"Has any one noticed that the manner in which 'campaign financing' is used to SHAPE the behaviors of Republicans and Democrats in Congress is ANALOGOUS to how the Military-Industrial-Banking-Intelligence-Complex (MIBIC) uses 'defense spending' to control the political decisions of world's nations, both within and between?" So writes Tina Staik.

Military-Industrial-Banking-Intelligence-Complex Conspires to Eliminate the Middle Class
Tina Staik

Is use of campaign financing in "shaping" U.S. Congress what defense spending is to "controlling" nations of the world?

Has any one noticed that the manner in which "campaign financing" is used to SHAPE the behaviors of Republicans and Democrats in Congress is ANALOGOUS to how the military-industrial-banking-intelligence-complex (MIBIC) uses "defense spending" to control the political decisions of world's nations, both within and between?

For example, defense spending is given to many countries; however, identified favorites, i.e., India or Turkey, receive much more than their identified "enemies," i.e., Pakistan and Greece. Typically, the "favorites" are nations that OBEY what MIBIC dictates, while "enemies" are nations that chose self-determination. Some nations are "granted" BULLY rights by the MIBIC, i.e., Israel; others are given mere lip service, i.e., Palestinians. Meanwhile, oppressive puppet leaders receive the bulk of "support," but their opposition groups almost always received at least some, creating continued chaos and instability--guaranteeing the MIBIC more control. In all cases, MIBIC exercises powerful tools to achieve conformity--including money, arms, psychological and physical warfare--through its parental ability to allocate REWARDS and PUNISHMENTS.

Is it a wonder, therefore, why there is such a mess in Afghanistan, with regard to who is on whose side, constant switching of loyalties, confusion, civil unrest, in short, orchestrated chaos?

Is it surprising that the MIBIC depends on "chaos" to establish a "need" for its "solutions" it provides--more weapons, war, terrorist training, and/or dictatorships?

Similarly, in domestic politics, the power to allocate rewards and punishments controls policymaking and legislation. Candidates in both parties receive money from most affluent donors; however, conservatives and radical conservatives, as the identified favorites of MIBIC, receive vastly more. Along with this favoritism, conservatives are "granted" bully rights over liberals anointed by their own corporate media, including free passes on sex scandals. For example, consider the 24/7 coverage of Condit, but hardly a mention of the congressional aide found dead in the office of U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FL). See three-part report by below.

Did some one say CONSPIRACY? Infiltration of both or all sides, domestically and internationally? Analogies between "cell group" design of CIA covert operations and Al-Qaeda?

How about the observed patterns of campaign financing posted on below that show systematic ratios of support? (Wonder whether there are similar charts, comparing "funding" of nations, regimes, opposition groups, "freedom fighters," etc.)

Top Congressional Recipients of Enron Contributions, 1989-2001

Top Congressional Recipients of Enron Contributions, 1989-2001

Top Donors

How about the number of right wing terrorist groups that have sprung up nationwide, legitimately spreading hate-propaganda, mostly against minorities?

How about evidence that domestic and international right wing groups are "connecting" to support one another's efforts?

Is there doubt that this SHAPING of our country's political environment, as well as the international community's, into conformity with right-wing fascist ideology is intentional?

How about a reincarnation of Hitler's white supremacist agenda, this time much more professionally advanced, based on social behavior research?

With all this talk of "war on terrorism," how about the fact that our major media and members of Congress have not addressed the danger domestic right wing groups pose to our national security, bringing these to the forefront of our discussions?

(A few exceptions. Several members of Congress have pointed out the "dangers" of "domestic terrorists" such as in environmental organizations...! If there are any "violent" environmentalists, check first whether they are infiltrators trained by the right...)

How about Ashcroft's activist push to dramatically increase the proliferation of guns with in our country, i.e., his refusal to do gun checks on terrorists?

(Is this an attempt to PROTECT the gun rights of domestic right wing terrorists in the future? By the way gun sales are UP by 30% in some parts of Virginia...)

How about U.S. bank laws that have funded terrorists within the global money-laundering system for decades, and the way they are set up for years to hide money laundering, profit U.S. government and banks, as well as create wealth and support U.S. political interests abroad?

Wonder whether there are similarities between past "organized crime" networks, profiting from drugs, prostitution, gambling, and current U.S. military industrial banking intelligence complex...?

Between all of the above and the gimmick-riddled tax cut for the rich that ate up our surplus?

