Bob Graham

Bob Graham Seconds Clarke's Indictment of Bush's Failure to Fight Terrorism
Bob Graham

NY Times reports, "Senator Bob Graham, the Florida Democrat who was the former chairman of the Intelligence Committee, barely let Mr. Clarke's appearance on '60 Minutes' end before he issued a scathing statement about the administration's record on terror. 'The facts are that within six months of the first bombs falling on Afghanistan, this administration was diverting military and intelligence resources to its planned war in Iraq, which allowed Al Qaeda to regenerate,' said Mr. Graham, who was one of the first lawmakers to label the war with Iraq a distraction from the fight against terror. 'As the people of Indonesia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and most recently Spain have learned painfully well, this president failed to execute the real war on terrorism.' "

Tell Senator Bob Graham America Needs Him!
Bob Graham

Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) entered the presidential race late (due to heart surgery), but made an important impact by challenging Bush's massive intelligence failures. Now Graham is deciding whether to run for re-election to the Senate. Graham's expertise on intelligence matters is unmatched, and the loss of that expertise would be a severe blow for America. Moreover, America needs a Democratic Senate to repair the massive damage created by the Bush dictatorship. Democrats need to win 2 seats to take back the Senate, and Graham's Florida seat would be very difficult to keep without Graham. Call his Senate office (202) 224-3041 and say "America needs Senator Bob Graham!"

Bob Graham Says Bush's Iraq Lies Are Impeachable, but Graham is Afraid to Lead the Fight
Bob Graham

"U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham said on Thursday there were grounds to impeach Bush if he was found to have led America to war under false pretenses. While Graham did not call for Bush's impeachment, he said if Bush lied about the reasons for going to war with Iraq it would be 'more serious' than Bill Clinton 's lie under oath about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. 'If in fact we went to war under false pretenses that is a very serious charge. If the standard of impeachment is the one the House Republicans used against Bill Clinton, this clearly comes within that standard,' he said... After his appearance in New Hampshire, Graham issued a statement saying he was not calling for Bush's impeachment and saw the issue as a largely academic one, adding that if Bush had misled the American public he would pay the price for it in the 2004 presidential election." Hey Bob, don't back off - Impeach Bush Now!

Busheviks Try to Blame Bob Graham for 9-11 Intelligence Failures
Bob Graham

As Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) emerges as a serious Presidential contender, the Busheviks are trying to blame HIM for the intelligence failures that led to 9-11. How? By pointing out that Graham was chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which gave him broad responsibility for "oversight". Unfortunately, the CIA, NSA, DIA, and FBI all tell Congress as little as possible about what they were doing, and often lie, evade, and mislead. George W. Bush - not Bob Graham - was the recipient of the Presidential Daily Briefings every day from 1-20-00 to 9-11-01. The buck stops on BUSH'S desk!

Bob Graham Begins Run for Presidency; Blasts Bush over Failed War on Terrorism
Bob Graham

NY Times reports: "Senator Bob Graham, a Democrat from the state that was the fulcrum of the disputed 2000 presidential election, began his own White House campaign today by asserting that Resident Bush had 'virtually ignored homeland security' in his drive to 'settle old scores' and remove Saddam Hussein from power... 'I know firsthand, as the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, how little this administration has done to provide real security at home, while it's directed attention away from the war on terrorism abroad,' he said, adding, 'Yet, instead of pursuing the most imminent and real threats, international terrorists, this Bush administration chose to settle old scores.' Mr. Graham told reporters later that the 'old scores' he was referring to were what he described as the finishing of the war against Mr. Hussein that Mr. Bush's father started in 1991, and avenging a plot by Mr. Hussein to assassinate the elder Mr. Bush."

Graham: Bush Has Abandoned War on Terror
Bob Graham

AP reports: "Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham said Sunday that Resident Bush has virtually abandoned Afghanistan and the fight against terrorism, which allowed al-Qaida to regroup while he pursued war in Iraq. The Florida senator also said that by refusing to allow an Iranian-style religious government to take power in Baghdad, even if elected by the Iraqis, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld 'demonstrates the kind of quagmire that we are potentially going to be in Iraq.' 'If you talk about a democracy, which means that people vote and select the political leadership that they desire, then you can't say, `But there are certain segments of the population that are off-limits,'' he told ABC's 'This Week.' 'One of the concerns that many of the Middle Eastern leaders have said is that if you have a pure Jeffersonian democracy, you're going to have some of the most extreme elements within the country elected to the positions of responsibility.'"

It's Graham's Turn for GOP E-Mail Slam
Bob Graham

Tyler Bridges writes: "The Republican National Committee has launched an attack e-mail on each Democratic presidential candidate as he or she lifted his or her head above the battlements. Tuesday, it was U.S. Sen. Bob Graham's turn. As Graham makes his first campaign swing, the RNC sent out an e-mail to reporters using the party's most popular anti-Democratic line, calling Graham 'a tax-and-spend liberal in moderate's clothing'... Graham defended his record in a meeting with potential campaign contributors at a Silicon Valley law firm here, saying, 'I grew the economy by one million jobs while I was governor.' He also said the tax increases were needed to help pay for needed government programs.'" Consider that under Jeb Bush, Florida now has a $3 billion budget shortfall.

Bob Graham (D-FL) is Running for President Because He's Outraged by Bush's 9-11 Cover-up
Bob Graham

"What prompted Florida Sen. Bob Graham to join the Democratic presidential sweepstakes last week? The 66-year-old Graham - who recently had heart surgery - has toyed with the idea of running for years, but says he always lacked 'fire in the belly.' What gave it to him this time, he tells NEWSWEEK, was his experience last year overseeing a joint House-Senate inquiry into the events of 9-11. Graham says he became 'outraged' by the intelligence and law-enforcement failures discovered by the inquiry - most of which, he charges, are still being suppressed by the Bush administration. The inquiry's 400-page report can't be publicly released because the administration won't declassify key portions. Graham says the report documents far more miscues by the FBI and CIA than have been publicly revealed, as well as still unpursued leads pointing to 'facilitation' of the hijackers by a 'sovereign nation.' (Sources say the country is Saudi Arabia.) 'There's been a cover-up of this,' Graham said."

Bob Graham Declares 'I am Going to be President'
Bob Graham

Palm Beach Post reports, "Sen. Bob Graham told reporters Saturday, 'I am going to be president of the United States'... The former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and two-term Florida governor said there are two issues that give him the 'fire in the belly' needed for a long, arduous campaign. He said he sharply disagrees with the Bush administration's handling of the war on terrorists and is deeply concerned about the nation's economy. Graham, who stepped down as Intelligence Committee chairman last week, said his conversations with the intelligence community have convinced him that Americans here and abroad are 'at greater risk today than we were before Sept. 11' because the Bush administration is focusing too much on Iraq and not enough on global terrorism. Bush's tax-cut plan 'does very little to help stimulate the economy,' said Graham... Bush's 'mishandling' of these issues 'makes me passionate about this' -- the idea of running for president, Graham said."