We've received several new versions of this old song. Print it out and bring it to Inauguration Day rallies!

Hail to the Thief!

Hail to the thief who has stolen this election,
rejected by the people, selected by the court [and Harris!]
You silence voters, but not our recollection.
Democracy you undermine when our will you thwart [you scare us!]

Hail to the thief as you seek cooperation,
suggesting we move forward, requesting that we start anew [so clever!]
You mean "forget" when you preach "conciliation."
Abetting by forgetting what you did we won't do [not ever!]

Terry Dyke
Hail to the Thief, how His Fraudulency beckons
To the benighted and backward of our land!
Sure as a puch card ballot ever reckons
He'll lead us on with superior sleight-of-hand.

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