Between all of the above and attempts of radical conservatives to pass MORE tax cuts for the rich that will effectively DISMANTLE social security?

Between all of the above and the do-nothing education bill that was passed, which, by "setting up" failing schools for privatization--is the first step toward DISMANTLING PUBLIC EDUCATION?

Between all of the above and radical conservatives' long time goal of preventing minorities and women from attaining higher education?

Between all of the above and the fact that an uneducated, demoralized, sick, dumb, abused, and fearful citizenry is easier to CONTROL with secular propaganda and religious fundamentalist dogma?

Between all of the above and DEREGULATION and so-called PRIVATIZATION?

Between all of the above and statistics showing Americans, in comparison with other industrial democracies, are by far the most addicted, obese, undernourished, and allergy-prone? The only ones without universal health care, paid maternity leave and childcare?

Between all of the above and the fact that our country provides the least amount of foreign aid to other countries, and is the only one that has not signed United Nations treaties for the end of racial discrimination and proliferation of small arms?

Between all of the above and simultaneous "deregulation" of CIA, FBI, Federal Reserve Bank and Defense Department, which have free reign to spend our TAXES in covert operations, money laundering schemes, and so on?

Between all of the above and the attempts of this administration to pass executive orders that them and many in the MIBIC above the law?

National security and economic well-being is one thing, seeking economic and military world dominance at all cost is another. Our forefathers, very wisely, warned us against excessive powers, unchecked powers in the hands of human beings. History is our witness.


Plus, two words: BIG MONEY.




The picture that emerges as the pieces of the puzzle fit together smells of conspiracy. The attempts to subjugate Americans into submission since the election, and in particular since 9/11, seem too organized to ignore, following similar patterns used in one country after another worldwide.

Only the combination of big money and people living in desperate conditions can create an environment ripe for "persuading" human beings to participate in their own oppression, even betraying and killing and enslaving and torturing their own people.

Americans must know, that it is not our WE THE PEOPLE government that has failed. It is the forces intent on hoarding wealth and cutting citizens out of government. It is likely the same forces that OFFICIALLY terrorized Black and Native Americans prior to 1960s legislation. It is likely the same forces that have infiltrated our government and its agencies since.

Americans must also, however, not wait 40 years again to find out that whether the greatest danger we face is from our own MIBIC?

It is time to pressure Congress to restore democracy and conduct a top down CLEAN-UP of our government, its agencies, the Federal Reserve, the military, CIA and FBI.

It is time to demand REAL investigations and REAL plans to establish citizen watchdog networks over the military, CIA, FBI and Federal Reserve Bank.

It is time to demand that our government and its agencies, especially those that regulate drugs, food and health, exercise REAL powers in regulating industries in ways that places consumer safety FIRST.

It is time the Republican Party is restored, liberated from radical right infiltration. Conservative voices are vital to American political debates.

It is time the Democratic Party is restored, and redeemed after decades of unjust attacks. Liberal voices are valuable to American political debates.

It is time to repeal the gimmick-riddled tax cut for the rich, in order to SAVE social security, and also have funds for education, health and other vital programs.

It is time to pass a REAL education bill that prevents local spending of "education money" for other initiatives.

It is time to enact REAL election reforms and TOTAL public campaign financing with free media.

It is time to pass universal healthcare, ending the nightmare and wasteful spending of managed care.

It is time for all members of Congress to STOP telling us what a "great" job Bush is doing, in step with corporate media, as this only accentuates how MISTAKEN Congress members are to cover up what this administration is doing, or what you or fellow members of House and Senate are doing.

It is time to develop a REAL campaign to end terrorism. One that aims to achieve peace and social justice. One that is focused on prioritizing human rights worldwide. One that involves citizens throughout the world who have a voice in their governments. One that respects vital United Nations treaties for the elimination of racism and proliferation of arms. One that considers the International World Court a viable solution to deterring human rights abuses in the future.

Finally, it is time to recognize that equality for women is not just a female nicety, but rather a guarantee of social justice, economic prosperity and human rights protections for all. What is missing from our history books, and what is valuable for our young men and women to understand, is that women have historically been outspoken voices for peace and social justice, and those with means who prefer systems of domination and enslavement and hoarding of wealth very intentionally CREATE misogynist myths and religious traditions to silence them.


In the words of Benito Mussolini, "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power." (Cited by Lewis Lapham in Harper's, January 2002)

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