Ariel Sharon

Bush Accused of Sealing Hamas Leader's Fate
Ariel Sharon

Just weeks after having to counter accusations that Bush gave the greenlight for the assassination of the blind, crippled Palestinian spiritual leader Shiekh Yassin, the White House is once again under suspicion. This weekend, the State Dept. issued an official denial that one of the items on Bush and Sharon's agenda at their recent closed-door meetings was the assassination of another Hamas leader, Abdelaziz Rantissi, who was killed by a Israeli operatives in a helicopter rocket attack. Yemeni Foreign Minister Abubakr al-Qibri observed that "after every visit by Sharon to Washington he commits more terrorism and assassinations."

Bribery Indictment Drafted against Sharon
Ariel Sharon

Reuter's: "Israel's chief prosecutor has drafted an indictment against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a long-running corruption scandal that could drive him from office, Israel's Channel 2 television said on Saturday The report said State Attorney Edna Arbel plans to submit the charge sheet within days to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, who will make the final decision on whether to put the 76-year-old on trial."

Sharon Faces Indictment, Urged to Resign
Ariel Sharon

Bush's best pals among world leaders are feeling the heat. This month, an Italian court said Berlusconi was not immune from corruption prosecution. Now Sharon faces possible indictment on fraud charges. "Justice Ministry officials said Wednesday they will decide within months whether to indict the prime minister for allegedly accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from a real-estate developer, who was charged with giving him the money. A Dahaf Institute poll published in Yediot on Thursday found that 49 percent of Israelis believe the prime minister should resign or suspend himself from office. Opposition politicians urged Sharon to resign now, and a leadership struggle in the ruling Likud Party already was brewing." Here's hoping Cheney - and then Bush - are the next to face the music!