Barf Bag site of week

Competitive Enterprise Institute...or 'Rightwingers in LaLa Land!'?
Barf Bag site of week

Now, everyone - just think positive thoughts, clap your hands and Tinkerbelle will come back to life! This is the philosophy of the Competitive Enterprise Institute - a corporate front group that supports Bush and his corporate agenda with a mindless singleness (as opposed to single-mindedness!) of purpose. Want their take on people calling for better controls on the beef industry to prevent mad cow? "Ours is a safe, healthy and prosperous world, and we appropriately put a lot of effort into stamping out threats to our health and well being. Unfortunately, we're sometimes misled by groups that create and perpetuate groundless health scares to make a living: ambulance-chasing trial lawyers, anti-technology organizations, and some holistic food companies selling solutions to problems that don't exist. All these groups have seized on mad cow disease as their next opportunity to make a buck." LOL!!!

Not a Joke: Web Site Encourages Us to Fast for George W.
Barf Bag site of week

The Heartlight web site encourages us all to sacrifice for George W. Bush's greater goodness. (Well, he couldn't possibly have any lesser goodness.) What the web site doesn't explain is whether it counts as fasting if a senior citizen has to forego food to pay for prescriptions; or if a child goes hungry because the rent is overdue and the food stamps are used up for the month; or if there's no money for food because the unemployment benefits have run out; or if the funding for school lunches has been diverted to help John Thune's Senate campaign; or....

The 'Come and Take It' Rabid Right Anti-Gun Control Propaganda Page
Barf Bag site of week

Here, to give you an insight into just how twisted and paranoid these right-wing folks really are, is one of their premier sites. Here you will discover that the UN's desire to save the lives of over 300,000 civilians each year (mostly women and kids) is actually a devious plot for "global disarmament." You will discover that the destruction of terrorists' guns in Bosnia was a bigger tragedy than the mass killings committed with them (complete with "shocking photos"). Take your air sickness bag along.

The 'Frontiers of Freedom' Stealth Corporate Agenda
Barf Bag site of week

The 'Frontiers of Freedom' is one of the most active and well-funded corporate "front groups. Their vision of the environment is as a "free-market" commodity (corporatese for "up for grabs") and they are against just about everything that has any chance of improving the quality of life as we know it. (Well, they're not against quite EVERYTHING – they are FOR guns.) Check out this nasty little list of FoF targets (which includes everything from global warming to the Sierra Club) and the smooth propaganda that goes with each one. Don't forget your air sickness bag!

Where's Ken Starr and the Sex Police When You Need Them?
Barf Bag site of week

When 24-year-old Polish beauty Joanna Zagorska presented Shrub with a bouquet of flowers, he responded with what a kiss that rivals anything we saw on film between Monica and Bill! I bet he doesn't even close his eyes like that for Laura! Now if this were Clinton in this shot (in place of Bush, of course!), the GOP Church Lady brigade would be all over him like flies on a cowpat! We just hope for Ms. Zagorska's sake idiocy is not contagious.

Barf Bag Award of the YEAR: the National Alliance and It's Stomach-turning Doctrine of Hate
Barf Bag site of week

We really found some creepy crawly slime mold when we turned over the rock hiding the National Alliance, a white supremacist hate group based in West Virginia. This group shares a pathological hatred of Bill Clinton with Tom Delay and other rightwingers, yet hasn't had an unkind word to say about Bush...wonder why? Maybe it's because some of his ideas and those of the NA are so disturbingly similar, as you will see.

Barf Bag Award of the Week: the Seitz-Singer "Environmentalism" Site
Barf Bag site of week

As promised, we are now randomly citing websites (or should I say turning over rocks?) to expose environmental charlatans for what they are. Here's one that defies all comment by the decent. This is a sample from a web page called "Environmentalism" (main link is www.raybo.com/singseitz/asp) run by Frederick Seitz, professor emeritus at Rockefeller University (not too choosy, these days, are they?) and Frederick Singer, self-proclaimed (and completely uncredentialed) global warming "expert." Seitz is the initiator of the petition against the Kyoto protocol and a rabid rightwing propagandist, while Singer is available for hire to the highest bidder as a paid "expert" debunking anything you pay him to debunk. Take your barf bags along.