carl Chandler [who arranged] Miss Lowman's abortion at the Twelve Oaks Hospital in Houston, TX (now the Bayou City Medical Center). The source overheard the call by Mr. Chandler to arrange the abortion and the source visited Robin Lowman at the Twelve Oaks Hospital after the procedure. The source meanwhile, is afraid of coming forward, saying that she was threatened by Chandler and another Bush friend and supporter named Jim Bath. Bath has longstanding intelligence connections, and played a role in the BCCI scandal. Robin Lowman (now Garner) is married to Jerry Lee Garner who is an FBI agent."

Why Won't the Media Report Bush's OWN Abortion?
Bush Abortion

During the 2000 campaign, Bush downplayed his fierce opposition to abortion in order to fool women voters and the NY Times. Naturally, the NY Times swallowed the Bushit hook, line & sinker. But now that Bush is waging a "War on Women" (as the NY Times recently declared), subjects all judicial nominees to an anti-choice litmus test, and phoned abortion opponents on Roe v. Wade day, isn't it time for the NY Times and the rest of the corporate media to tell the truth about Bush and abortion? First, on policy and personnel issues Bush IS an anti-abortion extremist. Second, Bush is an utter hypocrite because - according to the usually reliable Larry Flynt - his own girlfriend had an abortion in Texas when it was still illegal before 1973. This is a story all of the White House reporters knows, but no one will report. Women are dying around the world because of Bush's extremism and hypocrisy - we demand the truth!

Protest Bush's OWN Abortion on April 22
Bush Abortion

On April 22, NOW and a large coalition of feminist groups are organizing an Emergency Action for Women's Lives in Washington DC to protest Bush's policies on abortion and other critical issues. There is one important aspect of Bush's position on abortion that has NOT received any coverage: namely Bush's OWN abortion when he got his girlfriend pregnant in the early 1970's. At the time, abortion was illegal - so Bush was involved in a crime. This story was exposed by Larry Flynt on CNN, but CNN then SCRUBBED the story. It's time for Americans to demand an answer from Bush - did he get a girlfriend pregnant and cause an abortion? Did he help her break the law? Is abortion OK for him, but not for anyone else?

Was George W. Bush "Involved" in an Illegal Abortion?
Bush Abortion

On CNN's Crossfire on October 20, Larry Flynt exploded a bombshell: that he has evidence that George W. Bush was "involved in an abortion in Texas" in the early 1970's - when abortions were still illegal. Amazingly, CNN has censored its own story by removing the entire transcript! We posted the relevant parts, but this has all the markings of a cover-up by CNN - just like the cover-ups of Bush's many other scandals, from going AWOL, to using illegal drugs, to corruption in Texas government, to lying under oath. It looks like the Bush campaign has people quietly removing evidence of Bush's many scandals. When will the media wake up???