Air America Radio

Air America Radio invades Miami
Air America Radio

"Hotly criticized for close corporate ties to Bush, Clear Channel earlier this week signed an agreement to broadcast Air America Radio's liberal-leaning programming on WINZ-AM. The Air America lineup includes Al Franken, Janeane Garafolo, and Randi Rhodes, who coincidentally began her program on another Clear Channel station, WJNO in West Palm Beach. Her program continues to be carried on that station. According to the Palm Beach Post, given the success of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, Clear Channel apparently decided the Air America hook-up was a natural-at least in Miami. 'It made a lot of sense,' Peter Bolger, general manager of Clear Channel-Miami, told the Post. 'We saw some impressive numbers from stations doing this format. We also feel South Florida is an ideal market, because it was ground zero in the 2000 election and looks like it will be again this fall.'" Air America should be in every city in Florida - and America!

Franken Kicks O'Reilly's Butt in NY
Air America Radio

"Political humorist Al Franken surged past conservative nemesis Bill O'Reilly in the first quarterly ratings matchup between the two in New York City. But before liberals can claim a victory in the battle for ears of listeners in America's biggest city, consider this: Veteran conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh beat them both. [Not for long!!] 'The Al Franken Show,' airing weekdays on WLIB-AM, more than doubled O'Reilly's 'The Radio Factor' on WOR-AM among listeners aged 25 to 54 -- the group advertisers prize most -- during the only hour when the two go head to head in New York, Arbitron Inc. reported on Tuesday. According to its April-to-June survey, the first since Air America's debut, Franken posted a 2.6 share from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., compared with a 1.1 share for O'Reilly in the 25-54 demographic. An Arbitron share is an average quarter-hour measure of listenership that combines audience size with the amount of time people are tuned in." You go, Al!

Air America Radio Beats Limbaugh among Coveted 25-54-Year Old Audience
Air America Radio

Baltimore Sun: "Despite ongoing financial woes, Air America Radio appears to have garnered a significant audience during its first month on the air, particularly among the younger listeners sought by advertisers. An analysis of recently released figures from Arbitron, the radio ratings service, showed that in New York Air America beat Rush Limbaugh's station among 25-to-54-year-olds during the period that Limbaugh and Al Franken, the host of the flagship show "The O'Franken Factor," go head-to-head. In Chicago, even though the network was available for only 28 days in April, Air America increased the average share of 25-to-54-year-old listeners on WNTD-950 AM from a 0.1 percent share in February to a 2 percent share in April."

Rightwing Fundie Pundit Uses Slanted AOL Poll to Slam Air America Radio
Air America Radio

First, here's a quick lesson in current corporate media poll tactics: take a poll within hours of an event, before any change in public opinion has a chance to emerge (it usually takes a week to 10 days for that to happen). Thus we have AP polling the public within hours of Clarke's 60 minutes appearance and finding no change toward Bush. A week later, several polls, of course, showed Bush numbers plummeting from Clarke's revelations. Now AOL (synonymous with Bush media central) whose polls are often dominated by "on-call" Freepers - canvassed "public" reaction to the new radio lineup within a day or so of the debut. These preemie results were used by rightwing fundie Richard Mullinax to trash the entire concept of liberal radio. Don't let em get to ya, Al F. and Co! Give it time! During its first whole season, M.A.S.H. didn't even make the top 50!

The US Gets Its First Progressive Stations when Air America Radio Debuts March 31
Air America Radio

The nation's first truly free and independent radio network, Air America Radio, will make its debut on March 31 on stations covering four of the biggest US media markets, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. "By the end of the year the project's backers plan to be on the air in a dozen markets across the country," reports the Independent: "'We are going to stick it to Bush,' Mr Franken said as final plans for the network were announced this week. 'Bush is going down in November, and then we're putting it to the rest of the right-wing media.' Air America, which says it has $20m of financial backing, insists it is in for the long haul. It promises 'compelling and entertaining programming' - in other words that it will take on the conservatives at their own game, avoiding the liberal tendency to nuance and political correctness, qualities which may be worthy but tend not to make riveting radio."