News guys, stop your infernal ballot-counting - Don't you know that that is very obscene?

Stop the Obscene Ballot Counting
R. Hamilton Bolton

News guys, stop your infernal ballot-counting
Don’t you know that that is very obscene?
And stop that wise-guy, Clinton
Remember, didn’t we make him look like a fiend?
Why is that smart guy still so damn popular,
Hey Vern, do you know what I mean?

So what if we ignored the voting of some feeble old Jews,
I got some minorities to join us Republicans,
Really, that should be the news be the news!
Advisors advising, what the hell are they talking about?
Oh well, I got 4 years and Dick to figure it out.
Daddy’s friends guaranteed we wouldn’t loose;
I only hope no one sees me lusting after the booze.

God bless those loyal combatants in Florida
Which now is our greatest state.
My subtle brother kept winking,
Said to stay away from the tequila drinking
But boy was it tough during the wait.
The Supreme Court voted their allegiances;
Al Gore apologized for the inconveniences,
What do the voters expect, what were they thinking?
Damn it, I’m gonna grab a bottle & really get stinking.

I hope we didn’t send out a boy to buy the beer,
The people of our country deserve a better fate.
I wonder was the will of all our nation’s people stolen here,
By one very swampy state?

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