He wasn't the first choice of the People
He didn't win the popular vote
He wasn't the first choice of Florida voters
But he accepted the miscounted votes
He wasn't the brighter
Or the more knowledgeable
He wasn't the more caring
Or the more sparing of nature
But he did have the Money
Lots more money and its owners
Those owners that are mostly Broadcast
Seeking to preserve their holdings
And some who'd sell us $400 hammers
while We pray for overlap
The Keoto accords need our leadership
There will be no overlap
He is their President
So, so long Hope for the better and Nature.
Boycott his Inauguration
And Ignore His Presidency!



I truly think Katherine Harris was walking a very thin line, simply talked to her lawyers and followed the statute (and that she also perhaps has no spine.) If she were to split with the ranks, I wonder if she'd still be employed? Probably not. I think she is but one person who did what she had to do for herself, but I don't blame her.

On the other hand, if the Florida vote is SO screwed up as the Republicans say, that it is "unfair" because Gore allegedly asked for recounts in counties (which he had every right to, as did Bush), THEN we hear about votes all over America being screwed up by machine counts that are obviously inaccurate, either due to the counting machines, the punching machines at the polling places, and so on, then perhaps we need to simply re-run the election OR if the problem is just that severe in Florida, then perhaps the electoral votes from Florida should simply not be added to the totals because of incompetence & alleged corruption??? (Gore wins!)

I have been saying for years that something like this would eventually happen in a close election, and here it is!

Let's simply get rid of the "electoral college," set standards for the entire country and have a re-vote! The people's president is Gore, hands down (however close it may be). If the government in Florida is so corrupt that they'd allow the propaganda to go on like it has, then if they want Bush as THEIR "president", we should let them have him! He can be the "president" of Florida! If not, then let's let the recount continue, if re-votes are necessary to discover the "will of the voters", then so be it! I really have a hard time understanding why the Bush people are so angry that Gore asked for a recounting those places that were close. The George W. camp had the option under the law to ask for recounts (within 3 days the reporters tell us), but they didn't!

I haven't heard much lately about the "missing ballot boxes" that after Bush refused to concede FL that suddenly reappeared.

For goodness sake, EVERY vote needs to count! If the current methods are really as bad at counting as they say it is, then let's get a new system... Preferably computerized, on a closed system (local computers, not on a network), then take the disks of info to the counties.

I suppose this does prove a couple of things...

1) Bush's standards change, and are totally inconsistent. He cannot be trusted to be our president

2) Bush still has NO idea when to file what or even where! He seems to have no leadership skills

3) The electoral college and not the people will likely be deciding who is president - a split in the votes shows there is a serious problem with the system. Florida may have a few hundred or less votes difference, but Gore won the people's vote... I was always under the impression that every single vote counts... obviously I was wrong, but then so is the system.

4) If the FL votes are thrown out, then the electoral votes will not count from FL, and thus Gore still wins!

5) Gore is vice-president now, and will be President in January, elected by the electoral college or not! He is OUR, the people's, president, period!

Let's PLEASE not repeat the mistakes of the 1960's! Bush may know how to run the stock markets up and down with insider info, war and so on with his families oil money. He may act like a "country boy", but he has no clue as to how to run a country!



I am very concerned about what just happened with the Miami-Dade Canvassing Board.

The canvassing board was harassed & threatened earlier this morning & now they have decided to not go forward with the recount. How can you say this is good for Bush? How is this good for America? This situation is absolutely no different than any third world country's hooligans threatening it's citizens & interfering with a legally mandated vote count.

I am deeply troubled by these banana republic tactics the Bush camp has taken on in the last week. They have zero respect for this great country. America is a country of laws, our Constitution is the prime law of our land, by their words & deeds today, it is quite clear what their real intention is - to "win" this election at any cost - to destroy everything that is held sacred in this country. They are trying to subvert the will of the people, not only in Florida but in the rest of America.

The Supreme Court of Florida made it's ruling. If they don't agree with it, fine, they should appeal it. But these actions are totally opposite what one should expect from a person who is in contention to be the next President. If Bush should subvert this election - what will become of our country, our rights? Bah - if he does not like them, he will do exactly what he did today. This is nothing short of treason. Bush is not fit to be our leader.

This is the greatest disgrace I have witnessed since Nixon got caught.

They can not be allowed to threaten & harass people to get their way. This is not some third world country - this is America & this is not how America works. We settle our disputes in a court of law not by threatening & harassing our citizens.

Linda Kekumu, Hawaii

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