According to two witnesses, Governor Jeb Bush gave the finger to a group of protesters in Clearwater FL. We guarantee Florida's presstitutes will never report this outrageous and disgusting behavior by the head of Florida's Foremost Dysfunctional Family. Hey Bill Bennett, where is the outrage?

February 2, 2002

Packed up all my signs, along with a new one $WHERE'S OUR MONEY JEB $, and side two BYEJEB & KATE and headed to Clearwater to give jebby a proper greeting. The weather was perfect, not hot and sweltering with a nice breeze off the ocean. I drove around looking for others with signs or some indication they were greeting jebby. Found Jan Lentz and Suni Haught just outside Sand Key Park, they had just arrived. I parked in the public parking and headed toward the protest site. I saw a woman taking signs out of her van so headed her way. Just as I was saying HI a man from the balcony of the boat building yelled down to us with some positive comments. He most definitely opposes jebby a good start for our demonstration! The woman in the van, Nancy, had a sign that said HONK TO FIRE JEB! It was the perfect touch. We stood on both sides of the street giving motorists traveling by an opportunity to respond. I would say according to our roadside poll jebby was defeated. Most of the cars driving by honked, some even laid on the horn! Bus drivers, taxi drivers and just plain motorists! What a great response. It was sooo coool! Cool to meet the Young Democrats from Pinellas County. The youngest probably is not a registered voter but protested with enthusiasm. I think he was about 4 or 5. His mother did a great job of explaining our protest to him. She told him about how jebby was squandering our money and not helping the needy. She said to him "You know how we share with needy people, and help them the Gov doesn't do that". I think jebby could learn a lot about family values from her. He was also getting a great lesson in how Democracy should work. I say "should," as you know what is happening to our rights. Took some pictures and will share as soon as they are processed. We had some information about which entrance jebby would use and positioned ourselves there. jebby came up in a little black convertible sports car. So? How is it safe for him to drive around in a convertible with terrorists in our midst? He was wearing a baseball cap, he drove into the parking lot of the Sheridan stuck his arm straight up in the air with his middle finger up and his back to us. It was a bird, he shot us a bird, Mad Grandmothers, Young Democrats and a child! I called out to him "Where's Our Money Jeb?" We all started chanting DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY VALUES, he disappeared into the hotel. I hope we ruined his dinner! Because of the short notice, we didn't have much time to get the word out. The Mad Grandmothers, Young Democrats of Pinellas and the little boy made an impact. Jan said there was a clip on Channel 9 News in Tampa.
In past protests jebby has spat on Mad Grandmothers!

We were all concerned about the Priest in Brevard County who had been horribly assaulted by the mentally ill person. This is the tragic result of jebby's policies and fund slashing. This innocent man who gives so much to others may lose his life. The assailant had been in the church on other occasions. He was once found screaming at a crucifix and again lying on the alter crying. He has decided to defend himself. Where's our money jebby, what did you do with our money? How do you sleep at night jebby??

Mari Anderson
Mad Grandmother
Titusville, FL


With about 10 in attendance, it was sparse (short notice to the troops) but we made 4 new friends, members of Pinellas County Young Dems. Our friend Dave Cutler showed up to our pleasant surprise! I gave him one of my signs, and his first task was to go into the Sheraton and inform the reporters there that there was a protest going on outside, and to please cover it! Dave is an enthusiastic member of the Hillsborough County Dem. Club and is supporting Bill McBride for governor. It was a beautiful evening on Sand Key, picture-post-card weather--and a beautiful day to PROTEST Jeb's disastrous, destructive policies of the last 3 years in Florida, and his non-leadership that has seen our quality of life continue to slip in the studies of all the states, and this slippage is hurting average Floridians most dramatically! The president of the YD club, Susan, told us when she heard of Jeb's planned appearance, her reaction was, "NO way am I not going to show up to protest Jeb Bush in my home turf!" She had her adorable four-year-old boy with her, and he protested right along with us, holding one end of his mommie's sign which read "Jeb equals Enron." Nancy, another YD member, held her sign, "Honk to Fire Jeb", and we had honking steadily all night! This governor is NOT liked in Pinellas County! We made sure all the arriving VIP's read our signs and heard our chants of "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Jeb Bush has GOT to go!" A person at the hotel helpfully tipped us off as to which entrance Jeb would be using. And when Jeb arrived, disguised with a baseball cap, we were there, in close proximity, and his ungovernorly reaction was to extend his arm straight up in the convertible he was driving and flash us a bird! Guess he didn't like us rabble mucking up his pitch to his fine Republican supporters--too bad, Jeb! In Suni's interview she did a great job of emphasizing that Jeb has lied to us, and taken away school funding that is sorely needed, and reduced teacher positions because of harmful cuts he and his Republican legislator cronies made to an already under funded public education system. We care about our children's, grandchildren's and all Florida children's educational foundation which will determine their future success, and Jeb, this evening, is receiving an "F" from the passersby to this protest! Delighted with the impact of our presence, we retreated to Suni's new place nearby for coffee, pizza and conversation.

Jan Lentz
New Port Richey, FL

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