Abraham Lincoln

Sons of Confederate Veterans Will Never 'Get Over It' - The Civil War, That Is
Abraham Lincoln

Remember all the southern Republicans who demanded that Democrats "get over" the Stolen Election of 2000? Gee, why can't they "get over" the Civil War? PentaPost reports, " The unveiling of an Abraham Lincoln statue today in downtown Richmond, a city his armies once conquered, was heralded as part of an effort to heal old wounds. But the ceremony was carried out amid catcalls and protests by promoters of Confederate heritage... About 100 members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and their families gathered at the nearby grave of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, to protest the Lincoln statue. 'As long as I'm commander in chief, we will never accept it,' vowed Ron Wilson, national commander of the group. 'We are going to fight these people everywhere they raise their head.'" Boy, that sure sounds a lot like the Muslim jihadists Bush is creating in the Iraq War...