We recently reported that Rodale threatened to sue a Web site that linked directly to their ad-free "printer-friendly" pages, and urged our readers to persuade Rodale to change their position. We're delighted to report that your efforts were a big success! Rodale solved their problem by placing ads on their printer-friendly pages, rather than pursuing a court battle that could easily have led to an awful decision by a right-wing judge. Congratulations Karilee Shames and everyone who contacted Rodale!

From: Customer_service
Subject: RE: Deep Concern
Date sent: Wed, 22 May 2002 12:04:58 -0400


Thanks for writing. From our point of view, our problems with have been resolved. We have rectified the situation by rewriting the code on our Runner's World Web site, so that the linking practice used by the Johnsons is no longer possible. Perhaps we should have done this long ago. However, we never anticipated that anyone would try so hard to avoid our navigation and ads.

We bear no ill will or grudges against Robert and Weldon Johnson. We have featured on our Web site, and we have published Daily News "Opinions" from Robert Johnson. We wish them well with The Internet is plenty big enough to support many voices.

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