Since Walter Isaacson took the reins at CNN, the network has been desperately lurching to the right. Last summer, Isaacson kissed Tom DeLay's ring; a week later, he was wooing Rush Limbaugh. He hired Paula Zahn away from FOX and turned CNN's morning show into a right-wing toxic wasteland. Now he has hired right-wing zealot William Bennett for "balance" (!!!), cancelled Jeff Greenfield's even-handed (but hardly liberal) "Greenfield at Large," and added ANOTHER show for Zahn. Tell Isaacson that CNN has lost its credibility, and you will therefore boycott CNN -

Hollywood Reporter
February 21, 2002

Bennett joins CNN team; Zahn adds weekend duties
by Jim McConville

In a move that some media pundits may be an indication that CNN is trying to balance its liberal image, the 24-hour news channel has hired conservative Republican and one-time Drug Czar William Bennett as a contributing editor to CNN.

Bennett will offer commentary 2-to-3 times a week on social and cultural issues primarily on CNN's "American Morning with Paula Zahn," starting March 4. But he won't do politics, said CNN officials, who downplayed Bennett's hire, saying it doesn't represent a political statement by the network.

In other news, CNN is giving anchor Paula Zahn another show. Zahn, host of CNN's "American Morning," is also becoming host of CNN's "People In the News" starting Feb. 23. The Saturday morning show will also be expanded to a full hour to run 11 a.m. to noon ET.

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