The Enrongate scandal is barely 10 days old, but Americans have quickly figured out that Bush is NOT telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - not by a mile. Already, 19% think Bush is simply lying, and 44% think he's hiding something. Also, a majority said Enron influenced the Bush administration's energy policy, and even more said the influence was inappropriate. Considering that the media has been portraying Bush as only slightly below God in character and integrity, this clear-sightedness by the American people is amazing. Of course, Bush didn't help his case by pretending he'd hardly met "Kenny Boy," his single largest donor. And there isn't a person on the planet who believes a single word spoken by Ari Fleischer. If Bush STARTS Enrongate with such a huge credibility gap, he'll be the nation's laughingstock in two months. Hey George, repeat after us: "I am not a crook. I am not a crook. I am not a crook..."
Friday January 18 7:48 PM ET
Poll: Bush Admin. Hiding Something
By The Associated Press,

Almost two-thirds of Americans in a new CBS News poll think the Bush administration is either hiding something or lying about its relationship with Enron, the failed energy trading company that has been a big contributor to the president and to other politicians from both parties. The poll was of 1,030 adults was taken Jan. 15-17 and released Friday. It had an error margin of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Among the poll findings:

-Almost two-thirds - 63 percent - think the Bush administration isn't telling everything it knows about its relationship with Enron. That group breaks up this way - a fifth think the Bush administration is lying about its relationship with Enron, while almost half - 44 percent - think the administration is hiding something.

-Just over half said the company's calls to the Bush administration for help were wrong, and just over half said the administration did the right thing if it didn't help the company.

-Just under half say now that the oil industry has too much influence on the Bush administration, down from two-thirds who felt that way in August.

-Four in 10 say they are worried that they have too much of their retirement savings in company stock.

-Seven in 10 said the government should not make up pension losses of people whose company goes bankrupt.

-More than half said Enron had at least some influence on the Bush administration's energy policy and even more said the influence was inappropriate.

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